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How Much Are Conservatory Prices in 2018?

Read our conservatory prices guide to find out how much you can expect to pay in 2018. Find out the typical conservatory prices and calculate the cost of your conservatory online.

How much will a conservatory cost in 2018? This is one of the most asked questions from homeowners looking to buy their first conservatory this year.

Conservatory prices 2018Conservatory prices can be anything between £6,000 to £20,000. This is because conservatory prices depend on the style and build, as well as the installer you choose.

When you approach different companies for a conservatory quote, the cost will vary greatly – especially between the bigger national companies and the smaller installers.

The Price of A Conservatory Depends On Design!

Conservatory PricesThe cost of a conservatory will ultimately depend on its design specification. The size, style, build and type of materials used will all concur different costs.

This is why it is a good idea to know what type of conservatory you are looking to buy.

Are you after a small conservatory? Or are you looking for a multi-functional, bespoke room?

This of course, comes down to what you actually want to do with that extra space. A conservatory can be used for all kinds of things such as a playroom for the kids, an extra lounge, diner or even a home office.

The first step in determining your conservatory price is knowing which conservatory style you want for your home and what it’s purpose might be.

View A Large Selection Of Conservatory Styles

conservatory prices and styles

How Much To Build A Conservatory?

How much can you expect to pay to build a conservatory? The total cost of a conservatory will go up or down depending on the size and height of the model as well as its build type – fully glazed or dwarf wall?

Other factors such as materials, flooring, heating, ventilation and internal fixtures will determine whether your conservatory price is affordable or sky high.

conservatory prices

Conservatory Building Costs

Your conservatory prices will depend on how much it costs to construct your conservatory base.

According to WhatPrice typical rates for base, dwarf walls and building works are as follows.

  • Conservatory Concrete Base. Usually £94 per sq metre. This is based on a concrete base which is 150mm thick, brick faced and includes damp proof membrane.
  • Conservatory Cavity Brickwork. On average £125 per sq metre
  • Conservatory Build-up Surcharge. Add a further £15 per sq metre for concrete base for every 100 mm over and above 200 mm of build up.
  • Conservatory Single Skin Brick Work. Single brick work is usually £90 per sq metre.

Your Conservatory Base Work

This all starts from your house wall which will form the back of your conservatory and the type of work that is required will factor in your conservatory cost.

conservatory prices and base workObstructions that could affect your base work and conservatory cost:

  • Heater boiler vents
  • Rain water downpipes
  • Garden taps
  • Waster water inspection covers
  • Tree roots
  • kitchen waste water pipes

Another factor that may affect your conservatory price is your conservatory brick work and how many bricks you require. This comes down to the size of your conservatory and its specification.

The style and size of your conservatory

Conservatory prices in 2018 will vary in cost depending on the style,shape and measurements. There is also more to take into account other than just the main dimensions of the conservatory itself, other features which can either raise or lower the cost of your conservatory include the quality of materials.

conservatory prices and cost

UPVC is lower in price when compared to hardwood or aluminium but if you choose to have a woodgrain coloured UPVC conservatory then this design will be more expensive than standard white.

Conservatory Roof Type

Your conservatory roof design will contribute to your overall conservatory price. Do you want a tiled conservatory roof or glazed conservatory roof? A high pitched roof or low pitched roof? Your conservatory installer will discuss your roofing options and style with you so you can decide which materials are the best for your design and budget.

conservatory prices for roofs

Glass Or Polycarbonate?

When it comes to choosing your conservatory build and material you will be faced with the option of glass or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is usually the cheapest option but falls short in terms of the benefits that glass can provide such as durability and low maintenance design.

Polycarbonate can become marked over time and can cause a racket if it happens to rain.

There are many glass types you can choose from, our conservatory cost calculator gives you the option of the following:

  • Standard Clear

conservatory glass

Heating & Ventilation

An important consideration for the long term comfort of your conservatory is heating and ventilation. On warmer days, a conservatory can quickly become warm so any kind of ventilation will be highly valued.

conservatory cost

On colder days, conservatory blinds or a heater will help to contain warmth. Under floor heating is another option for those who want their conservatory space to use all year round.

These add ons will increase your conservatory price but are seen as a necessary for the every day use of your conservatory.

Internal Fixtures

Building your conservatory is the first step but internal fixtures such as lighting, furnishing, floor tiles and coverings will also need to be considered when calculating your conservatory prices. The type of lighting and floor design you choose will great affect the overall cost. The bigger your conservatory, the pricier it will be.

Conservatory Prices

Fully Fitted Conservatory Prices

A conservatory installation cost is going to be more expensive than a DIY conservatory price. However,  as well as installation there are also many other services which are included in a fully fitted conservatory price. These services include a full survey and self certification if planning permission is required.

A conservatory is a big investment and one which you want to get the most value out of which is why your trust is better placed with an experienced installer. Conservatory Online Prices always recommend this as the most secure path to building a conservatory. Not only are you guaranteed a high quality build, you will also benefit from a comprehensive guarantee for materials and workmanship.

Property Planning

Cost of Conservatory Extension

The cost of a conservatory extension compared to that of a full-blown extension is much cheaper. A conservatory can cost anything between £6,000 to £20,000 whereas a complete extension can cost up to £30,000. This is because the cost for an extension is priced on average, per square metre.

A major benefit to choosing a conservatory over a typical extension is that you do not usually need planning permission as they are seen as a permitted development. Go to the Planning Portal for more information on building regulations.

Kitchen Conservatory Extension Cost

Kitchen conservatories or orangeries offer a cheaper solution to that of a single-storey extension. They are immensley popular and are an excellent way to improve your home and add value. In today’s property market there is now a preference for open-plan living and a kitchen extension will be very attractive to potential buyers – they really do help sell houses.

A kitchen conservatory extension doesn’t need to be expensive, a simple lean-to style structure can make all the difference.

kitchen conservatory extension cost

How Much Is A Small Conservatory? | Cost of Small Conservatory In The UK

lean to conservatoryEvis Build puts the cost of a small conservatory in the UK at £5,000 and the average cost of building a 16 square metre, Low-E glazing conservatory with lean-to roof at £9,000. They also put a more elaborate conservatory design with a gable or hipped Edwardian roof in the region of £11,000.

Lean-To Conservatory Cost

A lean-to conservatory is one of the smaller conservatory options and is also the most affordable. Lean-to conservatory prices will depend on their build and specification but a lean-to with dimensions of 3.2m wide by 2m deep will cost around £8,000.

Conservatory Online Prices 2017

You can now get instant conservatory prices online with our free conservatory quote calculator which provides with lots of costs for different conservatories.

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Building A Conservatory Cost

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Your Average Conservatory Price

Our conservatory cost calculator will give you an average conservatory price for your chosen style and build. Browse through a wide range of conservatory designs and get an instant price for your favourite.


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