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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Glass Box Extension Prices

    Have you thought about adding a glass box extension to your home? More and more people are beginning to discover how a glass box extension can enhance their home. Spaces like these are brilliant alternatives to a conservatory, providing more comfort and more durability. As a result, they could be a more effective and more lasting investment for your home.

    A glass box extension is different from a conservatory in that it uses a stainless steel or aluminium support structure in its design. Because of this, the design is sleek, slimline and stylish. With slimmer frames, there’s more room for full glass panels, offering superb natural light and slim sightlines, connecting your home with the world around you.

    A glass box extension, then, has an almost ‘frameless’ design. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be opening your home up to the elements too much. You’ll benefit from durable, weatherproof supports that can deal with the worst weather conditions easily. Not only that, you’ll get thermally efficient glazing that reduces glare and the greenhouse effect.

    Because of this, you can benefit from glass box extensions in several ways. You’ll feel more comfortable throughout the year than you would in a conservatory, all thanks to the efficient design. Also, a glass box extension will be secure for your home, and you can customise it with unique doors, roofing and even roof lanterns!

    With Conservatory Online Prices, you can also build a glass box extension for less. Rather than search for a company to complete the job on your own, you could save up to 40% on your glass box extension cost by comparing prices from trusted local installers in our network. You’ll be able to negotiate with them all, too, meaning you’ll get low offers on conservatory prices that you won’t find anywhere else! Lower your glass room cost today.

    glass box conservatories

    Differences Between a Glass Box Extension and a Conservatory

    A conservatory and a glass box extension are quite similar. Both designs use a lot of glass, have slim profiles, and make your home feel closer to nature. However, while the differences between them are small, the impact they could make on your investment is massive. For example, a glass box extension will cost more than most conservatories but provides brilliant value for money.

    One difference is in how you’d design the space. With a conservatory, you’re fairly limited in the shapes you can build in. However, a glass box extension can take almost any form, and you can design it around areas of your home with little nooks and crannies. As a result, you could build a glass box extension into a corner of your home with ease.

    Conservatories usually have uPVC frames in their design. While uPVC is a strong material that performs well, it doesn’t offer as much strength for your home. Aluminium and stainless steel, on the other hand, are highly durable and impact-resistant. Because of this, the structure of your glass box extension won’t wear down for decades, and it can help keep intruders away as well.

    Not only that, a glass box extension can last for longer than a conservatory. After 30 years, most uPVC profiles begin to wear down, cracking and twisting and fading. But, with aluminium or stainless steel, you could get half a century of peak performance. You’ll make an investment that benefits you more in the long run.

    glass box extension design

    Glass Box Extension Design

    So, what makes a glass box extension tick? The main thing you’ll notice is the sleek, elegant look of the build. Because aluminium and stainless steel retain peak strength even in slimmer shapes, the frames are much smaller than in other builds. It’s what gives these spaces the name ‘frameless conservatories’ – you’ll feel like nothing is in the way of your home and the outside world.

    With glass sections as large as they are in a glass box extension, you’ll also let natural light flow right through your home. Sunlight won’t cause any issues, either, as your advanced double glazing panels will reduce glare. You can even let the light enter your living space by installing fully glazed sliding or bi-fold connecting doors.

    A glass box extension is also fully customisable for your home. Because of this, it’s easy to design your new build from the ground up around your needs. If you feel like your home is missing an area for work, relaxation or socialising, your glass box extension could be the ideal solution. Spaces like these are versatile and flexible, helping you style them how you want to.

    You’ll also be able to take total control over the look of your new living space. You can style your aluminium or stainless steel structures with unique colours, choose tinted, decorative or obscured glazing, and even customise the roof with solid and tiled options. And, with a roof lantern, you can give your new space a stunning centrepiece.

    glass box extension prices

    Glass Box Extension Benefits

    With a glass box extension, you can expand and enhance your home brilliantly. Unlike a conservatory, which can become difficult to use at times, your glass box extension will always be warm, cosy and comfortable. Advanced double glazing and durable profiles protect you from excess heat and cold, ensuring you can use your space whenever you want to.

    A glass box extension can spread that warmth throughout your home, as well. Full glass panels allow for natural light and warmth to flood your living space, making your home feel warmer and more welcoming. You’ll be able to rely less on your central heating as well, meaning you could cut the cost of your energy bills for decades to come.

    Your glass box extension can also keep you safe when it matters most. Modern builds are highly secure and come packed with the latest security hardware to keep you and your family safe. Each glass panel will have multi-point locking systems, and you can install doors with robust handles, resilient hinges and low-threshold options to fasten the doors to the floor.

    Finally, your glass box extension will stand the test of time. Aluminium and stainless steel won’t crack, rot, fade or discolour in poor conditions. As a result, you can invest in bold colours and finishes for your glass box extension in confidence, knowing they won’t fade over time. You won’t even have to maintain them regularly or repaint them!

    Glass Box Extension Online Prices

    But, if a glass box extension sounds like a great addition, where can you get one for less? Big national brands offer a good service, but they can charge high prices for their installations. Alternatively, then, more and more people are beginning to find lower prices with local installers. However, some of them might be rogue traders, meaning it isn’t easy to trust them.

    Conservatory Online Prices changes the way you search for glass box extension prices, though. Rather than search on your own, you can connect to trusted suppliers near you through us. We cover the whole UK, meaning you’re bound to find a brilliant team on your doorstep. You’ll get design advice and a made-to-measure installation, and many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade and Which? members!

    If you want to save up to 40% on your glass box extension quote, get in touch today using our online form. And, for further advice and information, you can call us on 0800 124 4307 today!

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