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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Design A 2-Sided Conservatory For Less Here!

    • Conservatory Roof Prices 2020 With our online form, you can benefit in two ways with a new 2-sided conservatory.
    • Conservatory Roof Prices 2020 Firstly, you’ll get low offers from trusted local suppliers when you fill in our online form.
    • Conservatory Roof Prices 2020 Secondly, you’ll get a leading design from a trusted local supplier, guaranteed!
    • Conservatory Roof Prices 2020 You could save up to 40% on a high-quality 2-sided conservatory today.

    Design a 2-Sided Conservatory

    Design a 2-sided conservatory, and you could make much better use of your current space. When people talk about these builds, they often mention the idea of expanding your home. However, a smarter – and cheaper – way to do it is to use the space you already have.

    In your home, you may have two walls that meet together on an angle, with nothing in the middle of them. Usually, these areas have paving stones or regular stones, but they don’t have any other purpose than that. So, what if you could fill that wasted space in?

    A 2-sided conservatory takes advantage of these oddly shaped homes. With one of these builds, you get a modern conservatory, but you can fit it against two walls of your home instead of one. Because of this, you won’t be extending your home at all. Instead, you’ll be using the land you have more effectively, and you’ll make much better use of your space.

    Not only that, but 2-sided conservatories don’t need as many parts. As you won’t be building a third wall, the installation can be less complicated, and the design can be less costly as well.

    You’ll also get just as much choice with a 2-sided conservatory as a 3-sided one. You can build in various styles, including more modern options like the lean-to build. Also, a 2-sided conservatory is a viable DIY option. That means you could cut out the middlemen and installers, and build a stunning space on your own for less cost, and at your own pace.

    Once you have it in your home, you’ll feel the difference straight away too. Not only will you have more room in your home, but you’ll free up other spaces, making daily life a little less cramped.

    design a 2-sided conservatory

    The Benefits of a 2-Sided Conservatory

    A 2-sided conservatory is a smart way to use your existing space. In many cases, building an extended area in your home can often be a balancing act. The further you extend your property outward, the less of your garden you’ll be able to use. However, with a 2-sided conservatory, you can get a brand-new room without losing any of the land surrounding it.

    That means you’ll be able to open your home up to nature, without any of the drawbacks. Modern conservatories use advanced double glazing in more than 75% of their builds, meaning you’ll get great natural light from all angles. Not only that, but you’ll stay warm all year round thanks to its impressive insulation.

    Another benefit of 2-sided conservatories is how usable they are. While older builds like these are notorious for being too warm and too cold depending on the weather, you’ll have control over your new space’s climate. The conservatory uses modern design in every corner, including connecting doors with uPVC or aluminium frames, and the option of solid and tiled roofing.

    All of these elements come together to make your conservatory comfortable. Also, it’ll be weatherproof, meaning wind and rain won’t damage the build or play havoc in your living space. You could even reduce your reliance on your central heating, and save money on bills!

    Finally, a 2-sided conservatory is an affordable way to get more space. Because you don’t have to build a third wall, the design is less complex and uses fewer parts.

    That means you can cut the cost of the build, while still getting plenty more room inside your home. If you and your family have been thinking of moving to get more space, a 2-sided conservatory lets you find it without the hassle of uprooting.

    Designing A 2-Sided Conservatory

    A 2-sided conservatory gives you plenty of design possibilities. That’s because you can connect it to two rooms instead of one. With two entrances, your conservatory will feel like a more natural part of your home, without it feeling tacked on. Also, to create a more seamless fit, you can choose to maintain one of the solid walls.

    If your home uses brickwork, you could give the interior of your new space a more rustic feel. Alternatively, you could build two connecting doors and a dwarf wall that uses brickwork for added stability and insulation. You’ll be able to colour match the bricks to your home’s exact shade!

    The doors are also a design possibility. Your doors can make getting into your new space simple, but it can extend out to your garden seamlessly. With modern builds, you can choose doors that have innovative opening systems and designs that help them work as well open as they do shut.

    For example, sliding doors use full sections of double glazing and slimline frames on an in-line slider, meaning you can push the door open instead of swinging it. Alternatively, bi-fold doors use multiple glazing panels in a folding design which disappears when you open it. Both have a low-threshold option, making your garden accessible to everyone with ease.

    And, with a 2-sided conservatory, you don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf design. Your space should be as unique as your home is, and that’s why you can customise the design to suit you.

    You can choose individual colours for the frames, laminate flooring to make cleaning easier, and a stunning roof to give you control of your conservatory’s lighting. With solid and tiled roofs, you can get more insulation and security, and there’s the option of partial glazing and roof lanterns as well.

    2-sided conservatories

    2-Sided Conservatory Planning Permission

    One limit that exists in most conservatory designs is planning permission. If you’re extending your home, then there are a myriad of rules you have to follow to ensure you meet ‘permitted development’ rules. Otherwise, you might have to deal with applications and red tape for months or even years.

    Planning permission puts off a lot of people from investing in these builds. However, with a 2-sided conservatory, you won’t be extending your home. As long as the design doesn’t have multiple stories, or is taller than the tallest part of your home, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to compromise on the plan at all.

    If you keep the design to use only the space you have, you should have no problem. However, one way to make it even less likely you’ll need to go through red tape is to install a lean-to conservatory. Lean-to builds use flat roofs, as opposed to the pitched or triangular options in more traditional designs.

    That means the structure won’t extend upward enough to cause an issue. Not only that, but lean-to options are often cheaper than Victorian and Edwardian designs. With fewer parts to use, you could be getting a brand-new conservatory for an incredibly low price.

    DIY 2-Sided Conservatories

    Another way to save money is to build your new space on your own. In a normal conservatory, that can be tricky, as the build uses three walls. However, with more solid walls to design your new space against, it’s cheaper and less complicated to go down the DIY route.

    Many companies offer modular systems so that you can build your new space in parts. That way, if you have some knowledge, you’ll be able to create your new conservatory at your own pace. You won’t have to wait for a company to install it for you, and you can make sure there won’t be a rogue trader in your home.

    However, installing DIY conservatories is still a bit risky. Because of this, it’s only advisable to do it if you have some experience in construction. Also, you can sometimes find you have to get a template for the build. As a result, you can’t design the unique space you might want for your home.

    Therefore, you might be better off searching for an installer to carry out the work for you, ensuring you get a quality space installed professionally. However, it can be tricky to find installers that you can trust, especially ones in your local area.

    2-sided conservatory prices

    Design a 2-Sided Conservatory With Conservatory Online Prices

    With Conservatory Online Prices, getting a 2-sided conservatory is straightforward. You can go through us to find local installers in your area that you can trust. A local company is less likely to charge high travel costs, or premiums on their parts, much like a national brand can often do.

    Also, as they’ll work in your area, they can offer shorter lead times and more personalised service. With the right installer for your 2-sided conservatory, you’ll benefit on all sides. It’ll cost less, be less stressful, and you’ll be able to design a bespoke build to make the best of your space.

    All you have to do to find an installer with us is contact us today. Use our online contact form, and one of our friendly team can put you in touch with installers in your area.

    You can speak to several of them to find the best price for you, and you’ll be able to negotiate for an even better deal. For total peace of mind, many of our installers also have accreditation from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?.

    We look forward to helping you design a 2-sided conservatory for your home today – give us a call on 0800 124 4307 to find out more!

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