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    Conservatory vs Sunroom

    Conservatory vs sunroom – which is better? You might think that these two builds are the same. Often, some people can use the words conservatory and sunroom to describe the same space. However, the differences between them can be chalk and cheese. Because of this, it’s crucial to figure out which is which before you make your investment.

    As these spaces are so different, you might find that you’re getting a room for your home that doesn’t quite do what you need. Once you know the differences, though, you can start to compare them.

    A conservatory, of course, is a space the vast majority of us know. Conservatories use loads of glazing, glass or polycarbonate roofing, and solid features like dwarf walls in their design. With slimline frames and connecting doors as well, modern builds light up your living space.

    However, many people know conservatories by previous models, which had issues with storing heat and keeping cold air away. Because of this, many older builds get uncomfortable in both summer and winter, making them difficult to use.

    Alternatively, then, you could install a sunroom extension for your home. Sunrooms take the glass in a conservatory to a whole new level, using double glazing right across the build. Instead of putting brickwork on the bottom, they sometimes use solid materials in the roof, giving you extra insulation, shading and privacy.

    But sunrooms, thanks to their fully glazed design, can also have their drawbacks. So, which is better for your home – conservatory or sunroom? The answer lies in what you and your family want from expanding your living space.

    conservatory or sunroom

    Conservatory vs Sunroom: What’s The Difference?

    If you compared a conservatory and a sunroom side-by-side, the differences are quick to see. The first one you might notice is the materials both builds use. In a conservatory, you’ll get double glazing across the design, with slimline uPVC frames holding it together.

    Thanks to double glazing, the build stays warm and doesn’t suffer from the excessive heat transfer older models do. Sunrooms, on the other hand, can often use glass everywhere, from top to bottom. That not only creates a sleek, futuristic space for your home but improves the installation time.

    One drawback of a conservatory is that they can take weeks to install. You’ll need to make sure the design meets permitted development rules, you have a technical survey, and then your home turns into a building site while installers work on it for weeks. Sunrooms, on the other hand, are quick to install.

    While you’ll still have to undergo the preliminary work, it could take as little as a day or two to fit your new sunroom. That way, you can spend less time stressing about expanding your living space, and more time enjoying your newfound room.

    The main way these builds differ, though, is in how you can use them. Surprisingly, modern conservatories are a more viable option throughout the year. In contrast to the issues of older designs in summer and winter, a new build can insulate your home from the cold, and protect you against excessive heat and glare.

    That way, you can use a conservatory all year round, and even save money on energy bills. Sunrooms, on the other hand, use double glazing without frames, giving you less insulation. That means you may only be able to enjoy the space during summer, meaning you have fewer options in how you use them.

    Conservatory Design

    So, what will a modern conservatory look like, and how will it benefit your home? For a start, these innovative builds give you a balance of natural light and protection. With slimline uPVC and the option of aluminium frames with even more strength, you’ll get outstanding views of nature while not being exposed to it.

    That’s because the frames of your room will be weatherproof. You won’t have to worry about wind and rain causing rust and wear, and the structures can maintain their strength and shape for 30 years, rising to half a century with aluminium!

    Because of this, your conservatory can keep your home secure. As well as the views of your garden, you’ll get the option of stunning connecting doors that bring the outside world closer to you. For example, you could get French doors that open outwardly to your garden, or sliding and bi-fold doors that you can push to one side to reveal a wide-open gateway to the outdoors.

    However, while they have broad openings and full double glazing, you’ll get outstanding security. Multi-point locking systems will ensure a burglar can’t break the glazing away from the frame, and sliding and bi-fold doors come with in-line sliders that prevent intruders prising the doors up from underneath.

    Also, your conservatory may end up being more affordable than a sunroom. For the most popular build in the UK, a uPVC Victorian conservatory, you could expect to pay £10,000 as a starting price. However, the sleek design of sunrooms makes them more expensive, with a similar space costing closer to £15,000.

    And, for the lower cost, you’ll get a room you can use more often. Thanks to their advanced materials and air and water-tight design, you can use your conservatory comfortably throughout the year, and cut the cost of your energy bills too!

    conservatory vs sunroom design

    Sunroom Design

    A sunroom, alternatively, uses full double glazing across its build. However, you’ll be able to customise the design to suit you. If you don’t want quite as much glass, you can always add solid walls or a dwarf wall, much like a conservatory, to add more strength and solidity.

    Additionally, you can choose a custom roof that uses lightweight tiles or a solid design with slate and concrete. These roofs have superb insulation, and they can even block distracting sounds from outside. With additions, you can make a sunroom as usable as a conservatory. However, you can customise one of those too with unique doors, roofing, colours and finishes.

    That way, you get total control of the look of both builds. Sunrooms, though, offer stunning views of the outside world. If you’ve not been using your garden as much as you’d like, then the open design of a sunroom will make it impossible not to. The whole build reveals the natural world around you with no obstructive frames.

    Also, you can add the same connecting doors as you would in a conservatory. Bi-fold doors, for example, would be a stunning option, with their innovative folding panels sliding away to reveal a broad opening to the outside world.

    Sunrooms are more expensive than conservatories, though. That’s because they’re, if anything, more like an extension, especially if you go for a design with solid walls. A sunroom extension costs a minimum of £15,000, and the price can soar depending on the size of the build, and what materials you’d like to use.

    Because the initial design is fully glazed, you’re less likely to get year-round usage too. That means, in winter, you might lose the room and feel more cramped in the cold. If you’re looking for a sleek summer space that stands out on the street, though, then sunrooms make a spectacular statement.

    Conservatory vs Sunroom: Which Is Right For Me?

    You may already be weighing up the pros of a conservatory vs those of a sunroom. However, which one is right for you? It often comes down to how you’d like to use your expanded space. If you’re looking to create a new living area, dining room or something you’d like to use come rain or shine, a conservatory is more reliable.

    On the other hand, if you want a new social space for summer or a better way to access your garden than clunky back doors, a sunroom is ideal. Either way, you’ll be investing in a leading design that transforms the way your home looks and feels.

    But it can often be hard to find those leading designs on your own. If you search for a supplier in your area, you might find it’s hard to trust them, or that they charge awful prices. That’s where Conservatory Online Prices comes in.

    Rather than spend all of your free time looking for a company to fit a conservatory or a sunroom, we let you use our trusted network of installers who are right on your doorstep.

    conservatory vs sunroom prices

    Conservatory vs Sunroom Prices

    All you have to do is use our online quote builder to pick out every part you want for your new build. You can choose the size, shape and style, as well as any customisable colours and features you’d like, and we’ll refer your options to suppliers near you.

    Then, you can speak to several of these companies to get a broad picture of the market. That way, you can compare costs, negotiate prices lower and lower, and get the right deal with a local provider you can trust.

    For further peace of mind, we extensively review our network, and many of our installers are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too!

    If you want to find out more about getting a conservatory vs a sunroom, then contact Conservatory Online Prices today! Fill in our online contact form or give our friendly team a call on 0800 124 4307.

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