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Convert Conservatory to Fully Roofed Room

Converting your Conservatory into a Fully Roofed Room

How can you convert your conservatory to a fully roofed room? Convert your conservatory to a fully roofed room with a tiled or solid roof.

A fully roofed room conservatory can help to provide you with a more comfortable living space, no matter what the weather is. Make your conservatory feel more of a house extension with a fully roofed room.


convert conservatory to a fully roofed room


Roof Options

When choosing a full roof conservatory, you have two options available; tiled or solid roof. Solid and tiled roofs are great for durability and adding privacy to your home. They last longer than a glass or polycarbonate alternative with better thermal performance. Although they provide less natural light, you can add the addition of a roof lantern or spotlights to fix this.

Tiled Roof Conservatory

A tiled roof is a cost-effective solution to looking to add value to your space, providing you with a comforting and enjoyable living area, in all weather conditions.

Solid Roof Conservatory

A solid roof has a tiled roof with solid interior design, providing further insulation into your conservatory. A solid roof features a plastered ceiling, like the rest of your home. Create the feel of a house extension with a full roof. This can also open opportunities to insert interior lightings such as spotlights or downlighters.


Benefits of a Fully Roofed Room

A fully roofed room can provide many benefits from reducing your household bills to giving your home a cosier feel.

With a fully roofed room, your conservatory is more robust and durable. Having a more durable conservatory can also provide your home with a higher level of security.

All-year-round weatherproofing is another benefit of a fully roofed room. Your conservatory can provide sufficient temperatures all year round, making your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

With a standard glass or polycarbonate conservatory, your home can be excellent in the summer. These roofs provide your home with a sunroom. However, in the colder, winter months, your conservatory can feel colder due to outside light exposure. With a solid or tiled roof, your conservatory has a cosier feel to it. Making your conservatory an all-year-round investment.

Most glass and polycarbonate conservatories feel like a separate addition to your home. A solid or tiled roof helps your conservatory to feel like a house extension. Blend your conservatory in with your property. Make your conservatory bespoke to suit the décor of your home.


Why Choose a Full Roof Over a Glass or Polycarbonate?

Many homeowners opt for replacing their existing glass or polycarbonate roofs with a fully insulated tiled roof for several reasons.

Glass and polycarbonate roofs are noisier in lousy weather conditions. The rain pouring down on one of these roof styles can be disruptive whereas a solid or tiled roof can help to reduce this from affecting your day to day activities. Not only does this roof style prevent weather noises, but it also reduces additional exterior noises such as traffic.

Solid and tiled roofs are more thermally efficient and therefore can hold the heat in during winter months. This helps to keep your home a sufficient temperature during the year.

There is no right material for your conservatory roof. It boils down to what features you want in your conservatory. If you want a room that floods with natural light, a glass or polycarbonate conservatory is for you. Whereas if you want a more cosy, warm feeling conservatory, then choose a solid or tiled roof.


glass conservatory


Replacing your Roof

Planning permission

Planning permission isn’t required for a solid or tiled roofed conservatory. Each property is unique, and there are limitations to the size and height of your conservatory. Double Glazing on the Web recommends that you visit the Government’s planning portal to view each of the regulations yourself.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to choosing your conservatory roof. A fully roofed conservatory is a more cost-efficient roof style than a glass or polycarbonate alternative. Although a glazed roof can provide a visually stunning aesthetic to your home, with a wide range of tile options and colours, so can a solid roof. A solid or tiled roof can blend into the aesthetics of your home while providing an energy efficient addition to your home. A solid or tiled roof can help to hold in the heat during the colder months, helping to reduce your energy bills.


Importance of Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory roofs are an important decision to make. The roof contributes to the look and performance of your conservatory. A solid or tiled conservatory roof helps improve its performance by:

Controlling Light

With a fully roofed conservatory, you can have the option to block out all natural light to prevent the glaze of sunrays. With a full roof, you have the opportunity to add a roof lantern or spotlights to help to control the light in your room. Whereas with a glass or polycarbonate roof, the light management is minimal.


Tiled conservatory roofs


Retaining Heat

A solid roof provides excellent insulation, allowing your home to remain a steady control of heat throughout all months in the year. On the other hand, in the summer months when the temperature is higher outside, a glass roof can feel like a greenhouse. With a fully roofed conservatory, you can help to keep the outside heat from affecting the inside temperature.


Some conservatory styles can expose your home. A solid roof can help you to provide a level of privacy, so you cannot be disturbed by the outside world.


Solid and Tiled Roof Conservatory Prices

The cost of a solid roof conservatory can range between £4,000 and £20,000. A tiled roof conservatory can range between £2,000 and £20,000. The cost of replacing your glass or polycarbonate roof for a more energy efficient and cost-effective alternative is next to none.

If you are looking for a conservatory to provide your home with an extension, then contact us. Convert conservatory to a fully roofed room with us. Start your quote with us today and contact Double Glazing on the Web for your conservatory needs.

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