Edwardian Conservatory Ideas

An Edwardian conservatory is all about simplicity and style. It’s high sloping roof and rectangular shape makes it ideal for the majority of properties.

It is the perfect structure for the inclusion of furniture, plants and patio essentials.

Many people often say that the Edwardian conservatory has a timeless appearance which compliments a wide range of homes.

This simple yet classic design seamlessly blends into its surroundings.

Garden Views

Edwardian ConservatoryIf you are a nature lover and proud of your neatly pruned garden, then you will want your conservatory style to enhance your garden view.

For this, a long lean Edwardian conservatory design is ideal. A level ground strip of patio space outside will provide an idyllic setting for summer BBQs and family gatherings.

A conservatory in a soft green colour won’t detract attention away from your garden. Don’t forget, there are many colours and finishes available now for UPVC conservatories.

Maximise Light

Get the most out of your conservatory by maximising light. These buildings are already a great way of capturing natural light but if decorated correctly, then a light and airy atmosphere can be created.

Edwardian Conservatories

Choose light colours and shades to maximise day light. Cover your furniture with colourful table cloths and fabrics to create a feel of a hand crafted room. This is especially suited to a conservatory dining room.

Edwardian Conservatory Style

Edwardian ConservatoriesOur research indicates that many, if not most, people who may be considering adding a conservatory to their homes are unsure or even unaware of the many style options that may suit their sites.

Our advice is to start the process by thinking Edwardian. The Edwardian conservatory shown in plan view (from above) is square or rectangular. The advantage of this shape over, say, the multi-angle Victorian style is space.

Benefits of an Edwardian Conservatory Style

The Edwardian conservatory makes maximum use of the ground area available, giving you the most additional living space for your pound. Another interesting advantage is the pitched roof. Since a roof has to be angled to shed rainwater, a pitched roof can be made as large as you like.

That benefit is thrown into sharp relief when put against a Lean-to roof where you will often find that the amount you are able to project the roof from the house can severely restrict the size of the conservatory.

So, by starting with an Edwardian style conservatory, you begin with the maximum size conservatory that your garden can accommodate. From here you may wish to make adjustments for cost, but this is the best place to begin.

Value For Money

This style gives you the most room for your money. Get Edwardian conservatory prices. But, other benefits are boldness of design and the flexibility to add a gable end or even a lean-to at the side.

Gable Fronted Edwardian Conservatory

The Gable Front Edwardian Conservatory certainly has that WOW factor. This is a building design that is meant to be viewed from the garden and will set your conservatory out among the rest.

The gable front gives an impression of spaciousness that is simply not achievable with any other roof style.

The elegant triangular framework usually sits above generous double French doors and can be further enhanced by adding a star burst configuration within the glass or framework. The god news is that whatever Edwardian pitched roof you choose, a gable end is always possible.

And the view from the inside is no less impressive. The gable draws the eyes upward, creating a greater sense of light and space. This is the design for those who want to add a touch of grandeur to their home.

Back Hip Edwardian Conservatory

By using a “hipped” roof, an Edwardian Conservatory can be added to almost any house, including a bungalow. Quite simply, a hipped roof is a standard Edwardian pitched roof (gable end too). It is best explained by using a bungalow as an example.

A conservatory roof would normally be attached to the fascia of the bungalow roof. Now imagine the apex of the Edwardian roof and the seeming impossibility of joining the two.

This bit of building magic is achieved by simply rotating the conservatory 90 degrees so that the fascias of both roofs are joined. The they meet we install a box gutter to carry away the rainwater from both roofs.

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