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Conservatory Roofing Options

Here at Conservatory Online Prices, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best deal possible when it comes to your conservatory roofing options. There are a huge variety of roofline products to consider, and that’s why we’ve produced this comprehensive list of the many different styles that our local installers have available. Each has its own list of features and benefits that make it suited to particular projects and architectural styles. Read on to find out more!

Since most conservatories follow a square or rectangular floor plan, you can expect the same from your conservatory roofing options. You’ll want to think a great deal about the style of roof that you want to complement the conservatory style you end up choosing. The roof is ultimately one of the most important aspects of any extensions, since this is one of the main things that serves to protect you and your new extension from the outside world.

Solid roofs offer privacy and security. Glass roofs offer incredible views and natural light. Whatever style you choose, you’re sure to benefit from a market-leading product; it’s just about choosing the features you like the most. Whatever you decide on, you stand to benefit from a weather-proof, highly-secure and thermally efficient product that will help to expand upon your existing home.

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Conservatory Roof Styles


One of the most popular choices for a number of reasons, modern glass is well-suited to modern roofing. Durably designed to withstand the worst of British weathers and styled to blend in beautifully with the existing architectural design, glass offers high performance and incredible longevity. We highly recommend utilising this material if you want to experience the night sky whilst relaxing in the comfort of your conservatory once the sun has gone down.

Modern glass is also designed as double glazing, and specifically traps heat behind dedicated vacuum-sealed technology in order to trap heat easily within your conservatory. The result is a thermally efficient product that keeps you warm throughout the year without the need for excessive central heating. Some companies even offer self-cleaning roofs which utilise the natural strength of sunlight to reduce the need for constant maintenance.


Affordably priced and easy to install, these lightweight roofs provide a surprising level of structural strength despite their low-cost design. These designs are great if you’re looking to replace an existing conservatory roof, since their lightweight nature means that you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy for the existing foundations. They are also usually translucent, allowing a certain amount of light into your conservatory without blinding the occupants.

This can make them the perfect in-between that bridges solid roofs and glass roofs. While this glass-like surface may not benefit from all the thermally efficient characteristics of true glass conservatory roofs, it offers more privacy than a clear glass pane. Furthermore, if thermal efficiency is a serious factor in your installation, then many installers provide solar inserts for polycarbonate conservatory roof options that more than makes up for it.

Lantern Roof

Modern and striking, you may have seen this conservatory roof option adorning conservatories and orangeries across the country. Great at providing effective internal lighting whilst blending in with a solid roof, this architectural element provides natural light for a room with beautifully designed raised glass panes. Popularised in Renaissance Europe, lantern roofs offer high-performance insulation and impressive weather-proofing properties.

Their unique design can be easily shaped and moulded into any size you prefer and are affordably priced which is great if you’re working on a smaller budget. They’re also usually available in a variety of colours, meaning that you can match your new roof lantern with your conservatory and existing architecture more easily. There are almost no planning permissions required with lantern roofs, so this is easily one of the best choices for anyone considering their conservatory roofing options.

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Solid Roof

Solid roofs are a great choice if you’re looking for an incredibly secure conservatory roofing option. Stunningly designed, the solid build is popular in modern conservatory roof styles thanks to their simple and numerous customisation options. They also leave plenty of room to add in a roof lantern or skylight in order to enjoy the benefits of both double glazing and a solid roof. This design is also remarkably thermally efficient thanks to its insulating properties.

Tiled Roof Variant

You can also modify your solid roof with tiles in many cases. These come with their own wealth of benefits. Aesthetically beautiful, tiled conservatory roofs are just as customisable as other roofing options. They also offer incredible acoustic insulation, creating a calm location in which you an relax during the evenings. They are also well-insulated, meaning that they can keep you warm throughout the year, no matter the weather, and increase the value of your home exponentially.

Hybrid Roof

If you want to combine the beautiful views of glass conservatory roofing options with the structural integrity and durability of solid roofs, then consider a hybrid option. Many of our local installers can offer this model, which means that you can enjoy a truly contemporary design. Often designed in a panel-system in which panels can be switched interchangeably between glass and solid materials, this high-quality design provides the best of both worlds.

Modern double glaz offers incredible thermal efficiency, whilst also maintaining a level of durability and longevity that mean they don’t require constant maintenance to keep them in top shape. These roofs can also come with an internal pelmet ceiling system and are easy to prefabricate for a swift and simple installation. Modern glass will also keep your home cool in the summer by filtering UV rays, whilst also keeping it warm in the winter with thermally efficient materials.

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