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    Decorate Your Conservatory With Indoor Plants

    If you have a conservatory, then plants can lift the appearance of the whole space. While you may not think of plants as making an impact on the room, the right ones can create a homely feel. Not only that, but you can synchronise them to create a distinctive palette inside your living space.

    If you have an older conservatory, though, then getting the right plants can be tricky. These builds have issues dealing with natural light and heat transfer. With some indoor plants, you can make your build more humid and less warm, creating the conditions for condensation to thrive.

    Getting indoor plants, then, can go either way. Some plants don’t cope well with extreme heat, which can cause them to wear away in summer in an old build. Alternatively, if you have one of these slightly outdated conservatories in your home, then you shouldn’t install too many plants.

    Plants create moisture, which can cause problems in cold temperatures. Because of this, you could find that your conservatory becomes more chilled and less comfortable. Also, a vital thing to make sure you have in your space is air circulation, to keep your plants breathing.

    Due to this, adding conservatory plants isn’t the only thing that you could do. Along with plants, you can make changes to an old conservatory to create a space that suits them. With new glazing, roofing or even doors, you can create a more consistent temperature to keep your plants comfortable.

    Additionally, you can let more natural light and fresh air into your home, giving your plants the nourishment they need. And, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can save money on the replacement parts you want to help your plants grow at their best. That way, you’ll save money while getting a stylish, natural space.

    decorate your conservatory with indoor plants

    The Reasons For Conservatory Plants

    With conservatory plants, you can create a more natural living space. Often, an old conservatory can feel a little lifeless, with washed-out carpet flooring or single-glazed glass. Indoor plants can liven up any living space, especially ones with bold colouring and expansive foliage.

    Plants naturally draw light into your living space too, meaning you can make your conservatory feel more open and more welcoming. Also, you can protect those plants from weather conditions outside in winter, meaning you can take control of managing them.

    Additionally, your new conservatory plants can help your extended space blend in with nature. You can match the colours of your new plants with the outside world, meaning your home and your garden will be in perfect harmony.

    Not only that, but you can help to get air to your plants and connect them to your garden’s ones with new conservatory doors. Expansive options like sliding and bi-fold doors use full sections of double glazing in their designs, meaning you’ll let more natural light into your home even when the doors are closed.

    Finally, you can use indoor conservatory plants to create stunning decor in your home. With the right colours, you can opt for a bold palette, or something more muted. You’ll also be able to complement your plants with fully customisable roofing!

    For example, you can get lightweight tiles in your roof that have distinctive colours, so your personality will be right across your living space. Not only will getting new parts for your conservatory help your plants, but you’ll have a more comfortable space that is usable all year round, and can even save you money on energy bills!

    Which Are The Best Conservatory Plants?

    If you want to decorate your conservatory with indoor plants, then it can help to know which ones suit these spaces best. With a conservatory, the design often makes heat transfer very quickly. Because of this, the room can grow stiflingly hot in the summer, and bitterly cold during the winter.

    As a result, you’ll be better off looking for plants that can withstand these temperature changes, particularly the heat. Also, it can help to be selective with the plants you add to your space. Too many can lead to the room becoming too moist and humid, which could cause condensation.

    Some of the best plants for dealing with heat are cacti. Cacti are common in desert conditions and don’t generate a lot of moisture. Because of this, you can place some of these cute characters around your conservatory without worrying about them drawing water.

    Also, aloe vera is useful in hot conditions, and it can absorb a lot of heat without wearing down. For a bolder, more colourful look, you could also invest in succulents. These plants are stunning to look at and simple to manage, ideal for relaxing in your extended space.

    Flowers aren’t as ideal for conservatories. That’s because, when they open their petals, they need to draw more moisture in to keep their vibrant look. As a result, several of them can have a detrimental effect on your space, and the colours can wash out in the flowers if the build suffers from heat transfer.

    Due to this, getting the best conservatory plants for your space is a decision with multiple layers. Not only can you select unique plants for your build, but what helps them to thrive is enhancing the area you’re placing them in.

    conservatory indoor plants

    Managing Conservatory Plants

    Managing your conservatory plants is crucial. However, usual maintenance like watering doesn’t quite do the job. That’s because, if you have an older conservatory, then it’s hard to take control of your home’s climate. Because of this, the best way to manage conservatory plants is to manage your conservatory itself.

    For example, if your build uses single-glazed glass, you could replace it with durable double glazing. With two panes of glass instead of one, you’ll get more protection from heat transfer, and you’ll only let in the right amount of light you, and your plants, need.

    Also, conservatory roofing can help your plants to thrive. If your build has a polycarbonate roof, then you don’t let in a lot of light, and you suffer from excessive heat transfer. You could get a roof that has a tiled or solid design, meaning you get fantastic insulation to keep you and your plants warm.

    Additionally, you can customise new roofing so you can take control of your home’s natural light. You could add a roof lantern, skylight, or have partial glazing sections over your plants. That way, they’ll stay in the sun even when you don’t want to be under it.

    Conservatory doors can also help you to extend your space outward towards your garden. However, another way to benefit from conservatory plants is to get new doors that connect to the rest of your home. With sliding doors, you can let the light from your conservatory spread right across your home.

    That way, when the weather is warm, that warmth can enter all of the rooms in your living space to make it feel naturally comfortable. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills, and ensure your plants stand the test of time as well.

    The Cost of Conservatory Plants

    Conservatory plants don’t cost a lot at all. You could go to your local garden centre and pick out a selection of excellent plants for your space for only a hundred pounds or so. However, that means you’ll be putting those plants in a conservatory that is potentially underperforming.

    Because of this, it could cost more to get conservatory plants and make them last. A new replacement roof can start from £2,500 or so for glass roofs, or slightly over £4,000 for a solid or tiled roof. New doors, such as French and sliding doors, can also start at around £950.

    Another way to save money on those kinds of installations is to work with a local company to get them. If you search for a local supplier yourself, though, then you could find that the process becomes a nightmare. You can never be sure who to trust, and it can take weeks of your time finding one you feel you can.

    Also, a lot of providers will look to use dirty tactics like hard-selling and false personalised offers to convince you to take a terrible deal. With Conservatory Online Prices, on the other hand, you can get the right deal for a quality replacement part that helps you manage your plants.

    conservatory plants prices

    Help Your Conservatory Plants With Conservatory Online Prices

    Get new conservatory plants and add the right parts to manage them for less with Conservatory Online Prices!

    You can take advantage of our online quote builder today to select anything you’d like for your build, and customise it within our interactive tool. You’ll be able to compare prices for several designs too, so you can find what suits your style and your budget.

    We can provide an instant quote for several models, and refer you to trusted suppliers, many of whom are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders.

    Use our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team, or give us a call today on 0800 124 4307!

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