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There is no doubt about it. The best way to be sure that your new conservatory is the conservatory of your dreams, is to have the whole project managed by a conservatory specialist so that your conservatory is fully fitted at the best possible prices.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Cost

So, what can you expect a fully fitted conservatory cost to be? Of course, the answer to that question will depend to a great extent on the style, size and colour that you choose and also on the complexity of the base work.

You might just get away with Lean-to conservatory prices that could be as little as £3,500.

Or you could splash out for something at the top of the range, where you’ll find Gable conservatory prices that could be in excess of £20,000.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Design

Before we look at fully fitted conservatory prices, lets have a look at what you can expect to get for your money.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Cost
To determine your fully fitted conservatory cost, you must first assess site requirements.

Assuming you are using a proper conservatory specialist, they will begin the process by sending a designer to your home.

He will assess the site requirements (level or not, drainage, underground obstructions such as gas mains).

He’ll also need to look for any problems that could arise from the actual wall of the house that the conservatory attaches to (gas flue, windows, plumbing vents, etc).

That done, he will discuss with you how the range of possibilities that your site presents will dovetail with your design ideas. It is at this point that you will start to get a good idea of fully fitted conservatory cost.


Fully fitted conservatory prices include a great deal more than that. Once you have made detailed choices with the designer, a technical surveyor will call. His job is to turn your dream into a practical construction plan by producing groundwork and brickwork plans, orders for frames, glass and the technical order for the roof.

Conservatory Installation

Fully Fitted Conservatory CostsAt this point the project manager will take over. He has to organise the team of builders who will build the base, order the materials and organise transportation to site.

He’ll also arrange for a skip to take away the waste, an electrician and perhaps a plumber. As you’ll begin to see, a project like this can be quite complicated and a good Ring Master is worth his weight in gold.

Once the base work is complete, he’ll arrange the delivery of the conservatory frames, glass, and roof. The fitting team will then arrive and construct your conservatory.

The whole process can take as little as 6 working days (that’s for a small lean-to conservatory). As you would expect, a larger or more complicated conservatory will take longer.

The Conservatory Style

You can easily see that when you are considering fully fitted conservatory prices, the style that you choose will make a big difference. For instance, Victorian conservatory prices and Edwardian conservatory prices will usually be greater than lean-to conservatory prices.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Prices and Costs

This has more to do with the frame work and roof than the base work (although the Victorian base with it’s charming facets is more expensive to build than a straight forward square or rectangular base).

Because the average Victorian, Edwardian and gable conservatories tend to be larger than their lean-to counterparts, they carry the added expense of more opening windows.

They can also usually accommodate larger doors, such as patio doors and bi-fold doors which come at a greater price than the single opening door which you could expect to find on a lean-to conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Cost

The roof is also a major cost with these larger conservatories. They are more complicated in construction and require the use of double glazed glass sealed units that have angular cuts. These have to be made by hand rather than on the normal automated lines.

Reducing Conservatory Costs

Fully Fitted Conservatory DealsIf you do find that the fully fitted conservatory cost is out of your price bracket, you have two choices. The first is to manage part of the project or even the whole thing yourself.

This is the route taken by many people, often with great success. Its certainly not a plan for the faint hearted, but its far from impossible. You could start by engaging your own builder to do the base.

This should save a considerable amount of money, but beware. Make sure that your footings are deep enough and that the materials you have delivered are exactly what you want.

A further word of warning is to instruct your surveyor to hold off ordering the frames, glass and roof until the base is completed. This will give him a chance to check the measurement of the finished base and make any alterations to his orders that may be necessary.

Another way and far less stressful way of containing your fully fitted conservatory cost is to scale back or even radically alter your design plans. This might be seen as a bit of a disappointment, but it can be far less disappointing than taking on a the project yourself and running into expensive problems.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Price Tips

If you do decide to settle for something less expensive, then here are a few recommendations.

If the perfect brick match proves costly, try something cheaper, such as LBC commons. A complete contrast can be very attractive and effective.

Fully Fitted Conservatory Price Tips

Do not try to save money by not insulating the floor. That is a false economy which you will regret.

Whilst French doors or bi-folding doors are beautiful, a sliding patio door is cheaper and still creates a wide opening that links the conservatory to the garden.

Only agree to a polycarbonate roof if you really can’t afford glass. Polycarbonate is a multi-chambered plastic roofing panel. It does not have the insulating properties of glass and it can make the conservatory quite noisy when it rains.

Modern high tech double glazed glass roof panels will give you the weather protection you need to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

As you can see, fully fitted conservatory prices include lots of things, especially project management, that ensure that you’ll get the conservatory you want without the stress and problems of trying to do it yourself.

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