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    Compare Garden Room Prices & Save
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    Compare Garden Room Prices & Save
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    Garden Room Prices

    How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?

    Garden room prices start at around £1,500 per square metre on average, and a popular size and configuration will cost approximately £10,000 on average. This amount will vary based on your individual specifications, plus there will be additional costs to consider, including planning, delivery and electric installations.

    The best way to find out how much garden rooms cost is to compare quotes from local companies to find the best price. By using our online contact form, we will put you in touch with 2 trusted local installers near you who will give you their most competitive garden room price based on your specifications.

    What Is A Garden Room?

    A garden room is a type of extension, similar to a conservatory or orangery, that can be attached to a property but can also be a standalone structure too. Traditional garden rooms are usually made of timber, and this wooden aesthetic is the look most often brought to mind when homeowners ask, what is a garden room?

    Modern garden rooms take many different forms and are manufactured not only from timber but also uPVC and aluminium, depending on the type you want and the materials offered by the installer. You can design a bespoke garden room that’s unique to you to make sure it looks and performs exactly as you want it to. The chosen material will affect the price of your garden room, so this is an important factor to consider when it comes to cost too.

    garden room prices UK

    Comparing Conservatories and Garden Rooms

    Many homeowners wonder, what is the difference between a conservatory and a garden room? In some regards, they are very similar: Both conservatories and garden rooms are an extension of a property, giving you and your family an expanded space to use in any way you choose. This functionality will affect garden room prices, so you should tailor your plans to suit your budget.

    Is it often asked, are conservatories more expensive than garden rooms? This will again depend on the specifications of your design. One of the most important factors in the cost of a garden room and conservatory is the size. Naturally, larger builds will cost more. There are lots of customisable features to choose from and some will be more expensive than others, so you should choose affordable elements to keep the cost of your garden room or conservatory as competitive as possible.

    What Affects The Price of Garden Rooms?

    It is worth checking if you will need to apply for planning permission for your garden room. In most cases, garden rooms do not require planning permission. This is because they are usually designed as smaller structures, separate from your property, and an appropriate distance from any land boundaries. For Building Control approval and Planning Permission applications, you should expect to pay around £200 or more.

    The most important aspects of your garden room to consider are those that will affect how it looks, performs and, perhaps most vitally, how much your garden room costs. Bifold doors, sliding doors and French doors are all popular choices. These can often be chosen in uPVC, aluminium or timber, depending on the overall style of the structure. Additionally, there will be extra features you can choose (or not) such as custom handles and hardware, smart locking systems and more.

    Garden room prices are heavily influenced by these additional and sometimes optional features that you can choose to include. How much a garden room costs will depend on you and what you want it to look and feel like (with the exception of the initial, standard build price for the basic shape and structure). It’s well worth talking through your options with your installer to understand what is right for you. This will help you to get the best price for a garden room.

    modern garden rooms

    How To Get the Best Garden Room Prices

    For anyone looking to invest in a garden room, they will want to make sure that they get the best price on the market. As we’ve talked about so far, some of this will be down to you, and you can keep your garden room costs as low as possible when you choose the customisation options and features that you need. Creating a bespoke design is the perfect way to understand exactly what you’re paying for and make this as affordable as possible.

    You can get the best garden room prices by comparing quotes from local installers online. When you use our online form, you can choose the specifications that are right for you and get a cost for your garden room that takes your preferences into account. We’ll put you in touch with 2 vetted installers who are local to you for a straightforward and stress-free design and installation.

    Are Garden Rooms Popular?

    Garden rooms are one of the most popular investments that homeowners are looking to make in 2021. The data from Google Trends shows a huge spike in searches for garden rooms, buildings and offices in 2020. The lockdown saw many people at home for an extended period of time, and working from home became a necessity rather than a luxury.

    This saw a surge in people wanting to expand their home and create a new space. Garden home offices have grown exponentially in popularity recently. Equally, as homeowners turn their homes into offices, they’re keen to have somewhere to escape to – and a garden room is the perfect retreat. No matter what garden rooms cost, the price of a garden room includes more space and somewhere quiet to retreat to in our increasingly busy lives.

    How Can You Use Your Garden Room?

    You can use your new garden room in so many different ways. One of the most popular ways to make use of a garden room is as a home office. Modern garden rooms give you so much choice and versatility, as much if not more so than a bespoke conservatory. They expand your home in the literal sense as an extension of your property, and they also work brilliantly as a standalone structure in any garden, expanding your horizons with how you can use your outside space.

    Use your garden room as a gym, home office, relaxing retreat, social hub, family playroom. Whichever you choose, you’ll create a space that’s right for you. Work with your installer to create the design you’ve always dreamed of and get the most competitive garden room prices without compromising. Whether you’re working from home or working out, you can use your garden room, your way.

    garden room costs UK

    Garden Room Prices UK

    Our complete guide to garden room prices should allow you to understand how much garden rooms cost and how you can save money on your installation. Compare garden rooms with conservatories, orangeries and traditional extensions to understand which is right for you. When you’re ready to find out how much your garden room costs, use our online form to enter your specifications. We’ll put you in touch with 2 trusted installers local to you who will provide you with the very best garden room price on the market.

    Garden rooms are soaring in popularity and are set to continue to do so well into the future. Modern garden rooms provide so many options and limitless versatility, so make the right investment and design this dream addition to your home. Start your garden room quote today to find out how much your bespoke garden room costs. We’ll help you find the best price and save up to 40% on garden room prices near you.

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