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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Considering a Conservatory?

    Considering a Conservatory

    Are Your Considering A Conservatory?

    Are you considering a conservatory? Conservatories are the “must have” home improvement.  There are obvious reasons, such as the additional space a conservatory creates.

    But there are many other considerations directly linked to your house, just think for a minute about what a new conservatory could do for your garden. Most of what you read about conservatories is seen from the inside improvements. But, what would a conservatory do for your garden and for the back of your house?

    When you’re sitting in the garden and looking toward the house, you’ll find that rather than scanning a house wall of brick or render, your eyes will be drawn down to a beautiful conservatory and the garden that surrounds it.

    Your garden will be transformed. You may even think of completely new planting schemes to compliment your conservatory to best effect.  Conservatories can enhance your property, transforming your everyday space into something much more exciting.

    The Purpose Of Your New Conservatory

    A conservatory is also a great long term investment. It’s great to know that something which brings so much pleasure is much more than an indulgence. It gives your home that wow factor that impresses buyers as well as guests.

    Room Function

    This may sound obvious, but you really should have a clear idea of exactly what you are going to do with your additional space. Do you want to use it all year round or is it just for summer sun? Is it going to be a playroom, a dining room, a place for tropical plants or just a chill out space? Knowing what you require will lead to decisions regarding size, ventilation, roof specification, flooring and lots more.

    Use Of Space

    If additional space is your main motivation for considering a conservatory, then you may well have looked into having an extension built. The question here is just how much space you need. If you have sufficient garden space you could add 400 to 600 square feet to your home with a conservatory at a fraction of the cost of an extension.

    Planning Permission

    Even though a properly built conservatory is constructed to the same standards as your house, planning law regards a conservatory as a temporary building. This is great because it means that they rarely require planning permission. Now, an extension is an altogether different animal. Start with an architect (££Ouch). Then submit plans to the council (more ££Ouch). Then wait (Yawn).

    Builder’s Quotes

    If they approve you can begin getting builders quotes. If you’re lucky, this only takes 4 or 5 months. The build can easily take another 4 months, maybe more. Costs are around 3 times as much as building a conservatory. When you choose to work with one of our Trusted Local Suppliers, the whole process from initial consultation to turning the key in the door can be as little as 10 weeks.

    Choosing The Right Conservatory For Your Property

    Your conservatory can be built to suit your property, so no matter the style, whether you live in a mansion, terraced house or bungalow, you can enjoy the benefits of a conservatory.

    There are several traditional styles to choose from and they can all be found on this website. The most economical and also a great favourite is the lean-to or garden room.

    The lean-to can be adapted comfortably to any sort of house, from a bungalow to a house. The Victorian style is elegant and eye catching, whilst the Edwardian and Georgian designs are grander and more imposing.You may even want to design your own conservatory. It’s actually easier than you might think.

    Make The Most Of Your Conservatory

    Here in the UK the weather is rather unpredictable, and we don’t have a great amount of sun all year round. However with a conservatory, you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather. It will allow you to truly appreciate the sun when it arrives, all from the comfort and warmth of your home.

    The trick here is to talk to the experts and make sure that you’ve specified a roof that is best suited to your conservatory’s orientation so that you’ll be able to control the interior temperature all year round.

    What Will You Use Your Room For?

    Let Us Help You Find The Right Company

    The biggest problem that most people experience is getting a price. There are all sorts of providers from scruffy one-man-bands, to reputable local conservatory specialists, to huge national companies. The scruff-bag may sound cheap, but will he turn up and what of the quality of product and workmanship?

    Trusted Local SuppliersThe nationals are usually very experienced, but they rely on commission salesmen. There are lots of local companies, but how do you choose which one to deal with?

    The best way to start is to have a good idea of price before you talk to anyone. “How?” you ask.

    You can get an instant online price for your new conservatory, with Conservatory Online Prices. Browse through our many conservatory styles and designs, courtesy of our clever conservatory quote calculator and get an instant cost.

    Our online quote builder is easy to use and navigate. Simply enter your conservatory measurements, and our online system will guide you through the rest. You may do as many quotes as you like and they’ll all be saved so you can return to your quotes whenever you like.

    Trusted Network Of Local Companies

    Here at Conservatory Online Prices, we have a wide network of Trusted Local Suppliers in order to make sure that you receive the expert advice you need.  Once you have completed your online quote, we can then put you in touch with up to 2 reputable conservatory specialists in your area – how simple is that?

    All our suppliers are fully accredited and checked by us, to ensure you receive a high quality installation service. Conservatory Online Prices will only ever put you in touch with fully certified installers, we want you to receive an expert and professional service – after all, a home improvement should be an enjoyable experience.

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