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    Extension vs Loft Conversion

    Do you choose an extension or a loft conversion for your home? Both are brilliant options, but working out which is best can help you make the most of your living space. There’s nothing more valuable than finding a little more space at home, and both an extension and loft conversion can provide it in style.

    With an extension, you’ll add a new room to your property that meets your precise needs. You can design a fully bespoke extension with double glazed windows, sliding or bi-fold doors, and the option of roof lanterns or skylights. That way, you can build a new space that suits any purpose.

    However, instead of building your new room, it might already be in your home. If your house has a loft which you only use for storage, or perhaps you’ve changed boilers and removed the storage tanks from it, it could be ripe for a revamp. You could convert your loft into a bright, airy upstairs space for you and your family to enjoy.

    It could be a new master bedroom, an upstairs lounge, or a home office full of light and warmth. To convert your loft, you could add stunning roof windows, insulate the loft walls up to today’s standards, or add a dormer that stands out anywhere.

    So, extension or loft conversion? Both of these builds can give you the space you’ve been looking for at home and have similar price points too. However, there might be a third option for your home.

    Although you might know them for being uncomfortable and unreliable, a modern conservatory can extend your home for a lot less. Today’s designs use energy efficient materials to make them comfortable all year round. As a result, we have a three-way battle on our hands.

    extension vs loft conversion

    The Benefits of an Extension

    With an extension, you’ll be able to design the perfect living area for your home. You can build an extension from the ground up with your specifications in mind. There are endless options to choose from, including windows, doors and roofs, and you can add unique colours and finishes to them all.

    Because of this, the new room in your home can be anything you want it to be. You could create a private home office with solid brickwork walls and a durable tiled roof. Alternatively, you could create an open social space with floor-to-ceiling glazing and bi-fold doors.

    Also, an extension can help you save money inside your home every day. Unlike a loft conversion, which requires new insulation, extensions use efficient materials everywhere. Because of this, an extension blends in naturally with the rest of your home while performing more effectively.

    You’ll get the choice of double and triple glazing for the windows and doors, and even timber laminate flooring can keep you warm. Because of this, you’ll always be comfortable in an extension. Not only that, but you won’t lose any energy from it, meaning you can cut the cost of your energy bills for years to come.

    While you’ll save more money in an extension than the other options, though, you’ll also pay more. An extension, on average, is more expensive than a loft conversion, and certainly a conservatory. The average cost of a house extension in the UK is £26,000, and if you want a larger space for your home, you could easily spend over £50,000 to make it.

    Not only that, but extensions have trickier planning permission rules. Even if you clear them, extensions take months to build, and you could have to move out of your home temporarily as well.

    The Benefits of a Loft Conversion

    So, you could go with an extension, or you could choose a loft conversion. One of the crucial benefits of converting your loft is that you won’t need any more space. Instead, you’ll repurpose a forgotten room in your home. You can turn your loft into an idyllic space with roof windows, which open vertically to let fresh air and natural light pour into your home.

    Additionally, with new wall insulation and even fascias and soffits, you can protect your loft from any dampness and droughts. While you might get less space than you would in an extension, you won’t need to sacrifice your garden to convert your loft.

    You can use a loft conversion for a purpose you sometimes can’t in an extension as well. You could build a new master bedroom by converting your loft. However, if you’d like a bedroom in an extension, it’s much trickier. While two-storey extensions exist, they are very expensive, and they require planning permission.

    Also, getting a new room in your home won’t take as long. You could spend months waiting for your extension to complete, or get a loft conversion in as little as four weeks! That way, converting your loft is less disruptive to your life.

    There are some drawbacks to loft conversions though. You’ll be limited with the loft you already have, meaning a small one won’t give you a lot of options. Also, a sloping ceiling could cause issues, especially if it’s under two metres. And, if you use it for storage space at the moment, then you’ll have to sacrifice another room in your home to maintain it.

    Loft conversions could end up being more expensive than extensions as well. While you can convert your loft for as little as £15,000, adding a dormer can take the price past £30,000 with ease.

    conservatory extension or loft conversion

    The Benefits of a Conservatory

    Because of these high prices, an extension or loft conversion might not be the answer. Instead, you could find a new space for a lot less. A conservatory, in the past, wouldn’t be a brilliant option though. That’s because older designs used single glazing, cheap roofing and other wearable materials.

    As a result, they had a powerful greenhouse effect, with the space growing chilly in winter and stifling in summer. But, thanks to the latest tech, you can get a conservatory for your home that stays comfortable. Not only that, but you can customise the design to have almost the amount of flexibility you get in an extension or loft conversion!

    You can choose from several unique build styles, including the classic Victorian or modern Lean-to option. There is a wide variety of doors, including sliding and bi-fold designs with low-thresholds. As a result, you can connect your home to your garden with ease, as these doors disappear when you open them.

    Additionally, you can protect yourself from the greenhouse effect with solid or tiled roofing, and the whole design will use double glazing as standard. Because of all this, a modern conservatory is energy efficient, letting in natural light and warmth and helping you save money on your household bills.

    While you might not save as much as you would with an extension, or even a loft conversion, the initial cost could outweigh that. That’s because, for a small conservatory, you could pay as little as £8,100. That’s only about half the cost of a small extension or loft conversion.

    For that price, you’ll get plenty of space, and you’ll free up existing areas of your home as well. And, thanks to the open design of a conservatory, you can feel closer to nature. Because of this, a conservatory is a real option to consider for your home.

    Conservatory, Extension or Loft Conversion?

    So, is a conservatory, extension or loft conversion the right choice for you? A lot of it depends on the cost. While conservatories are cheaper, they don’t save as much money. An extension or loft conversion can be pricey to start with, but you can make savings on energy bills in both that start to pay the cost of that investment back.

    Because of this, you can’t go wrong with any of these spaces. However, you don’t want to pay over the odds for either of them. If you want a conservatory, extension or loft conversion for your home, then finding the right company to create it with is crucial.

    With Conservatory Online Prices, finding that installer takes seconds. When you work with us to get a conservatory, extension or loft conversion, you can take advantage of our trusted network of local suppliers across the UK. That way, you can find a company on your doorstep wherever you are.

    You’ll be able to save money on travel costs, avoid the premiums national brands charge, and you won’t risk working with rogue traders. We extensively review our network to make sure many of the companies in it are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders!

    extension or loft conversion prices

    Conservatory, Extension or Loft Conversion Prices

    You can get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today using our online contact form. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like to install in your home, and our friendly team can connect you with the installers who can.

    Alternatively, for any advice and information, why not give us a call on 0800 124 4307 today? Our team are happy to help with any questions you might have.

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