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What is the cost of a brick conservatory? Brick conservatory prices can vary between designs from £3000 to £12,000. When most people think of conservatories, they tend to imagine the most common designs such as the Victorian with its elegant facets, the more imposing Edwardian style or the ubiquitous Lean-to.

But conservatories come in many other shapes and styles such as those that comprise of only a single wall of glass, those previously mentioned models which are glazed to the ground and the ever popular orangery.

Looking For The Cost Of A Brick Conservatory?

What we would like to consider today, is the element that is common to most conservatories and that element is brickwork.

So, how much does a brick conservatory cost? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of departing from the norm as regards to the quantity of brickwork used?

Before asking the question, How much does a brick conservatory cost, you really have to have a clear idea of how much brickwork you are going to require. Without that vital piece of information the cost could vary from a few £100’s of pounds to any amount you’d care to mention.

Brick Conservatory Cost

The Cost of Brick Conservatory Designs

It goes without saying that the first element which will affect your overall cost is the design. There are many conservatory designs currently on offer, with installers providing a wide range of styles including bespoke designs.

Calculate Your Brick Conservatory Cost

Our conservatory cost calculator will provide you with instant brick conservatory prices. You can browse through an extensive collection of designs and calculate a unique cost.

The Cost of a Brick Conservatory

The Standard Dwarf Wall

The usual arrangement in the UK is to build a dwarf wall, that is to say, a double skin wall about two and a half feet high. Whilst brick is the most popular material, it can be made of blocks and finished in render and plaster.

Something Different

There are reasons apart from personal preference for departing from this norm. Take privacy; If your conservatory is overlooked, you may feel that a full height brick wall is the solution.

The cost of a brick conservatoryYour conservatory wall may sit hard against the boundary with your neighbour’s unsightly fence or some other unwanted view.

There is also the arrangement of furniture to consider. If you have larger pieces of furniture such as  things which  you’d use to furnish a dining room, you’ll need to have a solid wall to put them against.

If you want your conservatory to feel more like another room in your home rather than a room that connects the house to the garden, then a full height brick wall will help to do the trick.

How Much Brickwork?

Cost of a Brick ConservatoryBy now it should be clear that the first element in considering the cost of a brick conservatory is the amount of brickwork required.

The second element is the choice of brick. The most common approach is to do a match to the brick wall on which the conservatory is to be built.

Any good builders merchant will provide a chart that you can use to identify exactly the type of brick you want. If the exact match is no longer in production you should be able to find something close.

You may be surprised to learn that bricks vary widely in cost and because of this  you may wish to take a different approach. You may wish to consider a brick colour or texture that is completely different and so create a contrast.

Of course, if your house wall is made of a material other than brick, you could opt for a less expensive brick for your conservatory walls, such as the popular LBC common.

Cost of Brick Conservatory Installation

So, how much does a brick conservatory cost? We’re not there yet. You now have labour costs to think about. If you are able to directly employ a brick layer, you might get away with £60 per square metre of double skin brick wall.

The Cost of a Brick ConservatoryHowever, if you have employed a specialist conservatory company to project manage the whole build from start to finish, you’ll be paying their profit margin as well as the basic cost of labour.

Which route you choose depends on how confident you are about managing the work so that you wind up with the conservatory that you were expecting.

Its now pretty easy to see that the cost of a brick conservatory will vary greatly from one project to another, but there are simple rules of thumb for working out the cost in advance and then making alterations to suit your budget.

Things to Remember

Your brick conservatory will not be a usable room unless you include lighting and power points. Think carefully about where you want these located, as the wiring is laid between the inner and outer brick skin and once the job is done, changes are very difficult and expensive to make. The same goes for the provision of wall lights and a ceiling fan.

Your brick conservatory should be much more thermally efficient that its glass equivalent, but only if you remember to tell the builders to use high quality insulating material between the brick skins.

The Cost of A Brick ConservatoryIf you have ordered a Victorian style conservatory, you can make the angled corners of the facets more attractive by using bricks that are specially made for the purpose.

They are called squints and using squints that are of a different colour to the wall can create an attractive feature.

A small saving on the cost of a brick conservatory can be made by restricting the use of brick to the exterior skin. The interior skin can be made of thermalite blocks.

This will save you money on both materials and labour. The interior skin will have to be plastered and decorated, but this will give the conservatory a look that connects it more to the house than the garden.

Getting the balance right between the overall areas of glass and brick is vital if you are to create the ambience you’ve dreamed of. If you are unsure, talk to a conservatory specialist.

What’s The Cost Of A Brick Conservatory For You?

The best way to answer the question, how much does a brick conservatory cost is to do your own quote on Conservatory Online Prices.

We will be happy to put you in contact with three of our Trusted Local Suppliers. These companies are conservatory specialists and all of them have been vetted.

You can be sure of the quality and reliability of their advice and, to make matters even better, they will compete for your business.

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