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Conservatory roof replacement cost calculator guide will help you get a better understanding of how conservatory roofs can increase your living space and add value to your home. A key decision is choosing the right conservatory roof to suit your budget. Use this guide to understand conservatory roofs costs.

Types of Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories may have glass, polycarbonate, or tiled roofs. Each option differs in appearance, performance, and cost.

Glass Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs provide elegant looks with plenty of natural light. The glass is available toughened or laminated for safety and insulation. Expect to pay more compared to other materials.

Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are affordable, durable, and lightweight. The material is an excellent insulator also protecting against UV rays. Condensation can be an issue requiring additional ventilation.

Other Roofing Materials

Some conservatories have tiled or slate roofs matching the main house roof. These blend with your property but reduce light levels and can add substantial weight requiring a robust frame.

Factors Affecting Conservatory Roof Cost

When estimating your conservatory roof cost, consider:

Size and Shape

Larger and more complex designs require more materials and labour to install, increasing prices. A simple lean-to is the most affordable shape.


As shown above, glass is more expensive than polycarbonate. Also, consider thickness, coating, thermal performance and special glass types (e.g. self-cleaning).

Special Features

Add-ons like roof vents, automatic openers, blinds and lighting increase costs. Manage your budget by identifying must-have or nice-to-have features.

Access Issues

Restricted access can mean additional labour costs for installation. This may apply for higher conservatories or awkward spaces. Discuss access with your installer.

Average Cost by Conservatory Roof Type

To budget for your new conservatory roof, check typical supply and install costs:

Glass Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs range from £185 to £500 per m2 installed. Tempered glass is the cheaper option from £185/m2. Higher performance laminated or double glazed units cost £300 to £500/m2.

Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs costs range from £120 to £250 per m2. Hollow polycarbonate sheets start around £120/m2. The best insulated solid and triple-wall polycarbonate options cost up to £250/m2.

Tiled Roofs

A tiled conservatory roof costs £300 to £700 per m2 installed. Concrete tiles are more affordable at around £300/m2. For slate tiles, expect to pay £500 to £700/m2.

Getting Accurate Quotes

To get precise conservatory roof quotes, ensure you provide:


Supply exact dimensions rather than estimates so you receive accurate material costs. Consider internal and external dimensions.

Material and Build Specifications

Choose your preferred materials and finishes. Provide details like glazing type, ventilation needs, colour and additional features.

Additional Works

Advise if you need other works like electrics, plastering or decorating. This prevents budget surprises after quoting on the roof alone.

Potential Additional Costs

Alongside the roof build, factor in expenses like:

Base Works

The conservatory roof frame rests on a new or existing base which may require extension, reinforcement or replacement at extra cost.


Power and lighting typically adds £500+ to the job. You may also want heating, speakers or smart controls.


Furnishing the new space with flooring, drapes, furniture etc can easily amount to several thousand dollars.

Ongoing Maintenance Estimates

Future maintenance is essential to enjoy your conservatory long-term:


For glass and polycarbonate roofs, allow around £250 annually for specialist external and internal cleaning.


Repair costs will vary depending on any storm, fall or accidental damage. Inspect annually and fix minor issues immediately to avoid bigger problems. An annual repair budget of £150 can help cover eventualities.


Expect to replace polycarbonate panels every 8-10 years (£150+ each), with glass units lasting at least 25 years if properly maintained.


Choosing the right conservatory roof helps control your budget while adding the space and aesthetics you want. Compile detailed quotes with all requirements to avoid surprise costs. Be sure to factor longer term cleaning, repairs and replacements into your plans too. With careful planning guided by typical costs in this overview, your new conservatory will enhance your home life and value for decades to come.


What is the cheapest conservatory roof option?

The cheapest option is typically hollow polycarbonate sheeting starting from around £120 per m2 installed.

How much does a glass conservatory roof cost?

A glass conservatory roof costs £185 to £500+ per m2 installed depending on glass type, performance and features. Laminated and toughened glass are the most common choices.

Should I get a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof?

Glass gives an elegant finish allowing in plenty of light. Polycarbonate is much cheaper but may discolour and condensate over time. Assess your budget, appearance preferences and performance needs.

What maintenance does a conservatory roof need?

Plan for annual professional cleans (£250+), ad hoc repairs (£150/year budget) and polycarbonate replacement every 8-10 years to keep your roof in good order. Check for any storm damage too.

How often do conservatory roofs need replacing?

Polycarbonate roofs last 8-10 years. Glass can last over 25 years if properly maintained. Ensure your installer provides an expected lifespan so you can budget accordingly.

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