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    Conservatory Doors

    Conservatory Doors

    Adding conservatory doors is another opportunity to give your new space a sense of character.

    conservatory doors

    When it comes to expanding your home, connecting your new and old rooms is crucial.

    With the right doors, you can make passing into your new room completely natural, and you’ll be able to design the doors to reflect your personality.

    Also, you’ll have a terrific choice of styles. There are plenty of varieties you can choose from for your conservatory doors, to make your space a joy to enter from inside and out.

    conservatory doors

    For the inside of your home, you can select from entries that use transparent glazing to allow the light from the conservatory to flood your home.

    That way, you’ll make your living space more open and more welcoming.

    For the outside, however, you can choose doors with low-thresholds and unique openings.

    As a result, you’ll be able to make accessing your garden in the summer months easy, even for those with mobility issues.

    conservatory doors

    You can also select doors that disappear into the corner when you open them.

    Because of this, your doors won’t block the natural warmth and light at all.

    Once you’ve selected the style of your conservatory doors, you’ll have more control as well.

    That’s because you can customise these doors with a choice of colours, authentic finishes, and even accessories.

    conservatory doors

    You can choose woodgrain finishes and period handles for a classic look or bright colours and glazing for a modern one.

    Either way, your doors will have bespoke design and stunning performance.

    Improve Performance

    Your conservatory doors won’t just elevate the look of your new build.

    These innovative designs can make a massive difference in how your space performs.

    While older conservatories are infamous for gaining and losing heat rapidly as the weather changes, modern doors have advanced materials and design to stop the temperature in your home changing wildly.

    conservatory doors

    You can choose conservatory doors with a thermally broken frame and either double or triple glazing. The thermal breaks allow for excess heat to escape your home, meaning your conservatory won’t get too hot.

    However, your glazing will be able to make sure you don’t get too cold either. With multiple panes of glass, you’ll create a thermal shield for your space that keeps it comfortable even in the cold.

    conservatory doors

    Also, you can choose from materials like uPVC, aluminium or composite for your frames.

    Unlike wood or plastic, these materials are durable and have brilliant insulation, preserving more of your home’s natural warmth.

    conservatory doors

    As a result, your doors can help you can stay warm in your space without having to rely on your central heating.

    Because of this, you could end up saving on energy bills and cutting your household costs.

    Your conservatory doors will also be functional and easy to use. These designs are expansive so that, when you open them, you can ventilate your home with ease.

    Also, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. Your frames will be weatherproof, and they’ll help to protect the internal hardware.

    That means your doors will open smoothly for use after use without creaking, saving you time and money too.

    Types of Conservatory Doors

    There’s a huge variety of conservatory doors out there.

    Because of this, adding them puts all the choices and control in your hands. You can customise your doors too, depending on how you want to use your new space.

    Whether you want privacy, sound insulation and quiet, or a fully-glazed option that makes the outside of your home feel closer, then you’ll be able to style your new doors to suit your needs precisely.

    French Conservatory Doors

    French doors are a timeless design that gives your conservatory a beautiful opening to the outside world. These doors swing outwardly like curtains for a dramatic entrance.

    french conservatory doors
    French patio doors on a uPVC gable conservatory.

    Not only that, but that means you’ll get more space for fresh air and warmth to enter your home in the summer. Additionally, these doors use more of their frames, meaning you’ll get brilliant insulation in the winter too.

    Thanks to their durable materials, French doors are also fully weatherproof. Because of this, they can stop wind and rain from getting into your space, lowering the temperature and causing dampness to build up.

    Also, unlike older doors, your new French doors won’t lose their shape in even the worst conditions. Your glazing won’t even be prone to condensation, meaning you won’t need to clean the doors regularly.

    Also, you can style your French doors in any which way that you choose, and add features to enhance your space. For example, you could choose from a range of internal blinds for your doors.

    With Venetian, roller and pleated styles on offer, you can add another elegant feature to your doors, and improve control of the light in your space. That way, you can stay warm and comfortable in the room throughout the year.

    Sliding Conservatory Doors

    Sliding conservatory doors tie your home and your new build together seamlessly. Sometimes referred to as patio doors, they use full panels of double glazing and sit on an in-line slider.

    sliding conservatory doors

    Because of this, you can push them to one side to make entering your conservatory straightforward. However, they work for connecting your home to your garden too, letting in immense amounts of natural light.

    You can choose sliding doors in a range of frames that are durable and secure, keeping your home safe and your doors functional. Both uPVC and aluminium give your sliding doors a modern look.

    Not only that, but the materials are slim while retaining their strength, meaning you’ll get gorgeous views of your garden and peace of mind that your doors will stay firm against any threats.

    Sliding doors can make your whole living space feel more open as well. You’ll get extra light through the panoramic glass panels so that you can lift your entire home’s look.

    As well as that, you’ll be able to use your doors for decades without having to worry about the doors losing their performance. uPVC frames can continue to perform at their peak for 30 years, and aluminium for 40, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

    Bi-Folding Conservatory Doors

    Alternatively, for a standout design that’ll impress anyone who sees them, you can also choose bi-folding conservatory doors.

    conservatory doors

    These designs use an innovative folding system to disappear into the corner of your room when you need them to.

    You’ll be able to fold these panels in on each other or put them up to separate spaces when you need them to. As a result, these doors can give you fantastic flexibility.

    Bi-fold doors let you bring the outside into your home. When you open the doors, you’ll remove every obstacle between you and your garden, meaning you can ventilate your space with ease.

    Not only that, but you can customise these doors with a low-threshold option. That way, you’ll reduce the clearance and make your doors accessible, even for those with wheelchairs or mobility issues.

    These doors also operate on an in-line slider, meaning they’ll be easy to use. They use a smooth roller track so that you can glide them across effortlessly with one quick action. Also, they can give you privacy and security, despite their open and welcoming design.

    Your doors will feature internal hardware, reinforced locks and multi-point locking systems in each panel of glazing to give you unrivalled peace of mind.

    Conservatory Door Prices

    The prices of conservatory doors can range between £950-3900. However, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your doors, keeping the cost down without compromising on performance and design.

    For a start, both French and sliding door prices begin at under £1000. The prices are broadly comparable, meaning you can make a choice based on how their designs would suit your home.

    Bi-folding doors can cost around double the price, starting at about £1950 for a two-pane fitting and £2700 for a three-pane fitting. The amount of glass you get and the dimensions of the door can have a significant bearing on the overall cost.

    For example, if you want your sliding doors to have one unbroken glass panel, you can expect to pay more for the sleeker design.

    While bi-folding doors can cost more than the other designs, though, they offer even better performance and security. Not only that, but you can customise them by adding double or triple glazing.

    Triple glazing can cost around 30-40% more than double glazing, but it offers more insulation. As a result, you can stay warmer in your conservatory and save even more money on your energy bills.

    But you can make a more worthwhile investment over time in conservatory doors when you work with Conservatory Online Prices. You can get in touch with a trusted network of local suppliers through us, who’ll offer you market-leading doors.

    Because of this, you’ll be sure of adding a quality door to your conservatory that’ll help you save money on your energy bills and enhance the style of your home.

    Conservatory Doors Cost Calculator

    You can use our interactive conservatory door cost calculator to get quotes for these doors instantly. Choose and compare a range of styles and options so you can find the door that’s right for your budget.

    Then, we’ll refer you to our network of local installers, many of whom have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?, who can fit your new doors for free as part of your quote.

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