How Much Is A Conservatory With A Tiled Roof?

Tiled Roof Conservatory Cost

How Much Is A Conservatory With A Tiled Roof?

Are you thinking about adding a conservatory to your home but wondering how much it will cost if you go for a tiled roof? Installing a new conservatory can greatly enhance your living space and provide a light, airy extension where you can relax or entertain guests. Many homeowners opt for a tiled conservatory roof for its durability, style, and ability to blend seamlessly with a house’s existing aesthetic.

However, tiled roofs are one of the more expensive conservatory roof options, so it pays to understand the average pricing. The total cost depends on factors like the size and components of your conservatory, the type of tiles chosen, extra building work needed, and who you hire to complete the job. With quotes varying widely between builders, it’s wise to research options thoroughly before you invest so you can find the best value for money.

What is a Conservatory?

First, let’s review what a conservatory is. A conservatory is a glass structure attached to a house, traditionally built along one of its walls. Modern conservatories feature large windows encompassing part or all of the roof as well as the walls, enabling sunlight to stream in from overhead as well as the sides.

Conservatories expand living areas and function as sun rooms, greenhouses, home offices, play areas, or sites to entertain. Wood or uPVC frames commonly support conservatory windows and roofs. These structures require interior heating and may incorporate ventilation systems or ceiling fans for cooling.

Common Conservatory Features

Typical conservatory components include:

  • Glazed windows and doors of glass or polycarbonate
  • Traditional wall materials or full-glass walls
  • Brick, paving slab, or tile floors
  • Doors/windows connecting the conservatory directly into the home
  • Plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems

The roof plays a major role in regulating light and temperature. Let’s look closer at roof types commonly found on conservatories.

Conservatory Roof Types

Conservatory roofs come in various styles:

Polycarbonate or Glass Panels: Most affordable option; lets in lots of light

Slate or Tile: Matches house roof; very durable and weatherproof

Pitched and Hipped: Angled facets shed rain and allow ventilation

Lean-To: Slanted single-plane roof adjoins house wall

Lantern: Small conservatory topped by ornate multi-faceted glass or polycarbonate dome

Tiled roofs have grown in popularity due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to coordinate seamlessly with the existing roof on a home.

Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

What prompts homeowners to take the upcharge on a tiled conservatory roof? Benefits include:

  • Visual appeal and blended look
  • Excellent weather and impact resistance
  • Noise reduction from rain, hail, wildlife
  • Increased resale value for the home
  • Greater durability with a decades-long lifespan
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance requirements

Keep reading to learn more about calculating the cost increase for a tiled conservatory roof and what impacts pricing.

Base Conservatory Costs

Let’s break down what goes into typical conservatory pricing before factoring in a tiled roof upgrade. Base costs cover:

  • Ground preparation
  • Foundations and base
  • Structural framework
  • Roof frame and glazing
  • Doors and windows
  • Interior fittings and fixtures
  • Electrical and plumbing systems

A straightforward polycarbonate-roofed conservatory measuring roughly 16′ x 10′ might range from £8,000 to £16,000 or more depending on the builder and specifications. Larger and more complex conservatories with more masonry and custom elements inflate costs.

Now, what additional expenses should you expect when opting for a tiled conservatory roof?

Tiled Roof Upgrade Costs

Tiled roofs escalate conservatory costs beyond the base quote in a few ways:

Structural Reinforcement: Heavier tile weight requires bolstered beams and pillars (£2,000+)

Roof Frame Adaptation: Altered dimensions and layout affects materials (£1000+)

Tile Purchase and Installation: Biggest upcharge; premium handmade tiles run £180+ per square metre installed

Added Labour: Tiling’s meticulous process is time-intensive (£2000+)

So tiling a conservatory even our example 16′ x 10′ size could easily add £5000+ on top of base building expenses.

Let’s look at average cost ranges.

Average Total Cost

The typical total expense to expect for a tiled roof conservatory falls from £15,000 to £30,000+, with most homeowners reporting paying £20,000 to £25,000.

Breaking it down:

  • Smaller Lean-To: £15,000 – £20,000
  • Medium P-Shaped: £20,000 – £28,000
  • Large Victorian: £22,000 – £30,000+

Costs escalate higher still for larger or more ornate conservatories and more expensive tile types.

Many factors sway final conservatory pricing though.

Conservatory Size and Complexity

Larger conservatory footprints require more materials, time and labor. Contemporary curved facets or elaborate Victorian multi-paneled windows also cost more.

Type of Tiles

Clay, concrete and natural slate tile types vary in cost. Handcrafted clay tiles made locally in historical styles prove most dear but look gorgeous. Imported mass-produced concrete tiles cost notably less.

Structural Needs and Foundations

Building on sites requiring excavation or posted foundations will up the price tag. Likewise, installing substantial beams and posts to support substantial tile weight adds expenses over framing to just hold lightweight glass or plastic.

Conservatory Features and Specifications

Upscale options around windows, doors, heating, plumbing, lighting and decor decisions all factor in. Generally, the more masonry, custom woodwork and electrical systems included, the higher your final conservatory tally.

Your Location and Builder

While conservatories remain in high demand nationwide, accessibility of qualified local builders and specialists affects pricing somewhat by region. Well-reviewed builders adept especially at tiled conservatories offer both experience and efficiency that equate to value.

Being thoughtful when requesting quotes upfront sets you up to identify affordable building options for realising your ideal conservatory vision.

Research Builders and Get Recommendations

Home renovation shows and websites offer tips for researching reputable contractors known for quality conservatory construction. Those specialising in tiled roofs may offer particular value through competitive pricing due to proficiency gained from building them regularly. Ask neighbours about builders they’ve used successfully too.

Provide Details on Your Project

When gathering bids, be as specific as possible about your desired conservatory configuration, size parameters, preferred materials, tile types, additional components sought and when you hope to commence construction. This allows builders to quote accurately and fairly.

Compare Multiple Conservatory Quotes

Securing bids from at least three builders lets you weigh options transparently. Comparing apples-to-apples project estimates clarifies where pricing aligns across contractors or discounts may exist. Being an informed conservatory customer gets you the ideal roof at the best available rate.

If tiled conservatories still trend outside of budget, consider these money-saving alternatives.

Other Conservatory Roof Types

Remember tiling remains only one route to take your conservatory roof. Reputable conservatory companies excel at installing:

  • Classically styled custom ornamental glass domes
  • Streamlined insulated panels in clean modern lines
  • Cost-effective lightweight polycarbonate sheeting cut to your pattern needs

Any quality glazed roof lets sunshine pour in through overhead windows as intended with conservatories while controlling rain, venting heat as needed, and standing up to weather over the years.

Lean-To Conservatories

Compared to traditional conservatories with the fancier multi-angled facets atop them, single-plane lean-to-style structures offer simpler rooflines that cost less to build and tile out. Their slanted shape also blends tidily into existing home outlines for a coordinated look.

Alternate Home Extensions

If you decide to forego a stand-alone conservatory structure altogether right now yet still want to gain livable interior square footage, a replacement sunroom built outward from your home may better match the budget. Then down the road, you always have the option to construct an adjoining tiled conservatory.

In closing, installing a conservatory remains one of the most rewarding investments you can make in your home’s comfort and value. And choosing to tile the roof lets you amplify visual appeal and longevity using one of building’s most venerable yet striking materials – all the while keeping costs affordable through smart planning and comparison. Reach out anytime for help weighing your tiled conservatory options. I’m always happy to chat roof details and quotes further as you shape your plans!

FAQs About Tiled Conservatory Pricing

What is the typical cost per square metre to install tiles on a conservatory roof?

Expect to pay an average of £180 to £220 per square metre for tiling conservatory roofs. Cost varies based on specifics like tile type, structural adjustments needed, custom shapes and regional builder rates.

How much more does tiling add onto the cost of a basic conservatory?

You can expect tiling a conservatory to add about £5000 onto the price of a straightforward medium-sized structure with standard fixtures. Upcharges escalate higher for larger or more elaborate conservatory designs.

What cheaper alternatives exist if I love the look of tiles but need to lower building costs?

Instead of pricey clay, natural slate or handmade tiles, opt for concrete tiles which replicate the visual style at a fraction of the price. Or choose painted steel imitation tiles for a tidy budget-friendly tile look.

Can I save money by installing part of the conservatory roof in tiles and using other materials on sections less visible?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to mix materials across your conservatory roof. Many homeowners tile only the front roof facade to curb expenses. Check with your builder on the most cost-effective blend of materials to achieve the look you want.

If tiling my planned conservatory busts my budget, what are my options?

If tiling pushes conservatory costs over your budget, first simplify the design to limit the roof size needing tiles. Or opt for a lean-to shape with just one roof plane to tile out. Finally, postpone tiling while still constructing the base structure when affordable – you can always tile later!

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