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If you’re stuck for conservatory ideas then here are some pointers to help you make the right decision. Many customers approach their installers asking for conservatory ideas and this is a fantastic way of gaining expert knowledge and industry insight.

However, in order to get insightful answers from your installer, you first need to be ask the right questions.

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How Will You Use Your Conservatory?

This is the first question that any reputable builder of conservatories will ask you. It is also the question that most people give the least thought to when considering having a conservatory.

Clearly answering this question will be essential when choosing the size, layout, base options, roof options, types of doors and window openings and much more.

Conservatory Ideas

Conservatory Design Decisions

Garden Room

Your new conservatory will be a link with the garden and many people see a conservatory as a way of bringing the garden into the house. A conservatory can provide the warm environment that is perfect for propagating exotic plants.

With the right directional orientation, heating and ventilation you can create something to rival the Eden Project. Forget Chelsea. Your biggest problem will be keeping Alan Titchmarsh at bay.

Family Room

Are you fed up with trying to keep a space free of children’s toys and other family detritus? Why not give up the battle and offer them a room where they can enjoy their chaos.

Not only will you be freed from the pleasure of stepping on sharp toys in you bare feet, but you could actually find out what peace and quiet is all about. A conservatory family room is also a perfect place for children to do their homework and for teenagers to secure a bit of privacy.

Dining Room

Many people see a conservatory as a romantic dining area. Just imagine raising a glass with friends under the night sky while lights in the outside showcase your beautiful garden. Care for a top up?

Lean To Conservatory
A light and airy dining room conservatory is the ideal place for family gatherings and summer BBQs. Neutral colours will make your room appear bigger & brighter.

Kitchen Conservatory

Having the conservatory attached to your kitchen may be just the thing. It makes it possible to keep an eye on the young ones while doing the cooking or the laundry. And how much nicer is it to know that the kettle is only a few steps from that comfortable chair in the sunshine.

Kitchen Conservatory
The kitchen is often the hub of the home and what better way to add style than with a kitchen conservatory. This extension will provide you with enough space & light to enjoy alfresco type dining & spectacular views.

Conservatory VS Orangery

If you are researching conservatory ideas then you will inevitably approach the topic of the orangery.

An orangery is similar to a conservatory only instead of glass walls, you have a brick extension. Now this can have many benefits, particularly if you are one for privacy.

Conservatory or Orangery?

These days orangeries are all the rage. As the name implies, they were originally designed and used to grow citrus fruits and other things unsuited to the British climate.

They present as more of a permanent building than most conservatories and the actual building work required is also more complicated and consequently more expensive. But, the finished product is beautiful and far more imposing than most conservatories.

Of course, an orangery will not be suitable for many gardens, but pound for pound you won’t find a better way to make a statement about your home than to have an orangery.


If the budget or garden won’t run to an orangery, then you’ve got lots of choice when it comes to a conservatory.

Most gardens and buildings will accommodate a conservatory of some sort and once you’ve enjoyed one of your own, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Modern Conservatory Options

Modern Conservatory Ideas

When you turn your thoughts to conservatories you probably imagine something a bit ornate with a trilly olly finial on the crest of the roof.

They seem to be the most popular designs, but they certainly aren’t the last word in conservatories.

Consider the individual components that make up the whole and you’ll soon be able to imagine something more modern.

The base can be glazed to the ground, giving an uninterrupted view of the garden and beyond.

A steep single pitch roof running off of the house also gives a modern touch. But, if that looks too plain, try employing a hip at each end for a bit of interest. And when choosing the roof style, consider glazing with glass rather than polycarbonate.

It costs more, but recent developments in glass technology will provide you with all the options you’ll need to control the interior temperature and make you conservatory a room that you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the year.

You can even have tinted glass to keep those harmful UV rays out and most companies now offer roof glass that is coated to make it self-cleaning.  This type of conservatory  is a variation on the lean-to or garden room conservatory and makes good use of the space available.

A more modern way to step from your conservatory into the garden is through a bi-fold door. These wonderful doors fold back completely and will allow you to have a door as wide as you like. It’s the perfect way to bring the garden into the conservatory.

Traditional Conservatory Thoughts

Traditional Conservatory Thoughts

Whilst traditional conservatory designs are perfect for the country cottage or larger country house, they are also well suited to modern homes, including bungalows.

The Victorian conservatory is easily recognised by its faceted exterior. They are normally done as three or five facets and create a slightly ornate elegance in any garden.

This design is best carried out with a dwarf wall of 600mm in height.

This enables you to sit inside and still see over the wall into the garden. The roof follows the lines of the base and is usually topped with a decorative finial.

The door to the garden can be arranged on any elevation, but is commonly places on the centre facet. This tends to limit the choice of door to single, French or, at a stretch, a sliding patio door. Then there is the Edwardian conservatory.

This is square or rectangular and makes the most efficient use of the space available. Whilst it is usually built with a dwarf wall, choosing to have glass to the ground is an attractive option.

Bespoke Conservatory Choices

Bespoke Conservatory Choices

With the help of a designer from your conservatory company, you could mix and match to create a conservatory of your own design.

After all, a conservatory is only a base, perhaps a low wall, some windows and a roof. The only limiting factors are the space available, you budget and your imagination.

Your conservatory supplier may well be able to offer you furnishings. But, you might want to carry out your own search locally or on the internet.

Rattan is popular because its coolest (in the true sense of the word) and well suits the casual atmosphere that a conservatory creates.

Whatever you decide, make sure you take the time you need to make the choices that are right for you.

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