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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Conservatory Makeover

    Have you thought about conservatory makeovers? If you haven’t, then nobody would blame you. But if you have a conservatory that you don’t use or don’t like, making it over could revitalise a room in your home. Older conservatories have a few problems which can cause them to lose their performance over time. For example, they aren’t very weatherproof, meaning they can wear down.

    Not only that, the design of your space might incorporate cheap materials. You could have single-glazed glass around the build, doors with PVC frames, or a roof with polycarbonate panels. All of these materials can struggle with heat transfer. As a result, cold and hot air can pass into your space easily, making it less comfortable.

    But, if your conservatory looks and feels tired, conservatory makeover could salvage your space. You can do a lot to your conservatory, from making little changes to tearing the design down and starting all over again. However, there are three ideal ways to give your conservatory a new lease of life. All of them are affordable, exciting, and can make an impact.

    You could change your space’s decor, adding new furniture and colours to make it pop once again. You could change parts of the build, including the glazing and the doors, to designs with better thermal efficiency and security. And, finally, you could switch out your old roof for a brand-new glass, solid or tiled design.

    Conservatory makeovers don’t have to cost too much either. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can find local installers who’ll help you transform your old space for less than you might think. Not only that, many allow you to fully customise your new additions! Because of this, you’ll be in total control of your conservatory prices and style.

    conservatory decor

    Conservatory Decor Makeovers

    One of the easier ways to give your conservatory a makeover is to change the decor. Over time, older builds can start looking tired and outdated, especially if they still have the furniture they came with. Around the build’s side, moss and rust may be building up where water ingress has caused issues. Inside, you might have heavy leather furniture beginning to fade under the light.

    But, with new conservatory decor, you’ll make your space feel fresh and functional, too. You could choose to add cladding around your conservatory to add another insulation layer and make your space more colourful. Not only that, you could benefit from new sofas and chairs that use hard-wearing fabrics which can deal with bright conservatories.

    New decor could also give your conservatory a new purpose. For example, you could add new dining furniture to create a bright, airy space that’s perfect for mealtimes. Not only that, you could invest in new flooring that’s easier to clean and offers more insulation – timber laminate flooring is ideal if you like to use your garden, too.

    And, with all of that in place, you can go to town on the small details, too. You could add new plants, shelving and more, all following a unique colour scheme that turns your tired old conservatory into a stunning centrepiece for your home. While new decor might seem like a small addition, bringing it into your old conservatory proves that makeovers can make a big difference.

    conservatory makeover costs

    Conservatory Glazing Makeovers

    If your conservatory feels cold, then changing the glass is one of the best conservatory makeover you can carry out. In your space, you might have only one pane of glass in each window. As a result, your build may suffer from heat transfer. Single-glazed glass struggles in cold and hot temperatures as this energy can pass into your home with ease. Not only that, it allows hot and cold to collide more easily, causing condensation.

    With new double glazing units, though, you can stop the greenhouse effect. Because of this, your build will be far more comfortable in the winter and the summer. Not only that, you’ll reduce glare, meaning light won’t blind you by reflecting off the glass. New glazing can even help you save money on your energy bills!

    You could also choose to add more glazing to your conservatory with brand-new doors. If you have narrow doors that don’t open too broadly, then you might not use your garden as much as you’d like. However, French, sliding and bi-fold doors all use liberal amounts of glazing and have slimline profiles. As a result, they create a seamless transition between inside and outside.

    New doors can also give you peace of mind inside your home. You’ll benefit from durable uPVC or aluminium frames, innovative multi-point locking systems and in-line sliders that can make your doors anti-crowbar, keeping intruders out. You can even invest in tempered or self-cleaning glass, making managing your build easier than ever.

    conservatory makeovers prices

    Conservatory Roof Makeovers

    However, changing the glazing in your conservatory might not make the biggest impact. While you’ll save energy inside your home, the sides of your build aren’t the part that comes into the most contact with the sun. What does is the roof of your build. Many older conservatories have cheap roofs with thin glass panels, though, meaning that energy can play havoc with your home.

    One way to solve this is with conservatory roof makeovers. A replacement roof can switch out your thin old ceiling with a durable, weatherproof new one. You can still let light cascade into your home without the cold with a double glazed roof, and you can get roofs with partial double glazing to give you superb lighting control too.

    More durable roofs are on the market, though. You could invest in solid roofing, which blends seamlessly with the ceilings in your home to make your conservatory feel more naturally connected to it. And, if you live in a traditional space or want to preserve your conservatory’s classic looks, you can also get tiled roofing. Both of these options are fully weatherproof and can reduce the greenhouse effect.

    And, for a more dramatic addition, there is the option of roof lanterns and skylights too. With these designs, you can give your conservatory a centrepiece that provides superb views of the sky above. No matter the roof you pick, though, you’ll get better insulation, reduced glare, and complete comfort and control all year round.

    conservatory makeovers for less

    Conservatory Makeovers for Less

    While conservatory makeovers might sound right for you, the cost is what matters. However, you might end up saving money by enhancing your space now. Eventually, these older builds can fail, wearing down to a point where they either need massive repairs or a full replacement. Replacing your build could cost five figures easily, a high price to pay. However, conservatory makeovers cost a lot less than that.

    New decor could cost just a few hundred pounds, all while making your conservatory feel like new. A new set of patio doors could set you back as little as £1,000, while brand-new replacement conservatory roofs are far less expensive than new builds too. And, if you’re thinking of moving home to find more space, then why not save by creating the ideal space for you right where you are?

    At Conservatory Online Prices, we make conservatory makeovers cheaper. When you search for companies to carry out your improvements with us, it’ll take minutes, not days. Also, you’ll always find trusted local companies, many of whom have Checkatrade and Which? approval. Because of this, you’ll get friendly, reliable service, shorter waiting times than national companies can offer, and competitive prices too.

    You can use our online contact form to get in touch with us today, and you could save up to 40% on conservatory makeovers! Speak to our friendly team over the phone today on 0800 124 4307 to find out more.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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