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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Do You Need Foundations For a Conservatory?

    Do you need foundations for a conservatory? Yes. Foundations are crucial for a conservatory because they support your structure. Conservatory foundations can also insulate your home from underneath. They feature durable materials to stop warm air escaping, and cold air from outside coming in.

    conservatory foundations

    Conservatory Foundations

    If you are planning to install your new build in your current garden, then you’ll be putting it onto uneven and unsteady soil and grass.

    Without the correct foundations, your new conservatory may start caving in on the uneven ground. It could even sink if your new space doesn’t have a stable base.

    Because of this, your installer will survey your property thoroughly, making sure that the structure doesn’t sink through the soil, or causes problems for any surrounding nature.

    They’ll also check for any drains and sewers underneath your chosen plot, ensuring that you won’t accidentally break your home’s water supply.

    Another crucial role your installer will take is making sure your conservatory falls under ‘permitted development’ laws. That means that your space won’t need planning permission, saving you plenty of stress.

    However, if you don’t carry out that checks, you may build your new conservatory outside of the permitted area. If this happens, your council could have the right to demolish it.

    Therefore, it’s crucial to work with professionals to build foundations with the right quality, and in the right place.


    conservatory foundations

    What Benefits Do Foundations for a Conservatory Give Me?

    The right foundations can work with the rest of your space to make it bright, warm and comfortable. For example, many experts discuss conservatory roofs as being the critical element in making the room efficient.

    However, the floor is just as essential to this and can make a genuine difference with the right materials.With a choice of timber, uPVC or aluminium, you’ll get durable foundations that warm your space up.

    They’ll prevent heat from escaping underneath your home, meaning you can stay warm without relying on your central heating. That way, you can save money and also not have to install expensive underfloor heating to make up the difference.

    The right foundations can also benefit your garden. With our trusted installers, you’ll work with experienced fitters who know how to get your conservatory off the ground.

    They’ll excavate your yard to ensure that your structure won’t damage any grass there so that it can continue to be a natural space. Because they feature robust materials, the right foundations can also make you and your family feel safer inside your home.

    They reinforce the surrounds of your conservatory to make it harder for intruders to get through. Not only that, but they work in tandem with double glazing and doors that use reinforced locks to give you peace of mind at all times.

    Finally, foundations can make sure your new build performs better, and for longer.

    When you work with our network, you’ll guarantee your space robust foundations that can withstand adverse weather, low temperatures and years of stress. That way, you’ll be creating a reliable, bright and secure space for you and your family to enjoy.

    foundations for a conservatory

    What Materials Do Foundations for a Conservatory Use?


    You can get foundations that feature sturdy timber for a robust conservatory. They feature reinforced wooden beams that have effective insulation, meaning you can stop heat escaping through the floor of your home. That way, you’ll be creating a warm space without needing to use your central heating.

    A problem with timber, however, is that it’s not as weatherproof as other materials, meaning it can lose its shape in wind and rain over time. However, you can fix this by fitting a dwarf wall. This small brickwork surrounding can conceal your timber from the weather and prolong its performance.


    uPVC is a modern solution for foundations that gives you exceptional strength and style. Unlike timber, uPVC is a fully weatherproof material that doesn’t warp or twist even in the worst conditions. Because of this, it can retain its shape for longer, ensuring your conservatory doesn’t start sinking into the ground.

    uPVC can also blend in seamlessly with most modern structures, as they use uPVC to maximise light in your new space. That way, you’ll be sure of getting a bright area for your home that has the right foundations. uPVC is also more cost-effective than other foundation materials while remaining durable.


    Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning you can be sure of its exceptional strength for your home. Aluminium foundations are a high-quality option, ensuring that your new conservatory will be stable and secure for decades to come. It can also make an impact on your energy efficiency, as it has outstanding insulation too.

    Aluminium’s other significant benefit is that it can keep you and your family safe. At Conservatory Online Prices, we value your security above all else. That’s why we review our network of suppliers and installers regularly. They’ll ensure that your foundations

    How Much Do Foundations for a Conservatory Cost?

    If you go direct to a supplier, foundations for a conservatory can end up costing a lot. That’s because many installers will charge for technical surveys, base work and excavation as separate fees. However, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can start your build for less. That’s because our network carries out all of this work free.

    Foundations will still factor into your overall quote, meaning that the choice remains significant. Each material has its benefits, although aluminium and uPVC offer more durability and better energy saving for your home. However, these materials cost more. Fortunately, our quote system lets you stay in control of your budget by giving you all the options.

    But our network can save you money by carrying out much of the base work for your conservatory for free.


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