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    Features Of Oak-Framed Conservatories and Orangeries

    Oak-framed conservatories and orangeries are coming back in fashion. While they might seem old, these designs could add new space in your home, and with period quality. In your home, you and your family might be starting to feel a little more cramped.

    After all, when your needs grow, your home never seems to grow with it. Over time, rooms might start to feel smaller, and you may be thinking about upsizing with a new house. However, instead of uprooting, and the hassle that causes, why not build your dream space where you are now?

    Today, wood is beginning to become popular once again. It’s classic, the handmade look is unrivalled, and adds real class to any home. If you want a bit more space, you can build either an oak-framed conservatory or an orangery. Both of these builds expand your home in style, and these modern designs can help you do it in comfort as well.

    Unlike older spaces, which could have issues dealing with the heat and the cold, your modern oak-framed conservatory or orangery will stay comfortable all year round. It could even help you save money on your energy bills!

    However, there are some questions you might have on oak-framed conservatories and orangeries. What’s the difference? What features do they have? Are they right for me? However, you could find that you like the answer to each one. Oak-framed conservatories and orangeries suit traditional and modern homes alike and add period quality to any property.

    And, with the option of full customisation, you can get coloured oak frames in any shade, and different features across your new space. That means whatever build you choose will be bespoke. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can make this timeless investment in no time at all!

    oak-framed orangeries

    Oak-Framed Conservatories vs Orangeries

    Conservatories and orangeries are very different. But what are the differences between them? Firstly, the designs of these builds aren’t similar at all. Your oak-framed conservatory will use plenty of double glazing in its design. However, orangeries use more solid materials.

    Because of this, a conservatory is often brighter and more open, while an orangery is warmer but more closed off from nature. But, with the option to fully customise your new space, you can change parts of these builds. You can add floor-to-ceiling glass in an orangery, or solid walls to a conservatory.

    Another difference is the cost. Because orangeries use more robust materials, such as brickwork, they are usually the more expensive option. However, you could save more money on energy, thanks to the insulation these materials provide.

    Oak-framed conservatories are cheaper and less efficient, but they open your home up seamlessly to nature. You can customise the design with connecting doors that use full glazing. Combined with the glass panels across the build, and a roof with glazing sections, and you can get natural light from all angles, making your oak frames shine and glow.

    However, one thing that isn’t different is the benefits these spaces can give you. If you have a growing family, then an extra room to spend time in could be invaluable. You could use it as a home office, especially if you’ve been spending more time working at home or turn the space into an extended lounge or dining area.

    Also, you can choose custom dimensions for the design, a wide option of roofs, and other decorations like flooring. Getting an oak-framed conservatory or orangery opens your home up to a world of possibilities.

    Features Of Oak-Framed Conservatories

    Oak-framed conservatories open your living space up to nature. Instead of a clunky back door, you can access your garden through a brand-new room that’s always bright. The build uses plenty of double glazing, meaning light pours into your space, without the cold air that often comes with it. As a result, the room stays warm all year round.

    Oak-framed conservatories, in particular, can deal with freezing temperatures. Wood has superb insulation and is sturdy, giving cold air more work to do to cause issues in your home. Therefore, you can reduce your reliance on your central heating, and save money on energy bills.

    Your new space will also be ready for the great outdoors. You can get connecting doors that open fully, meaning you get easy access to your garden. For example, sliding and bi-fold doors both use in-line sliders, and have low threshold options. That means you can reduce the clearance of the doors, and there’ll be no swing arcs.

    As a result, your garden becomes easy to enter for everyone in your family, and turns it into a social space that feels more like a part of your home. Additionally, you can invest in laminate flooring, which stops dirt from outdoors collecting, making it easier to hoover up and manage.

    Oak-framed conservatories also come in a wide variety of styles. Because of this, you can get a space that’s either modern or traditional, with a classic oak design that stands out anywhere. You could select the Victorian or Edwardian design, both of which have classic decorative roofs, or the sleek lean-to build which has a flatter ceiling.

    Also, you can add customisable features across the design, including a dwarf wall which you can colour match to the oak frames. That way, the look of your new space is up to you.

    oak-framed conservatory orangery

    Features Of Oak-Framed Orangeries

    Oak-framed orangeries, on the other hand, use more robust materials. With solid walls made from brickwork and oak frames across the design, you’ll get superb strength and security. You’ll be able to choose the same connecting doors as in a conservatory, and they’ll feature smart hardware to keep you and your family safe.

    For example, sliding and bi-fold doors have multi-point locking systems to ensure the glazing and the frames stay attached, while the in-line slider protects shootbolts from rust and wear. That way, your oak-framed orangery can give you total peace of mind, and the solid walls offer superior sound insulation for more privacy too.

    An oak-framed orangery is also fully weatherproof. In some older extended spaces, you could have gaps that let draughts and dampness play havoc with your living space. A modern orangery, though, is air and water-tight. The oak frames cover the whole gap, ensuring water doesn’t seep into your living area for years to come.

    Brickwork can help you protect your home from the elements too. A dwarf wall stops water from causing issues underneath, while solid walls absorb and redirect water away from your home using cavity trays. That way, you could find an oak-framed orangery is more long-lasting than its conservatory counterpart.

    Not only that, but you could save more money with an orangery too. Because you’ll get durable materials across the design, you can get better insulation for longer. As a result, you’ll stay warmer throughout the year, and you won’t have to use your central heating to make up for lost energy.

    An oak-framed orangery can capture natural heat while keeping cold air well away, giving you comfort you can rely on for years to come. And, with customisable oak frames across the design, you’ll save money in a stunning space with period quality.

    The Cost of Oak-Framed Conservatories & Orangeries

    The cost of an oak-framed conservatory could range from £2200-3500 per square metre. Orangeries, on the other hand, will cost a bit more, but that covers the cost of solid walls. However, there are ways to make that price a little bit lower. Firstly, with customisable design, you only have to choose the precise parts you need.

    That means you could have less solid walls in an orangery, or minimise the size of your conservatory. With many suppliers, you can design a space in any dimension, and with bespoke features, so you’ll be able to build an oak-framed area that suits your style and your budget.

    Another way to cut the cost of an oak-framed conservatory or orangery, though, is to get it with a local installer. Local companies don’t charge premiums on their parts as national brands can, and they won’t have high travel costs either. Because of this, you can save money on your new space and potentially benefit from shorter waiting times as well.

    However, it can be a nightmare finding a local company on your own that you can trust. You never know which reputable businesses are rogue traders in disguise. Fortunately, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can reduce the risk and the cost of your investment.

    oak-framed conservatories orangeries prices

    Oak-Framed Conservatory & Orangery Prices

    Find oak-framed conservatory and orangery prices for less with Conservatory Online Prices today!

    You can fill out our online contact form in a matter of minutes to get in touch with our team. From there, we can refer you to multiple companies right on your doorstep, which you can speak to for a brilliant quote on your new build.

    Many of the installers in our network also have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. That means you can be sure of getting a quality oak-framed conservatory or orangery, with an authentic style that lasts.

    To find out more, give us a call today on 0800 124 4307!

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