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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Conservatory Roof Blinds

    Conservatory roof blinds are a stylish way of taking back control of the light in your extended space. With many of these rooms creating an intense glare, roof blinds can reduce excess brightness, and help you improve your conservatory’s warmth.

    conservatory roof blinds

    Not only that, but you can also save energy by installing them, saving money in more ways than one.

    Conservatory roof blinds are perfect for glass roofs. They’re especially useful if you have a roof that only uses single-glazed glass.

    These spaces can reflect a lot of light, causing the conservatory to become uncomfortably warm and bright at times. With blinds, you can get the glare back under control and enjoy a calmer space.

    These blinds can use various innovative designs and materials. You can get them in fabrics in a whole host of colour options, meaning you can style your shades as you see fit. Even if you have an oddly shaped conservatory, you can ensure you get blinds that fit roofs of any shape and size.

    Why Should I Get Conservatory Roof Blinds?

    In your current space, you may feel like you’re getting too hot in the summer months. That could be because it uses less efficient materials in its roofing. For example, many older structures use polycarbonate roofs. While these are cost-effective, they don’t protect your space from heat and light.

    As a result, sunlight can get into your conservatory and bounce around the walls with no means of escape. Because of this, the light collects, heating the space quickly. Not only that, but you’ll get an uncomfortable glare from the sunlight reflecting into itself. That leads to you and your family having a space that feels like a furnace in the summer.

    When the weather turns colder, the problems can also continue. That’s because polycarbonate has poor insulation. Therefore, cold air can enter your living space with ease, making it crisper and less comfortable. If you have a glass roof, then you’ll minimise this problem, but you can still get the issue of glare throughout the year.

    Glare is a significant problem when it comes to conservatories, particularly if you want a bright and airy space. Even cutting-edge double glazing still hasn’t quite eliminated this problem. As a result, you can still feel blinded when you enter the room. However, conservatory roof blinds can solve this problem completely.

    With these blinds, you can fit a cover to your roof that you can close whenever you want. As such, you can get protection from excess sunlight across the year. Not only that, but they can help your space save energy and preserve its natural warmth. As a result, you can get back in control of your space’s lighting, and your household bills as well.

    What are the Benefits of Conservatory Roof Blinds?

    For a start, conservatory roof blinds are straightforward to use. In most designs, you’ll be able to operate them manually with an extended rod. That way, you can close your blinds quickly when things get uncomfortable. You can even get remote control blinds with some suppliers too, which put the control of your space in the palm of your hand.

    Their usability also gives you the flexibility to use your space for a variety of purposes. While you may have only used the room at specific times before, installing blinds can give you a world of possibilities. For example, the improved shading can allow you to use it as a more private space, like a home office. Roof blinds help to block sound from outside as well.

    Not only that, but blinds can also make your conservatory more discrete. As a result, intruders won’t pay as much attention to it, giving you and your family a little more safety and peace of mind. Also, you can customise your blinds to feature a railed design, that offers slightly more strength and durability to your space.

    Finally, the crucial benefit of your blinds is that you can leave them open. With this solution, you can keep your glass roof so that when the sun comes out, you can let natural light and warmth pour in, without worrying about it making the space uncomfortable. That way, you’ll be able to regulate your home with ease, and you’ll be able to save money too.

    Better Temperature Control

    Conservatory roof blinds are an installation that can save you money year-on-year. They use a simple design with advanced materials to absorb light and glare. Because of this, they can help to insulate your conservatory and make you feel warmer inside your home. As a result, you can cut down on your heating usage, and make the rest of your home feel more natural.

    Blinds also give you the ability to control the temperature in the room. If it’s a little too cold, then you can open them up in part to let the sunlight through. Because of this, you’ll get a more stable space that’s able to save you money all year round. You could also install blinds onto the surroundings of the structure too, for added lighting and heating control.

    With conservatory roof blinds from our network, you can also ensure you benefit from market-leading materials. The designs will make energy-saving straightforward, giving you more comfort while also reducing your costs. You could save hundreds of pounds a year with these innovative blinds, meaning you can pay your investment back in full over time.

    As well as that, you can make your home more environmentally friendly. You won’t have to rely on your central heating to keep your conservatory warm, and the blinds can lead to the warmth spreading across your home. Because of this, you can cut the cost of your household bills by reducing your carbon footprint, meaning your home will be helping our planet.

    Are Conservatory Roof Blinds Easy to Use?

    By installing conservatory roof blinds, you can save time as well as money. Their impressive functionality makes them simple to operate, and they can also help you save time in other areas.

    You can either get manually operating blinds that you can control from one rod, or a remote-control system that means you can open the blinds without getting up.

    When you operate the blinds, you’ll have a slightly different opening depending on the system you choose. You’ll either flick the shades up and down, with a 15mm opening between each rail to ensure smooth operation and brightness when they’re open. Alternatively, you could get thermal blinds which slide outward to cover your roof.

    In any case, they’ll open quickly and block out any excess sunlight within seconds. That way, you can stop any intense glare in your space, and get the room’s temperature to a comfortable level almost instantly. Their easy usability means you can use the room for more purposes, such as a relaxed reading room or even a social space that stands out.

    Conservatory roof blinds can also help you save time in other areas. For example, they can protect you from harmful UV rays, which can cause furniture and carpets in the room to fade over time.

    That way, you won’t need to worry about replacement or repair, or even maintenance. Your blinds can protect you from excess glare, warmth and costs no matter what.

    How Much Do Conservatory Roof Blinds Cost?

    Conservatory roof blinds can start from as little as £1,000, making them much less pricey than a brand-new roof. However, this cost can rise depending on the size of your conservatory, and any other specifications you want to add.

    While the price of conservatory roof blinds can rise depending on the dimensions, they’ll always be relatively cheaper than a new roof. As such, you can improve your home’s performance for less cost, as well as less stress or disruption through a lengthy installation. As a result, you can invest without any worries in these superb covers.

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