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The Importance of Energy Efficiency

There is no doubt that conservatories make beautiful home extensions but in order for them to add significant value to your home, they need to be energy efficient.

A conservatory should compliment your way of living, offering a comfortable space during both the winter and summer months.

The most cost effective way to control your conservatory’s climate is with an energy efficient conservatory.However, many home owners avoid their conservatories during certain months of the year due to inefficiency.

Conservatory Considerations

Energy Efficiency

If you are considering building a conservatory then you will need to consider conservatory materials in advance.

The design is important as it will effectively determine just how energy efficient your conservatory will be.

Consider your conservatory options. Will your conservatory be North facing? A north facing conservatory needs to be well heated whereas a South facing conservatory will need effective ventilation.

Energy Efficient Conservatory Glass

Energy efficient conservatory glass is a great investment. Whether you are looking to replace your conservatory roof or looking to build a new conservatory, it will provide a number of benefits.

Warmer in Winter

Temperature regulation is key if you wish to control your conservatory climate. Energy efficient glass will retain heat during winter, ensuring your conservatory stays warm during the cooler months. By actively reducing heat loss, it will allow you to put aside artificial heat sources such as electric heaters.

Cooler in Summer

Its innovative design will also ensure your conservatory remains cool during the warmer months too. Energy efficient glass reduces any glare from the sun so you won’t need to rely on electric fans to keep you cool.

The greater your window’s energy rating, the more thermally efficient they will be. Windows with ‘A’ ratings are the ones you should opt for for maximum efficient levels.

Low – E Glazing

Low-e glass will allow you to benefit from a glass that is three times more energy efficient than single or traditional double glazing. This low-emissive glass is coated in an innovative reflective material which still allow heat to re-enter your conservatory instead of escaping through the window.

Energy Efficient Conservatories

How Does Energy Saving Glass Work?

Consisting of two sheets of glass filled with a harmless gas in between to improve insulation. The gas allows the warm air to stop from escaping your conservatory by acting as an insulating barrier.

It is inevitable that heat loss will occur in any home, so doing everything you can to stop this is vital if you want to maintain a warm home. Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills and create a more environmentally friendly home by having energy saving glass installed by one of our trusted local companies.

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency

  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Fewer draughts and cold spots
  • Reduced condensation
  • Lower energy bills

Which Conservatory Glass Do I Choose?

Glass is generally a better option compared to polycarbonate alternatives. Polycarbonate may be cheap but it will become opaque and marked over time.

Glass will offer you a strong and long lasting finish, providing you with a crystal clear view of your garden. It will make your conservatory appear bigger and brighter by successfully enhancing all natural light.

Your trusted conservatory installer will be able to advise you of which glass to choose. The Building Regulations Part N covers conservatory glass so your installer will be aware of energy efficient glass.

As a result, you will be offered the best Glass U-Values. Glass U-Values measure the rate of heat loss through different types of glass The lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient your glass will be.

Conservatory Glass

Conservatory Roof

Another way to improve you conservatory’s energy efficiency is by replacing your conservatory roof. Your home’s energy efficiency is incredibly important, especially in these eco-conscious times. Choosing energy efficient glass for your conservatory roof will help you save precious energy.

Replacing your conservatory roof is no longer as costly as it once was. Increased competition within the conservatory marketplace has seen costs reduced. What better investment for your home then an affordable and efficient conservatory glass roof?

Conservatory RoofImproving Your Energy Efficiency

Keeping your conservatory energy efficient is important if you’re wishing to use your conservatory even in the cold winter months. Make sure your new conservatory is installed by one of our expert trusted local companies so you benefit from their excellent ‘A’ rated glazing.

Witness your heating bills reduce over the year as your windows retain the heat within your home without having to turn your heating on.

Improved energy efficiency with stops any cold spots or draughts from entering your conservatory.

Energy Efficient Partners

There are many awarding bodies which offer energy efficiency ratings, certificates and governing schemes to ensure the efficiency of your new conservatory glass is top of the range.

In order for glazing to be considered energy efficient, it must have a Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘C’ or higher. Supported by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council), the government have set up a scheme to improve the energy efficiency of double glazing.

Also backed by the Energy Saving Trust, conservatory glazing will be approved to have received an energy rating of ‘B’ or above so you know you are choosing the best available.

Glass Roof

Long Lasting Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing for your conservatory will benefit you for many years, lasting a minimum of 20 years so you will get plenty of use out of it. As UPVC is a highly robust and sturdy material, it makes an excellent choice for the frames of each window of your conservatory.

The strength of the UPVC frames makes them highly secure and aesthetically pleasing, a beautiful addition to your home. Easy to maintain and keep clean, this makes them a superb choice. Conservatory Online Prices ensures you receive only the very best of service, quality and energy efficiency.

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