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    Cost of a Timber Framed Conservatory

    The cost of a timber framed conservatory can be between £20000-50000 depending on which design you choose. However, you can keep the cost low when you use Conservatory Online Prices to invest in your build.

    Timber framed models are more costly than other materials, but it provides a natural extension to any home. You’ll get a beautiful space that blends in seamlessly, and has an authentic look uPVC or aluminium can’t achieve. Because of this, you’ll have a standout addition that creates genuine space in your home.

    A conservatory is an excellent way to improve how you use your home. At the moment, you may feel cramped in your living space, or you and your family might have started to outgrow it. However, instead of moving, you could spend far less and have far less hassle by building a conservatory.

    While older designs of this build had an infamous reputation for being uncomfortable in hot and cold weather, modern designs put an end to these issues. Now, a timber-framed conservatory can stay comfortable all year round.

    A timber-framed conservatory is ideal if you live in an older home, too. The wooden structure works with your space to extend it more naturally, instead of having a strange contrast with uPVC or aluminium. Also, with real timber, your new area will have a classic feel combined with a sturdy structure.

    Other materials can be more comfortable to manage, though, as the wood can be tricky to maintain over time. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can find the conservatory build that’s right for you, for the best deal possible in your local area.

    timber framed conservatory cost

    Benefits of a Timber Framed Conservatory

    With a timber framed conservatory, you can make a massive difference to your home’s space. You can choose bespoke dimensions, so you get the amount of room you need. Not only that, but a brand-new conservatory can free up the rest of the areas of your home, stopping things feeling so cluttered inside. As a result, you and your family can enjoy a more spacious living area and a new space which you can use for a variety of purposes. Whether you’d like a new social area, home office or something else, a timber-framed conservatory can make it possible.

    Also, while the timber is an older material, you can blend it with advanced technology. A timber-framed conservatory features double glazing in its design. With two panes of glass instead of one, you’ll get much better insulation, and even provide a thermal barrier for your home. Also, while you’ll prevent your home’s natural heat from escaping and extreme cold or hot air getting inside, you won’t lose any natural light. With clear double glazing, you can make your home feel closer to nature.

    Timber is also available with any conservatory style. Because of this, you can add the ideal space for your home, and get an elegant timber frame. There are options like the Victorian and Edwardian builds, which are classic designs that pair with traditional homes seamlessly. However, if you have a more modern space you’d like to add some period quality too, then a lean-to build with a timber frame is a perfect balance. Either way, you can fully customise the design to create the timber framed conservatory of your dreams.

    Alternatives to a Timber Framed Conservatory

    A timber-framed conservatory is a classic design for any home. However, in recent years, modern materials have entered the frame. Instead of wood, you can instead go with a uPVC or aluminium conservatory.

    Both of these materials may not have timber’s authentic look, but they deal with some of the issues that timber causes. These frames are low-maintenance, efficient, and more environmentally friendly than wood. Not only that, but you can save money with other builds too.

    Alternatives to a Timber Framed Conservatory

    uPVC is a less expensive, more modern alternative to a timber framed conservatory. The material is a durable, plastic-based blend, which provides superb insulation and thermal efficiency. You can get similar levels of heat protection to the wood, so you’ll create a comfortable space when you pair it with double glazing.

    However, uPVC has a significant advantage over timber, which only grows more apparent over time. uPVC is weatherproof and doesn’t crack, rot or twist in rain or high winds.

    When the timber comes into contact with water, the winner is usually water. Over time, rain can seep into natural cracks in the timber frame, expanding them. Because of this, the spaces in which cold or hot air can rush into your conservatory only increase over time, and the structure becomes more fragile too.

    As a result, your conservatory will become more challenging to use, and you can also fall into a cycle of needing to repair and maintain the space regularly in order to keep using it.

    uPVC, on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from these issues. Water and wind don’t affect it, and the structure doesn’t lose its shape. Because of this, it offers more reliable insulation and even security as well.

    While timber grows more fragile and breakable, uPVC can keep its durability for decades. It’ll protect the internal security hardware of the build as well, meaning that critical parts of the space won’t rust or wear. That way, you’ll keep burglars well away, and have peace of mind in your new living area.

    Another alternative to a timber framed conservatory is an aluminium build. Aluminium has similar strengths to uPVC. It is durable, robust and able to cope with extreme weather. However, the material is also a precious metal. Because of this, it has more strength than timber, providing a powerful deterrent against any intruders.

    Not only that, but aluminium is a low-maintenance design which retains its shape, and its shine, for decades. While uPVC can perform for 30 years at its peak, aluminium can do it for 50.

    When it comes to security, aluminium is a responsible investment. The build has superb strength, but also maintains a light, slimline look. Because of this, the frames are smaller than timber but can deal with break-in attempts more effectively.

    Also, you can get aluminium products for the rest of your conservatory as well, like doors. Aluminium doors are durable and robust, with high-security locking mechanisms as standard. A timber framed, uPVC and aluminium conservatory will come with security to keep you safe.

    Another considerable benefit of uPVC and aluminium over timber is their cost. While a wooden conservatory can cost £20,000 at minimum, and a hardwood oak frame build can cost around £40,000, uPVC and aluminium are a far less costly investment.

    uPVC lean-to conservatories can cost as little as £8,000. Not only that but if you have an existing base or an old conservatory you’d like to replace, the price can go down even further. Because of this, you’ll get more efficiency for less cost, and a longer-lasting conservatory too.

    timber framed conservatory prices

    Timber Framed Conservatory Costs

    A timber framed conservatory can cost between £20000-50000 to install in your home. Because of this, you may think that the price could put you off of investing in one of these builds. However, you can reduce the cost in several ways. One way is to choose a conservatory style that does more with less space.

    A lean-to conservatory with double glazing in the roof and panels is spacious but costs less than other models. With timber frames around the build, you’ll get a new space for your home that blends old and new seamlessly.

    However, the cost of uPVC and aluminium designs is far less. You can invest in Victorian and Edwardian builds for as little as £10,000 with uPVC frames. Also, thanks to their modern designs, these materials can save more energy inside your home for longer, so you could cut the cost of your energy bills for years to come.

    You’ll even have more money left over to build a bigger, more extensive space, so you and your family have more flexibility to create a room for your home that suits more of your needs.

    One way to reduce the cost of any conservatory, though, is to get it using Conservatory Online Prices. We can help you find better deals for your new build, by putting you in touch with local companies you can trust. A local supplier and installer will often charge much less than a big-name brand, and they can complete your job more quickly too.

    Don’t spend all that money on travel costs and premiums – take the risk out of your investment by using one of the trusted installers from our extensive network.

    Timber Framed Conservatory Prices

    Many of our installers have FENSA and CERTASS approval, so you can trust that a timber framed conservatory from them can make good on your investment. Also, you can speak to several installers in your area and negotiate with them all so that you can get an even better deal!

    Use our online quote builder to get an instant online price for any design of timber framed conservatory today. For more information, use our online contact form or give us a call on 0800 124 4307!

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