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    What is a Conservatory Roof Conversion?

    Essentially, a conservatory roof conversion is the process of changing your current conservatory roof into a newer model. This means that you’ll be able to replace a tired, old, or damaged conservatory roof without having to change the whole conservatory as a result. Usually, this is a quick, simple, and easy way for you to enjoy modern benefits without the stress and upheaval usually associated with home improvements.

    To help you get the ideal conservatory roof conversion for your property, installers are able to offer a wide range of conservatory roof options for you to choose from. This includes a selection of glass, tiled, and lantern roof designs. Each one of these options will bring unique benefit to your property, so it’s important that you shop around to ensure you get something that is going to benefit both your tastes and your existing architecture.

    To get the best conservatory roof conversion, make sure you get it carried out by a professional. To help you with this, we are able to put you in touch with three of your nearest installers. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any poor products or a poor service that could be detrimental to the performance and appearance of the conservatory roof. By choosing Conservatory Online Prices as your conduit, you won’t have to settle for anything less.

    Conservatory Conversion Prices

    How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Conversion Cost?

    How much does a conservatory cost with a roof conversion? At a general glance, you could be paying anything from £2,374 – £18,738 for a conservatory roof conversion. However, this is highly dependent on a range of factors and should only be used as a guide price that is subject to change. However, this should still be able to offer you an effective ballpark figure to work to when it comes to considering your conservatory roof conversion. We’ll go through some of the determining factors below.

    Due to the scope of modern options, getting a conservatory roof conversion can leave with you with a wide range of options and accessories to choose from: all of which will change the price. This includes size, style, colour, material, and any interior décor options that you go for. Further to this, the installer that you opt for will also change the final price, as they may be able to offer you a discount, bulk deal, or a seasonal offer.

    When it comes to a conservatory roof conversion cost, we recommend shopping around for prices so you can make it all as cost-effective as possible. With this in mind, we can put you in touch with three of your nearest conservatory roof conversion installers to get you started. All you need to do is visit our conservatory roof cost calculator to get a guide price, you can then take this to your installer of choice to see what they can offer you.

    What are the Features and Benefits of a Conservatory Roof Conversion?

    Simply put, getting a conservatory roof conversion is the ideal way for you to bring a modern standard of performance to your home. The conservatory roofs now on offer are able to achieve leading standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, weatherproofing, aesthetic, installation versatility, and customisation options for you to choose from. With this in mind, you’ll be able to find something that really resonates with what you’re after when you envision a conservatory roof conversion.

    Not only will a conservatory roof conversion work to update the look of your home, but it will also help to increase the comfort of your home too. The latest designs are able to achieve an impressive standard of heat retention, which means the warmth from your central heating will stay in your home for a longer period of time. Not only will this help you to stay comfortable during the colder winter months, but it also means that you could find yourself saving money on your heating costs too!

    A conservatory roof conversion can also help you to increase the value of your property too, as a comfortable conservatory is a highly sought after element to any property. Due to intelligent features, modern conservatory roofs have been able to bypass the problems that are usually associated with outdated conservatories: such as getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Essentially, these roofs help the conservatory to become another usable room in the house.

    What Types of Conservatory Roof Conversions Are There?

    Conservatory roof conversions are split into three main categories: tiled, glass, and lantern. These styles are then split into shapes: lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian, and gable. Finding the right choice of these is going to depend on two major factors. The first, and most important, is the current shape of your conservatory. If you’re looking to keep installation time down to a minimum, you’ll want to opt for a conservatory roof that suits what you currently have.

    The next, is personal tastes. For example, a tiled conservatory roof is an ideal way to capture a conservatory roof conversion that upholds a more traditional feel. With this in mind, a lantern conservatory roof will enable you to get a more modern flair. Alternatively, each of these options can be easily tailored to complement any home. It won’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, new build, or contemporary, you’ll be able to find a conservatory roof conversion.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs

    Tiled conservatory roofs are perfect for homeowners looking to gain a traditional feel from their conservatory roof conversion. They are able to offer a classic roof look without any of the outdated features, combining heritage aesthetics with modern performance to offer you the best of both worlds. They are sure to be a beautiful investment for any home.

    Tiled Orangery Roof Prices

    Types of Conservatory roof
    Roof Material
    Average Price (UK)
    Lean-To Conservatory 3000mm x 3500mm
    £19,950 – £22,050
    Victorian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm
    £30,400 – £33,600
    Edwardian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm
    £30,400 – £33,600

    Glass Conservatory Roofs

    Glass conservatory roofs are the brightest option when it comes to a conservatory roof conversion, with a slim frame and generous glazed area letting in large amounts of natural light allowance. They can be fitted with a wide range of glass options to help them create a living space that is usable and comfortable all year round.

    Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

    Types of Conservatory roof
    Roof Material
    Average Price (UK)
    Lean-To Conservatory 3000mm x 3500mm
    £9,975 – £11,025
    Victorian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm
    £18,620 – £20,580
    Edwardian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm
    £18,620 – £20,580

    Roof Lanterns

    The roof lantern enables you to bring a focal point to your home that enables you to focus the natural light coming into your property. This makes them the ideal option for placing over a dining table or a kitchen island, standing as a conservatory roof conversion that works to transform your conservatory into a place that is ideal for family gatherings.

    Lantern Conservatory Roof Prices

     Conservatory Size   Roof Material  Guide Price
     3000mm x 3000mm  Polycarbonate  £3538 – £4324
     3000mm x 3000mm  Glass  £3748 – £4582
     4000mm x 4000mm  Polycarbonate  £4840 – £5915
     4000mm x 4000mm  Glass  £5195 – £6350
     5000mm x 5000mm  Polycarbonate  £6376 – £7794
     5000mm x 5000mm  Glass  £6916 – £8454

    Conservatory Roof Conversion Process

    There are several stages involved in the conservatory roof conversion process, which are usually as follows:

    Quotation –  The first step is all about the price, starting with us providing you some guideline prices. From here, we can then put you in touch with three accredited installers. You’ll have the freedom to choose which one of these installers you go to, with your quotation in tow to help you get the best price possible!

    Design Process – Once you have reached out to your chosen installer, they will then get to work on creating a technical conservatory roof conversion drawing. This is a fantastic way for you to see your conservatory roof to life! This stage is a great place to make any amendments to the roof before it is actually built.

    Technical Survey – Once that technical drawing has been signed off, a fully-qualified surveyor will visit your property to receive the required measurements. This information will then be passed on to your installer, enabling them to work in harmony with your home to ensure you enjoy the perfect fit across the board.

    Plans – No conservatory roof conversion is complete without the planning phase, which is grounded in the specifications that have been detailed by the surveyor. Once these aspects have been determined, the installation of your conservatory roof conversion is able to commence in a smooth and efficient way.

    Fitting – Once the green light has been given on your conservatory roof conversion, your new home improvement can be brought to life. For your peace of mind, we always put you in touch with installers that work to the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency, promptness, and complete respect for your home and your time.

    Completion – After a smooth and hassle-free conservatory roof conversion process, all you have to do now is sit back and enjoy all the benefits of your newly transformed conservatory. To ensure your lasting peace of mind, you should also pick up your guarantee from your installer who will be more than happy to provide one.

    Finding an Accredited Conservatory Roof Conversion Installer

    We know that looking for a new conservatory roof conversion can sometimes be a daunting process, which is why we always ensure you get put in touch with an installer who is going to offer you the very best standards of product and service. Alongside this, there are a few ways to check on the professionalism and reliability of the installer in question: including a range of schemes and accreditations to signify their competency.

    The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS)

    As mentioned, you can check up on the standard of the installer by seeing what schemes they are involved in. One to look out for is The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS). This scheme has been initiated as a consumer protection organisation, there to mediate in the event that you have a dispute with one of their accredited members. As it stands, this is the only organisation of its type operating within the double glazing industry. This is an important scheme to look out for because any conservatory roof conversion installer will have had to undertake a stringent assessment process to get their membership!

    Should you pay a deposit to a DGCOS registered installer, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your money is protected under the scheme. With this in mind, you’ll be protected in the unlikely event of your conservatory roof conversion specialist goes out of business before completing the work. You won’t have to worry about going out of pocket when you’re looking to enhance your home with a new product.

    The DGCOS does not charge homeowners in the event that mediation is necessary. It promises to:

    Help fully resolve any issues free of charge;

    Provide inspections (also at no cost) to help with product or installation issues (although this is not guaranteed and is at their discretion);

    Help homeowners to resolve any disputes without any need for them to incur legal costs;

    Provide access to a fund that can be used for compensation, thereby ensuring homeowners aren’t left worse off.

    Conservatory roof conversion installers also prove their competence over time. That is to say, they are rigorously re-assessed to prove they are just as competent and reliable as when they first joined the DGCOS.

    Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme

    The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) was established as a Competent Person Scheme (CPS), currently operating as a governing body that is responsible for regulating double glazing companies for their standards of service. In a similar way to the DGCOS process, installers are required to apply to FENSA to ensure they are working in full compliance with all current building regulation. By undertaking a conservatory roof conversion through a FENSA approved installer, you won’t have to settle for an inferior service.

    A great aspect of FENSA is that it offers you the freedom to search for an installer from the comfort of your own home. To do this, you can visit the FENSA website and find them through their online search tool. You can do this by name, location, or their FENSA company number. This means that you can see for yourself whether your conservatory roof conversion installer will be able to offer you a standard of installation that is going to deliver complete satisfaction.

    Online Conservatory Prices – Our Role

    We know that the conservatory roof conversion installers that we put you in touch with have been accredited to ensure they reach leading standards. However, we can’t say for sure which exact accreditations each one of our installers have. With this in mind, we recommend that you run a check yourself by visiting their website or by getting in touch with them to see what they can offer you.

    Conservatory Roof Conversion Costs


    How Much is a Conservatory Roof Conversion?

    As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the end price for your conservatory roof conversion is going to be reliant on a range of factors. However, as a guide you can expect to be paying anything from £2,374 to £18,738. The best way to find out what sort of price you can expect to be paying is to get in touch with your chosen local installer with your specifications to see what they offer. Also, you may be able to bag yourself a seasonal deal to make things cheaper!

    How Should I Design my Conservatory Roof Conversion?

    There are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the design of your conservatory roof conversion, all of which will enable you to get the perfect fit for your property. Firstly, you should consider the size and shape of your conservatory as this will determined the overall price. Next, you should be thinking about how you plan to be using your conservatory: is it gong to be for business or for leisure? Alongside this, you should be thinking about the aesthetics of your property. If your home is modern, maybe a lantern roof will be better suited? If it is traditional, maybe a tiled conservatory roof is the right choice? Simply speak to your chosen installer who will be more than happy to help you find your ideal fit.

    Why is Conservatory Roof Glass Important?

    When you choose a glass roof for your conservatory roof conversion, you’ll find yourself with a choice of glass options to choose from. This is an important decision, as poorly designed or poorly fitted glass is really going to reduce the quality of your comfort and of your conservatory roof. Examples of your glass choice include thermal glass or self-cleaning glass, each of which will offer different benefits. We understand that you’re looking for a conservatory that is going to maximise your comfort with minimal input from you, this is why something like self-cleaning is really going to help you enjoy an ‘as new’ look without any of the headaches of constant upkeep.

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