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Edwardian Conservatory Cost

The Edwardian style conservatory is a long-time favourite among people who want to make a bold architectural statement. Big, angular, strong. The Edwardian is a good choice to stand against a large exterior that needs focus and definition.

That’s where you’d most expect to see this design. But there’s no reason what you shouldn’t consider an Edwardian conservatory for a bungalow. This beautiful design can be adapted to any building.

Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

An Edwardian conservatory really will last you a lifetime. If you search online, you’ll see lots of tempting deals. There are actually advertisements that offer Edwardian conservatory prices for under £2,950. Sound ridiculous? It is. That’s a price for the UPVC components, glass for the sides and polycarbonate for the roof. That’s the price delivered to your home. Good Luck.

There’s no survey, no ground work plan, no base work, no installation and no guarantee. Now, this might appeal to some people and there is certainly nothing magical about laying bricks, but if your measurements are just a little bit out, you could end up the not-so-proud owner of a conservatory that has to stay in its boxes.

Edwardian Conservatory Design Decisions

Assuming that you would prefer to deal with an experienced conservatory specialist who will consult, advise, design and oversee the project from start to finish, let’s have a look at some general costings.

Base Work

First there is the base to consider. Between 30 and 45% of the total cost of an Edwardian conservatory is in the base work. This assumes a level site and a low brick wall (dwarf wall) with a smooth insulated concrete floor.

Brick Work

The range is so wide because of the variation in the cost of the bricks from a basic LBC Common to something handmade heritage range brick. Another option is block and render. So, an Edwardian conservatory costing say £12,000 would have a base work cost between £3,600 and £5,400.

Colour Choices

The next big choice is the colour and finish of the UPVC framework. The range is quite large, but there are cost implications as soon as you opt for something other than white.

Glass Options

Glass specification for roof and windows is also an area that requires careful consideration. You really should choose a roof glass that performs vest in relation to the orientation of the building. It is always best to take expert advice.

Instant Edwardian Costs

Get an Edwardian conservatory cost courtesy of our quick and easy to use online pricing system. Here at Conservatory Online Prices, we have a wide range of Edwardian conservatory styles. Browse through our wide collection and get instant online prices for your favourite Edwardian designs.

A popular conservatory choice, The Edwardian conservatory is available in a variety of different configurations. It can be tailored to suit any type of property, making it an extremely versatile design.

Get an accurate conservatory cost on our website and compare your chosen Edwardian options. Our pricing engine has many other styles to choose from too.

Edwardian Conservatory Ideas

Square or rectangular in shape, the Edwardian conservatory features a flat – walled design which blends seamlessly with your property. There is also the option to glaze the conservatory from the floor to the roof.

Whilst this gives a greater view of the garden, it does limit the number and location of power points you can have. If you are after a traditional look, then the Edwardian conservatory, with its symmetrical lines and decorative touches, will certainly complement your home.

The Edwardian’s pitched glass roof will successfully capture all available light, allowing you to benefit from a bright and airy atmosphere. Compared to other classic styles such as the Victorian, the Edwardian conservatory is beautifully understated.

How Do I Get An Instant Price?

It’s easy to get an Edwardian conservatory cost with Conservatory Online Prices. Just enter your exterior base measurements to receive a unique cost within a few seconds. It really is that simple.

Our online pricing system allows you to create multiple quotes, enabling you to best compare products and prices. Our system will even email you a link to your online quotation, allowing you to view your calculated prices at any time.

Network of Trusted Local Suppliers


We have a national network of trusted local suppliers, in order to get you the very best deal for your conservatory.

Once you have completed your online quote, we can then put you in touch with up to three Trusted Local Suppliers in your area.

All our suppliers are conservatory specialists and they are fully checked by us, to ensure that you receive the highest quality advice and installation service.

Our suppliers are extremely well qualified, with many years’ experience within the double glazing industry, so your property will be in very safe and professional hands.

They will compete for your business, leaving you with the very best price for your conservatory.

Edwardian Conservatory Prices

The price quoted by our Trusted Local Suppliers will include the initial site survey and consultation, design, plans, bespoke manufacture and delivery of the conservatory, all ground work and base work including waste removal, installation and guarantee. In other words, a complete supply, assembly and project management service is available.

Depending on size and site conditions, you should expect to pay under £1,000 per square metre for an Edwardian conservatory.

Get an Edwardian conservatory cost with Conservatory Online Prices. This conservatory will add a classic touch to your home, and suits both modern and period style houses. Start your online quote today, click the button below to begin your free, no obligation quote.

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