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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Conservatory Repairs vs Replacements

    Are conservatory repairs better than replacements? At the time, they can seem to be, but the cost of constant maintenance adds up. If you have an old conservatory in your home, then you may already be suffering the effects of its ageing.

    Down the years, builds that use materials like single-glazed glass and timber frames wear away. Not only that, but these rooms can often lose a lot of your home’s heat. With thin materials in the design, the space is prone to excessive heat transfer. As a result, you’re too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter.

    When parts of the space begin to fail, you end up having to make a choice. The first option is to repair each area as it breaks down, which doesn’t cost as much as a new build at first. However, the costs mount up quickly, and you can get caught in a vicious cycle of repairs and maintenance.

    Older conservatories can only perform for so long, and eventually, the whole structure can begin to fail. If you try and preserve these spaces, the cost can run up into the thousands. Not only that, but you’ll still have the same uncomfortable room as before.

    Instead of repairing, then, why not replace conservatories? For the price of multiple stressful repairs, you can tear away your old space and build a new one. When you fit your new build, you’ll realise just what you were missing.

    Modern conservatories have incredible strength and durability, meaning they won’t wear down for decades. They’re weather-resistant too, so they can open up to the natural world without exposing you to it. Finally, you can customise your new room to suit you and your family’s needs, with the option of unique doors, roofs, and colours!

    repairing conservatories

    Reasons You Might Need Conservatory Repairs

    An old conservatory develops more and more faults over time. Because of this, the crucial thing is to identify what repairs you need. For example, your roof may be starting to show signs of wear. Your roof vents may be leaking water, panels in the design might be collapsing, or debris has caused visible damage to the glass or polycarbonate panels.

    If so, then you’ll end up spending time and money searching for a company to fix your roof for you. Alternatively, you can replace your roof, but this might not solve all of the problems in your space.

    Another issue in an old conservatory that may need repairs is condensation. Condensation occurs when the glazing in your build is starting to wear down, or your interior space is humid and damp. When condensation develops, a mist emerges on the inside pane of your window, blocking out natural light from entering your home.

    Worse still, that means you get less warmth, meaning the conditions in your space grow colder and make it more likely for the mist to grow. If left unchecked, it can develop into black mould, which is harmful and damages the window to the point that it needs repair.

    Not only that, but the glazing itself can break. Breaks in glazing can happen due to temperature differences inside and outside your home. When the two sides of a glass panel have drastically different heats, they can suddenly and violently break.

    In a space that’s been wearing down for years, there’s more chance of that happening. Alternatively, your glass could break due to a ball hitting it, or a falling object. In any case, you’d need a glass repair to get things back to normal.

    The Drawbacks of Conservatory Repairs

    Conservatory repairs do cost less than getting a brand-new build. However, any fix you have to make is a temporary one in most cases. If panels in your roof fall away, for example, then each section you replace can begin to look out of place.

    Additionally, repairing certain areas of your build won’t stop the whole thing from wearing down. Over time, the frames begin to crack, twist and rust due to their lack of weather resistance. Even the doors start to creak with worn hinges and outdated locking systems. Because of this, once you begin repairing conservatories, you end up chasing your tail.

    Also, the more repairs you make, the more on-edge you’ll feel in your home. When it comes to an old conservatory, you’ll always think you’re seconds away from another problem. Whether its a leak in your roof, a drainage blockage from lodged debris, or dirt and dust building up on the glass panels, there’s always something to fix.

    As a result, you have to spend your precious free time cleaning and maintaining a conservatory that’s only going to keep failing you the further you go with it. Isn’t there a better way than continually worrying about repairs, and paying for them?

    By replacing your conservatory, repairing won’t be an issue. Instead, you can invest in a modern room for your home that suits your needs and will continue to satisfy them for decades to come. You could get a tailor-made, bespoke conservatory with unique roofing, glazing, doors and more.

    Not only that, but you can style the build with unique colours and finishes, LED lighting, speaker systems, or even install a skylight or roof lantern. The possibilities are endless, and, as the base is already in place, you could save money on your new space!

    conservatory replacements

    The Benefits Of Conservatory Replacements

    When you invest in a brand-new conservatory, you’ll have control of your home. You’ll get a space, firstly, that you can use all year round. Modern designs use materials like uPVC, aluminium and double glazing throughout.

    Because of this, the surrounds of your build will have much better insulation, and you can add a dwarf wall to the bottom to improve heating from underneath. That way, you can reduce heat transfer, enhancing the comfort of your living space. You’ll be able to rely on natural light rather than your heating, saving money on your bills!

    Not only that, but your older build becomes more fragile over time. As a result, it can look more visibly weak. If that happens, then burglars might look to target your conservatory to get into your home, especially if it has doors that are creaking or hanging off the hinges.

    A new build, though, will have excellent security. You’ll get a choice of secure doors, including sliding and bi-fold doors which come with the option of low-thresholds. Also, double glazing and tiled roofing can give you superb sound insulation, giving you privacy and peace of mind.

    Finally, you’ll be able to rely on your new conservatory for years to come, without needing to get repairs. With materials like uPVC and aluminium across the design, your build will be weather-resistant. That means no cracks will appear for water to seep into your home, preventing condensation, and you won’t have to handle rust and decay either.

    Additionally, that makes your new conservatory a low-maintenance investment. You won’t have to carry out cleaning more than once every few months, and you can invest in unique colours with confidence that they won’t fade over time.

    Conservatory Replacement Options

    Victorian conservatories are the UK’s most popular style. That’s because they have a classic look, with plenty of double glazing, decorative roof cornices and a bay front. You can also customise the build by choosing either uPVC, or robust aluminium, so the design shines in the sunlight.

    On the other hand, you could choose the Edwardian design. These builds are similar to the Victorian shape but have a square floorplan and less decoration. Because of this, you get more space to use your build for a variety of purposes, and you can add a dwarf wall for added strength.

    The Lean-to conservatory is one that won’t need repairs. These designs are advanced, robust options, with a flat roof to decrease the overall cost. With the choice of connecting doors that have in-line sliders, multi-point locking systems and anti-crowbar tech, you’ll have your security sorted.

    If you’re after more space, then why not select the Gable conservatory? You can tell a gable apart anywhere from their triangular roofs, which provide endless overhead space. You’ll be able to customise the ceiling too, with the option of tiles, double glazing, and even roof lanterns.

    P-Shaped and T-Shaped designs have more extended space, opening out to your garden in style. That way, you can use your new build in ways that weren’t possible before. You can create a dining area, kitchen extension, a spacious lounge, or more than one room by using bi-fold doors as a partition.

    If none of those designs are quite right, create one that is. With many installers in the Conservatory Online Prices network, you can design from the ground up. With every option at your fingertips, you can craft long-lasting materials into a unique conservatory that won’t need repairs.

    conservatory repairs prices

    Avoid Conservatory Repairs with Conservatory Online Prices

    Choose Conservatory Online Prices today, and avoid conservatory repairs for good. With us, you can get quotes within minutes from trusted suppliers in your area, many of whom have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

    All you have to do is use our online quote builder today to pick the replacement conservatory you’d like. Then, customise it with new parts, features and colours. Whatever build you want, we can provide an instant online price for, and refer you to our network so you can get the best deal for it.

    If you’d like to find out more, contact us today using our online form or by calling our friendly team on 0800 124 4307!

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