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    What are Garden Rooms?

    Garden rooms are an alternative way of expanding your home. If you want a little more space inside your home, then you often have to take away some of your garden to get it. However, while conservatories, orangeries and extensions are connected to your home, garden rooms offer something different. A garden room is a freestanding structure, meaning that it sits inside nature and provides a sense of separation from the rest of your living space.

    Garden rooms aren’t mere sheds, though. Modern garden rooms are full of innovative technology, advanced materials and durable components to make them perform as any other extended space. Your garden room will sit inside nature in style, and the sleek build will allow natural light to pour in. Not only that, these builds are comfortable, allowing you to use them all year round for several purposes, including as a garden office.

    Garden rooms, then, are a superb investment for your home. You can get the brand-new space you need and use it in a variety of purposes, but you can also create an outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy the outside world – whatever the weather! And, if you compare quotes for garden rooms from Conservatory Online Prices, you could save money on new garden rooms as well. We could help you save as much as 40% on the cost of modern garden rooms in your area!

    modern garden rooms

    Garden Rooms Design

    Garden rooms blend modern and traditional style seamlessly. With brand-new designs, you can benefit from sleek frames that allow for larger glass panels. Modern garden rooms feature advanced double glazing, meaning two panes of glass keep you warm, and ensure the build has superb structural integrity. And, with the inclusion of durable materials like aluminium in many designs, these builds will last for decades as well.

    You can also personalise garden rooms around your home. You can opt to add classic features, such as a double-hipped roof and cornices in some cases, or you could choose modern additions like integrated rooflights. Whatever you decide to do with the build, though, you can be sure that your garden rooms will be able to cope with it. Fully weatherproof, thermally efficient and highly secure, some modern garden rooms can meet and exceed Building Regulations standards for home extensions!

    Garden Rooms Versatility

    What makes garden rooms so popular today is the number of ways you can use these designs. Modern garden rooms are highly versatile, meaning you can design them to suit almost any purpose. For example, if you want to find space to work and focus, you could turn your garden room into a garden office. You’ll get a sense of separation away from your home that allows you to keep your work and home life apart.

    And, when you want to relax, garden rooms can be just as useful. By using double glazing that reduces glare and the greenhouse effect, modern garden rooms are comfortable spaces to sit in even on hot summer days. Not only that, you could turn your garden room into a home gym, a social space or even a dining area. Because of this, you get the same level of flexibility in modern garden rooms as you can do with other home extensions.

    how much do garden rooms cost UK

    Garden Rooms Security

    Garden rooms are also just as secure as other home extensions. While they might not be connected to your home, making sure your new space is just as secure as any other is crucial to keeping you and your family safe inside it. Modern garden room designs, though, put a priority on your security. You’ll be able to benefit from advanced security hardware that keeps burglars and intruders out.

    Garden rooms will come with advanced multi-point locking systems, designs that engage across the frames of the build to keep the glass fastened to it. Not only that, you can choose windows and doors for your design that have durable locks and components. Finally, garden rooms are fully weatherproof, meaning no part of the build will weaken or wear down for decades to come. As a result, you can have peace of mind when you use modern garden rooms.

    garden rooms prices

    Garden Rooms Energy Efficiency

    One of the main things people worry about when expanding their homes is keeping warm. It’s entirely understandable, with older conservatories often struggling to deal with cold and hot weather. However, when you install a modern garden room in your home, you can stay warm all year round. New designs have advanced double glazing and roofing that keeps you warm all year round.

    Modern garden rooms feature a solid roof in many cases, along with double glazing across the build. And, with air and water-tight profiles, there’s less room for cold air to enter your new living space. So, when you install garden rooms, you can get a space that keeps cool in the summer but also stays warm in the winter. You’ll be able to enjoy nature in comfort every day of the year, and you won’t have to worry about poor weather conditions damaging your new garden room either.

    garden rooms energy efficiency

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