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    Conservatory Roof Prices Guide

    What Aspects Influence Conservatory Roof Prices?

    conservatory roof prices

    Conservatory roof prices are dependent on a number of components. These aspects can be essential factors or based on your preference.

    For example:

    One of the factors that affects conservatory roof prices is the style of the roof. If you have a basic square or rectangle floor plan, you can choose from different styles.

    In this case, you could easily choose a lean-to, Edwardian, or Gable roof. You can choose according to your preference and budget.


    If you have a Victorian conservatory, or a bespoke style, you are limited in the roof styles you can choose.

    Similarly, if you want a tiled conservatory roof, you are dependent on the foundation you can build. The choice is even more restricted if you are replacing your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof.

    In this case, you would have a pre-existing foundation. If it is not strong enough to bear the weight of a solid roof, you must either choose a different material. Alternatively, you can rebuild your conservatory from scratch and redo the foundation.

    As you can see, your conservatory roof prices are affected by a number of factors. Some of these can be flexible, while others are out of your control.

    However, you can take some amount of control over your conservatory roof prices by educating yourself about your options. This way, you can make a more informed choice and stay within your budget.

    So, here are some of the factors that you need to consider before you start planning conservatory roof prices.

    What Are the Different Conservatory Roofing Options?

    Conservatory roofs can be made out of glass or polycarbonate. They can also be solid or tiled. Each of these materials offers you its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can select the conservatory roof material based on the features you require.

    Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

    Double glazed conservatory roofs are a very popular option. These roofs allow in plenty of sunlight. Moreover, you get crystal clear view of your garden and even the night sky. Double glazed roofs are excellent for thermal efficiency. As a result, you get a warmer room with less energy expenditure in heating.

    The downside is that glass can crack or shatter if hit hard enough. The clear roof might mean your conservatory gets too much sunlight. It may also heat up too quickly on warm days.

    Also, the clear, unimpeded view works both ways. You may not have a lot of privacy inside the conservatory.

    Moreover, even though glass conservatory roof prices aren’t as high as a solid roof, they are still higher than polycarbonate roofs of the same style and size.

    glass conservatory roof prices

    Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Prices

    A polycarbonate conservatory roof is an excellent low-priced option that gives some great benefits. Polycarbonate conservatory roof prices are much lower than solid roofs. They are also significantly lower than glass.

    Plus, the roof offers a host of advantages. It is not as clear as glass. This way, you get more privacy. Additionally, also filters out sunlight. As a result, you don’t have an overly bright room, or too much heat.

    Polycarbonate is also much stronger than glass. It does not shatter or crack easily. However, it is much lighter than both glass and solid roofs. This means that you don’t have to worry about the foundation or load bearing as much.

    On the flip-side, it can be too efficient in retaining heat. As a result, under certain conditions, it may heat up the conservatory even more than a glass roof. Also, it might not shatter but it does scratch very easily. Since it is so susceptible to scratch-damage, it needs to be replaced much more frequently than glass.

    polycarbonate conservatory roof prices

    Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices

    Tiled conservatory roof prices are the highest of all the options. A tiled roof will require more planning and a stronger foundation. It is also the most permanent of the three. This may be a problem if you like to change the look of your home periodically.

    The weight of this roof can be considerable. This might mean extra support beams, which will add to the cost of buying and installing this roof.

    However, tiled conservatory roof prices may be the most cost-effective if you want long-term performance. These roofs are the most durable of the three. They also give amazing thermal performance. Additionally, they are secure and give you complete privacy.

    They do not allow in as much sunlight as glass roofs. However, you can remedy this with simple roof lanterns.

    tiled conservatory roof prices

    What Are the Different Conservatory Roof Styles?

    While you are deciding on the right roofing material, you should also consider the roof designs. You can change the look of your conservatory with a different roof design. What’s more, the right roof style can help your conservatory blend in with your property.


    What are the roof styles you can choose from?

    Lean-To Conservatory

    The lean-to conservatory has a basic square or rectangle shape. It is capped with a simple sloped roof. However, you shouldn’t let the simplicity fool you. This versatile roof shape suits most property styles. It is also ideal if you want a Mediterranean air about your home.

    The clean simplicity of lean-to roofs means they have the best conservatory roof prices out of all styles. Moreover, these roofs fit in properties of any size. Since the roof is a simple single-slope, it fits under the eaves of smaller properties.

    Lean-to conservatory roof prices for a polycarbonate roof of size 3000mm x 3000mm is around £2,226 to £2,720. A similarly sized glass roof costs between £2,422 and £2,962. Tiled conservatory roof prices are much higher. A small conservatory roof might cost up to £4,000.

    Victorian Conservatory

    You can easily recognise the Victorian conservatory by its quaint bay window wall. An entire side of this conservatory is a large 3 to 5-faceted window. As a result, it has a ‘curved’ shape on one end.

    The roof of this style highlights this curve. The pitched roof ends with a fan of triangular panels giving the roof a rounded end as well.

    The Victorian conservatory roof prices are slightly more expensive than the lean-to roof. However, the style itself is quite remarkable and works great with most properties.

    A general price estimate for a polycarbonate Victorian conservatory roof of size 3000mm x 3000mm is about £3,092 to £3,778. The conservatory roof prices for a glass roof may be between £3,302 and £4,036.

    Edwardian Conservatory

    The distinguishing characteristic of an Edwardian conservatory is its double-hipped roof. You can change the pitch of the roof. This results in a high or low roof, based on what you want. This distinctive style complements many property styles. However, it works best in larger properties.

    The Edwardian conservatory roof prices are slightly higher than Victorian conservatories. A polycarbonate roof of size 3000mm x 3000mm is approximately £3,110 to £3,800. A glass roof with the same dimensions is around £3,320 to £4,060.

    Edwardian conservatory roof prices

    Gable Conservatory

    The Gable conservatory is a dramatic style. Like the Edwardian conservatory, it has a distinctive roof. It is the roof that gives it its distinctive appearance. The Gable roof is a pitched roof where the two slopes meet in the front. This creates a breathtaking triangular shape.

    To emphasise this striking shape, most people embellish it with designs. These can be vertical panels or something more elaborate like a sunburst pattern.

    If you want a Gable roof for a 3000mm x 3000mm sized conservatory, the polycarbonate conservatory roof prices fall between £3,110 and £3,800. Alternatively, a glass roof of the same size costs around £3,320 to £4,060.

    P-Shaped and T-Shaped Conservatories

    If you are looking for a custom-shaped conservatory, your conservatory roof will have to fit that. P-shaped and T-shaped conservatories are some of the common custom shapes. These shapes are a composite of two conservatory styles.

    For example:

    The P-shape combines a lean-to or an Edwardian with a Victorian Conservatory.


    The T-shape combines two square shapes where one of them is in the centre-front.

    Both these styles have varying conservatory roof prices based on the size of the conservatory and the material of the roof.

    Why Are Reliable Conservatory Installers Important?

    Conservatory installation requires some degree of technical expertise. Additionally, you also need to know local building regulations. If the conservatory does not comply with building laws, the local authorities might not approve it.

    When you hire an accredited conservatory installer, they make sure your conservatory roof installation complies with regulations. Moreover, FENSA or CERTASS certified installers will also give you guaranteed installations. Additionally, the installation will be reliable and compliant with industry standards.

    In fact, if the installer is accredited, you only need to worry about the quote. If you get a price comparison from different installers, you can choose the one that gives you the best price. Everything else will be according to industry regulations.

    What’s more, approved installers will get approvals and permissions for you. All of the paperwork will be included in the conservatory roof installation prices.

    How Much Do Roof Windows Cost?

    Roof windows and lantern roofs are useful if you want to improve the natural illumination of your conservatory. However, they add to the conservatory roof prices based on the type and size of the window.

    A roof lantern is a projecting window. Even a ‘flat’ lantern window will have some slope, making it stand high against the roof. As a decorative roof window, these can add a significant amount to the conservatory roof prices.

    For example:

    A lantern conservatory roof of size 3000mm x 3000mm may cost you anywhere between £3,538 and £4,324 if it is polycarbonate. The conservatory roof prices go up to £3,748 and £4,582 in case of glass lantern roof.

    A flat window can be a cheaper alternative. As the name suggests, flat windows lie flat on the roof. While not as decorative as roof lanterns, they serve to provide illumination with tiled roofs.

    If you want flat windows on your conservatory roof, prices can start from £220 to £245 for a 550mm x 780mm  double glazed window.

    Solid Conservatory Lantern Roof - conservatory roof prices

    Do Conservatory Roofs Need to Comply With Building Regulations?

    Most of the time, conservatories don’t need a building permission as long as they meet certain criteria. The exceptions are properties that are listed or in a conservation area. However, they do need to comply with certain building regulations.

    For example:

    The height of the conservatory roof cannot be higher than the roof of the main building. Also, the area of the conservatory cannot be more than a certain percent of the original free space around the property.

    There are also some thermal efficiency and ventilation regulations that conservatories should comply with.

    Where Can You Get Conservatory Roof Prices?

    You can get conservatory roof prices from any reliable conservatory supplier. In fact, we recommend that you get quotes from at least 3 suppliers and installers before making a decision. Additionally, you should also ensure that these companies are recognised by regulatory bodies. This way, you can be sure of reliable service and high quality.

    If you want to start your quest for conservatory roof prices right now, we have made it extremely easy for you. Just enter your requirements into our online conservatory roof prices generator. It will calculate your price estimate almost instantly.

    The best part is, you can get more than one quote. For example, you may want to compare the conservatory roof prices for a lean-to roof and an Edwardian roof. Simply go through the process twice and input the different roof styles. Our quote generator will give you the customised prices for those two styles for your specifications.

    Additionally, the quotes will be emailed to you for easy access. You can refer to them whenever you want. So why wait? Jump on to our conservatory roof prices calculator right away!

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    Frequently Asked Conservatory Questions

    IThe majority of conservatories with a tiled conservatory roof will not require planning permission. This is because they are covered under what is known as a 'permitted development.'

    However, Building Regulations will apply if you want to build an extension on your home.

    Whether you are looking to invest in a brand-new conservatory, or just wanting to replace your existing conservatory roof, there are many conservatory roofing options available. The most popular conservatory roof materials are:
    • Solid Roofs
    • Glass
    • Polycarbonate

    Solid Conservatory Roofs

    If you are looking to achieve a more contemporary appearance, then a solid conservatory roof provides the perfect combination of conservatory and home extension. This conservatory roof option allows you to make use of the space you have, providing you with a living area you can use all year round.

    Worried about light? Roof windows or glazed panels can be incorporated into the design, enhancing natural light for a light and airy feel. A lightweight tiled roof conservatory is also up to 15 times more thermally efficient than any other roof.

    Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

    Polycarbonate Roof Ideal for those on a tighter budget, a polycarbonate is often seen as a cost-effective option to roof glazing. They come in many different options such as different colours, shading and U-Values.

    Typical colours include Bronze, Clear and Opal.

    Glass Conservatory Roofs

    Glass conservatory roofs are a popular choice because they provide great temperature control. They help to prevent your conservatory from being too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter.

    It can also be specified with self-cleaning properties, helping to keep roof maintenance to a minimum.

    The majority of conservatory roofs can be replaced within the course of a day however, this is dependent on design. A solid conservatory roof with added extras such as lighting, might take longer than a day.

    Your chosen conservatory installer will protect any existing finishes during the project so no need to worry about your existing floor being damaged during transformation.

    Replacing your conservatory roof can indeed make your conservatory warmer however, this will depend on the type of roof you choose. A solid or tiled conservatory roof will offer greater insulation than a plastic or glazed roof.
    A solid roof can be put on a conservatory. There are many solid conservatory roof designs available - just ask your chosen installer for a recommendation. The majority of new-build conservatories with a solid, tiled or glazed roof will not require planning permission. They are covered under what is known as 'permitted development'. However, building regulations will apply if you want to build an extension.
    Planning permissions used to say that a certain percentage of roofing must be translucent in order for a conservatory to be exempt from planning permission. Changes to building regulations however, now means that you may not require planning permission for roof replacement.
    Swapping your existing conservarory roof for a tiled or solid roof replacement can be done without needing to file for planning permission. Planning permission may be required however, if the height of your extension is changed following completion.
    The average life expectancy of a conservatory depends on the quality of materials used as well as the installer. Generally speaking a conservatory built with uPVC window and door frames can last up to 25 - 30 years.
    Yes you can! Whatever the shape of your existing conservatory, you can be sure that there is a solid roof equivalent to meet your exacting requirements.
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