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    Conservatory Dining








    Conservatory Dining Ideas

    You can use a brand-new conservatory for dining, and you can replace parts of your old one to suit it as well. Turning this space into a dining area makes your home feel a little more like the ones on the continent.

    You’ll be able to enjoy alfresco eating and a brighter home that makes mealtimes memorable. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make your space perfect for brighter dining.

    With only a few changes, you can turn any conservatory into a bright and beautiful dining area. Once you’ve got the table, then you can start to replace parts of the existing build. You can change the floor, doors, roof and plenty of other areas too.

    That way, you can create a space that brightens up your home from all angles. You can even make changes to the structure that let you add a new kitchen extension as well.

    Why turn your conservatory into a dining area, though? Firstly, you’ll be able to use your conservatory as a summer space. Many styles take their inspiration from Meditteranean sunrooms, which their owners love to eat in when the weather suits it.

    However, you won’t necessarily have to wait for the sun to come out. You can add several features to your conservatory to make it warm, private and comfortable.

    And, when the sun does come out, you can ensure you have an open space that warms up your whole home. With the right connecting doors and advanced glazing, you can trap your home’s natural heat as well, meaning you don’t lose any warmth through your conservatory.

    As a result, you’ll always be warm when you dine in your extended space, and you can even save money on your household bills.

    conservatory flooring

    Replace Your Conservatory Flooring

    One way you might not have thought of to create a conservatory for dining is to add a stylish new floor. Many of these designs use carpet flooring, which has some issues.

    While it can provide some insulation, dirt and dust can collect quickly, meaning you have to hoover the floor often if you use your garden a lot. If you decide to eat over one of these floors, then you can already imagine how often you’ll have to clean it up.

    Instead, you can replace your old carpet with an incredibly stylish new floor from more robust materials. You could go for a rustic look and choose wooden flooring.

    Wood is quicker to clean than carpeted flooring, as there are fewer spaces that bits of food can get trapped in. However, you don’t only have to go with a wooden floor. For example, you can create a tiled floor and customise each one individually with unique colours that reflect your personality.

    But the best balance of look and usability is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a timber design, but with an extra trick up its sleeve. It uses a laminate foil to protect the wood, meaning that it won’t stain or crack, and you can keep it away from water that could harm it.

    Not only that, but any dirt and spills that hit the floor will rest on the laminate, making them simple to clean up. Because of this, new flooring makes conservatory dining more straightforward.

    conservatory bi-fold doors

    Add Bi-Fold Doors

    Your doors play a crucial role in opening up your conservatory. If you want to dine closer to nature, then one of the best ways to make that happen is to bring nature into your home.

    Bi-fold doors are a unique and innovative design that use multiple panels to give your space a stunning entrance. In these designs, you can fold these panels on top of each other and push them into the corner of the room, leaving a completely open space.

    Because of this, you can ventilate your space with ease, and make your garden accessible too. If you have a veranda or decking outside, it makes it easier to move your table out there as well on hot days.

    Even when you close those doors, though, you’ll still have a front-row seat to nature. That’s because these doors use exceptionally slim frames that don’t block any natural light and warmth. These frames also have robust security hardware as standard to keep you safe.

    Bi-fold doors, then, brighten up your whole living space. You don’t only have to install them on the outside of your build as well. These doors are terrific as doors to connect your conservatory to the rest of your home.

    That way, you can create a partition between them for added privacy. Bi-fold designs also use advanced glazing which you can add tints and patterns to, meaning you can light your dining area precisely how you want it.


    Be Bold with Brilliant Brickwork

    Another unique way you can make your conservatory perfect for dining is by adding brickwork. While brick is more common in orangeries and extensions, you can add it to your current build to enhance its design and its performance.

    Brickwork is more durable than glazing, meaning you can protect your home more effectively from the weather, block out sound and improve your security. Not only that, but you can connect your mains electricity through it.

    As a result, you can add more plug sockets to the walls, giving you more freedom in how you use your space. For example, you can install microwaves, toasters, kettles and more to the room to make it into a dining area you can make the food in as well.

    If you decide to add a full brickwork wall, you could even have the room to install a kitchen extension. That way, you can make the whole eating experience an alfresco one.

    You could also add exposed brickwork inside your conservatory. That’ll provide you with added strength for your structure, but also a fabulous look for your dining area.

    If you combine brickwork with wooden and tiled flooring, you can also create a classic and timeless design in your space. If you have a traditional build, like a Victorian space, then materials like this will suit it perfectly.

    Finally, you can match the brickwork to your existing home for a seamless addition.

    conservatory roof lantern

    Install a Roof Lantern

    The roof of your conservatory also is vital for creating a stunning dining area. You may think that a glazed roof is the ideal choice for a bright and airy space.

    However, glazed roofs don’t offer a lot of insulation on their own. Not only that, but intense light can get through the glass and bounce around in the space, creating a glare that can become uncomfortable. However, you can get a balance of brightness and warmth with a roof lantern.

    The roof lantern is a unique design that’s perfect for dining. The roof mainly uses a mix of slate and concrete. These materials are sturdy and durable, offering you fantastic insulation and privacy. However, the standout feature is in the middle of the design.

    There, you’ll get a vaulted skylight made from double glazing which sits above the room, providing a dramatic overhead view. Put a dining table under there, and eating will feel excellent.

    With a roof lantern, you can also style your roof in other unique ways. You can add light and speaker systems inside the solid design, meaning you can have total control of the mood in your space.

    Not only that, but you’ll make your conservatory warmer throughout the year, and you won’t have to worry about excess brightness either. As a result, you can use your space all year round, save money on energy bills, and create a dining area that’ll impress.

    Conservatory Dining For Less

    The cost of converting your conservatory into a dining area can vary, though. For example, bifold doors start at £2000 or more to add to your space. Not only that, but new brickwork or a roof lantern can cost even more than that as replacement options.

    While all of these investments are worthwhile and can help put money back in your pocket, you may feel that you want to spend less on your space. Fortunately, you can make a genuine difference in subtler ways.

    For example, you could add roof blinds to your build. You’ll be able to slide them onto your roofing to block out excess heat and insulate your home from the cold. Not only that, but you can control each one individually to get the right amount of light at any time.

    However, the best way to make conservatory dining possible in your home is to work with Conservatory Online Prices to save money on replacing parts of the build.

    conservatory dining prices

    Conservatory Dining Prices

    Convert your conservatory into a dining area for less by working with Conservatory Online Prices.

    Use our online conservatory quote builder to choose how you’d like to create a dining area in your space. Compare prices of roofing, doors, flooring and more and customise them to your exact needs.

    Then, we’ll give you an instant online quote based on your ideas, and we can refer you to a network of trusted local suppliers and installers. Many of these specialists have certifications from bodies like Which? and Checkatrade, ensuring a terrific installation.

    Contact Conservatory Online Prices today to make dining in your conservatory a reality.

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