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    Conservatory Designs: A Guide

    Conservatory Designs: A Guide

    Today, you can install a structure for your home that you can use all-year-round, thanks to modern design techniques.

    By investing in a conservatory, you’ll get high-quality materials that help to keep you warm and comfortable.

    You’ll also be able to choose a unique, stunning design.

    how long will a conservatory last

    There is a vast range of conservatory designs to select from, with each complementing different types of home.

    If you have a traditional home with period style or a more modern space that you want to update even further, there’s a space to suit you.

    These designs all work to save energy inside your home, preserving more of its natural warmth.

    Adding one of these structures to your home can expand it, giving you a new space that gives you and your family more freedom.

    Not only that, but you can add them with less stress, worry and cost. Conservatories often don’t need planning permission, meaning you won’t have as much disruption. Also, they use plenty of double glazing to create a brighter, more airy space in your home.

    Conservatories can also give you and your family plenty of benefits all across your home.

    You can bring your home closer to nature with a space that extends into your garden and offers slim sightlines.

    Not only that, but these builds have security features in every aspect of the design. With Conservatory Prices UK, you can find a trusted local installer to get you a brand-new space for less.

    Modern Conservatory Designs

    Modern conservatory designs are an ideal way of adding value to your home. If you and your family feel cramped in your current space, there’s no need to move into a new house.

    Not only that, but if you’ve been considering a house extension, a conservatory can provide you with many of their benefits for less cost.

    conservatory design

    One of the benefits of these spaces is the amount of light you can add to your home. In an extension, you can block the sun from reaching your living space with solid walls and brickwork. Conservatories feature as much as 75% double glazing, letting sunlight flood your new area.

    This double glazing, however, won’t sacrifice your comfort to do it.

    Many older structures use single-glazing glass or cheaper materials. Because of this, you don’t get as much insulation, meaning heat can easily escape your home, and cold air can also replace it quickly. As a result, the temperature in your space can vary wildly throughout the year.

    With advanced double glazing, however, you can make that a thing of the past.

    You’ll also get slim frames and structures in your new build, using either uPVC or aluminium. uPVC and aluminium are both weatherproof and help to ensure your new space is air and water-tight. As a result, you won’t have to worry about wind and rain playing havoc.

    Aluminium also improves your security with its robust design, giving you essential peace of mind.

    What Conservatory Designs are There?

    There are plenty of conservatory designs available for your home. Each one has a stylish look and advanced materials that give your home a standout new space. You can choose a style that prioritises light, or a more robust design if you value your home’s security.

    Either way, you’ll be able to customise your new conservatory design with a range of options to make it unique to you.

    conservatory designs

    Victorian Conservatory

    A Victorian conservatory is a more traditional design, that is the most popular in the UK. These structures have a range of decorative features, such as the roof, that make them stand out wherever you install them.

    Not only that, but you can get one of these spaces with advanced materials, combining timeless style with modern performance.

    In a Victorian design, you’ll get an angled space that uses multiple panels of double glazing as walls. You can customise the glass you get for the structure, with options including solar glass, that generates electricity for your home.

    They also have slim frames that not only keep the strength of the build but make sure you have wide-open views of the outside world.

    You can also add brickwork to your Victorian design, such as a dwarf wall.

    Dwarf walls are small sections of brick that support your conservatory, insulating the floor and protecting your home from bad weather.

    It’ll work with your double glazing to trap heat inside your space, meaning it’ll stay warm and comfortable all year round.

    Edwardian Conservatory

    Another conservatory design option is the Edwardian build. This design is similar to the Victorian style but is slightly more straightforward.

    While Victorian designs usually have a bay front with five facets, the Edwardian build uses a squared-off design. That way, you get more floor space, giving you the flexibility to use the room for a variety of purposes.

    In these builds, you’ll get sleek, clean lines that help to provide you with beautiful views of your garden.

    You can use these spaces to make your home feel closer to your outdoor space with a connecting door.

    There are French and patio doors that swing open to ventilate your home, or sliding and bi-fold doors that slide away entirely to reveal a seamless transition to the outdoors.

    You can also add a vast array of decorative options to your Edwardian conservatory.

    For example, you can add finials and crestings to the roof of your design, which provide a timeless touch.

    You can also fit brickwork to connect plug sockets to the walls, meaning you could create a home office or study. These designs are versatile and put you in control of your home.

    Lean-To Conservatory

    The lean-to conservatory design is a more modern solution. These spaces are usually smaller and can fit into almost any home.

    That way, no matter the size of your property, you can expand in it and for an affordable price. Lean-tos are the most cost-effective of all the designs in this guide, meaning they’re the ideal choice for staying on top of your costs.

    Lean-to designs use a flatter roof with a slight angle that points away from your home.

    That shape is how the lean-to gets its name, as the roof appears to lean on your home.

    Underneath, you get a squared-off floorspace and walls of glazing, that offers you plenty of space and light.

    Because of these materials, lean-to builds can still help you to save money in your home.

    These designs, like all the others, have superb energy-saving potential.

    You’ll benefit from a space that works to trap heat, and has an open shape that allows warm air to spread across your home as well. As a result, you can reduce your reliance on your central heating, and you can cut down on your bills, and even place less strain on your boiler.

    Gable-End Conservatory

    A gable-end conservatory is a stunning design that can add grandeur and genuine value to your home.

    Unlike the other styles in the range, the front of the structure’s roof doesn’t slope back into the centre. Instead, the front stays upright, making the whole build look similar to a house. That way, you get more overhead space, and you can maximise the light entering your home.

    Gable builds add timeless style to your property, with a design that evokes period homes.

    They have a flat floor-plan, giving you the versatility to use the space for all sorts of ideas.

    The large roofing section is fully customisable, and you can fit it with tiles, double glazing, or even a roof lantern. That way, you could create an inviting kitchen and dining area.

    A popular way of customising these spaces is to add a full brick wall to one part of the conservatory.

    Because of this, you can get a robust material on one side that gives you more insulation and protection from the weather.

    As a result, you can benefit from a space that uses traditional design without having to worry about the problems of older builds.

    Bespoke Conservatory Designs

    If, however, you want to fit a space in a completely different shape, or you have a larger home, then you can get bespoke conservatories too.

    Through Conservatory Online Prices, you can get in contact with a network of trusted local installers and suppliers.

    They’ll be able to work with you to build a space in your home of any dimension, and they’ll ensure it meets regulations too.

    For example, you could add a P-shaped conservatory. These are larger spaces that combine the Victorian and Lean-to designs, with an area that extends towards your garden.

    There’s also the T-shaped build, which has a fuller central area and an extending front for your doors. You can build all the designs in the range in any dimensions, to ensure your space is bespoke.

    How Can I Customise My Conservatory Designs?

    When it comes to conservatory designs, you don’t have to stick to a pre-fitted option.

    You can customise almost every aspect of your new build, to ensure it fulfils you and your family’s needs and reflects your personality too.

    You’ll be able to get all the options at your fingertips, from roofing to doors, and the colours they come in.

    One of the crucial ways you can customise your conservatory is how you connect it to your space. Many of these structures can stick out and blend in messily with your home.

    However, you can add a dwarf wall or other brickwork that matches your current home to make the blend seamless.

    You can also choose a connecting door with double glazing panels to ensure a smooth transition.

    How you want to use your new space can also have a bearing on which door you choose.

    If you want to create a social hub that’s open and welcoming, then a sliding door with clear glazing and slim frames is ideal.

    However, to create a more private and secluded space, you could add aluminium doors, which are more robust and secure.

    Also, you can give any new conservatory a personal touch. With many of the suppliers in our network, you can select colours and finishes for your new structure.

    You could add a woodgrain finish to the frames for a traditional look inside your space, or coloured glass that tints the light.

    No matter how you want to customise the room, the choice is in your hands.

    Conservatory designs can often vary in cost. That’s because each style uses different materials in different ways, and you can customise each one to suit you perfectly.

    As a result, the most crucial thing is to be able to control your costs while also designing a beautiful space for your home. That’s why working with Conservatory Online Prices can help.

    We offer an online conservatory designs quote builder, an interactive tool you can use to design and cost your build at the same time.

    You can choose your preferred style, and then modify it with different materials, optional features, connecting doors and more. That way, you can design a brand-new space without the surprise of going over-budget.

    What Conservatory Roof Designs are There?

    Getting the right roof for your conservatory designs is also vital. Because conservatories feature plenty of glass, their performance depends more on the weather outside than many other builds. Your roof comes into the most contact with the sun, meaning it can make the most difference.

    The right roof can keep you warm, save you money, and even make your home greener.

    One option you can choose is a glass conservatory roof. These roofs use double, triple, or even solar glazing to channel energy into your home in a comfortable way.

    These roofs are not as cost-effective as ones with cheaper materials but offer much better performance. Your glazing can stop excess heat transfer, and help you cut down the cost of heating your home.

    Alternatively, you could add a roof that uses lightweight tiles.

    In tiled roofs, you get plenty of durable tiles that sit above your conservatory, providing you with more strength and security.

    They also give your home more shading, allowing you more control over your home’s lighting. You can also only choose to tile your conservatory partially if you want to.

    Finally, there’s the versatile solid roof. With materials like slate and concrete as part of the design, their security and privacy come as a given.

    However, you can customise them with panels of glazing to offer concentrated areas of light.

    Also, you could add a roof lantern that uses the same materials to give you a dramatic overhead view from the centre of the space.

    Do I Need Planning Permission for my Conservatory Designs?

    Getting a new conservatory is a straightforward way to expand your space. That’s because they often don’t require planning permission to build.

    Mostly, these spaces fall within ‘permitted development’ rules, meaning that you can install them with less worry and stress.

    However, it is worth checking the rules to be sure of them before you start to fit the space.

    There are a few planning permission rules that are particularly vital to consider. These include:

    Your conservatory cannot cover more than half of the land surrounding your home

    Your conservatory is no more than four metres high (or three metres high if within 2 metres of a boundary)

    The build cannot extend beyond the rear wall of your home by more than six metres (or eight metres if you live in a detached house)

    Your conservatory designs cannot extend higher than the highest point of your home

    You can meet these rules with ease, so long as you refer back to them when designing your new conservatory.

    Another superb way to avoid the stress of planning permission is to work with one of the installers in the Conservatory Online Prices network.

    They can give you advice on how to design your space to avoid planning permission, and install it with care and courtesy.

    How Much Do Conservatory Designs Cost?

    The most cost-effective of the various conservatory designs is the lean-to build.

    For a design that uses double glazing across the structure, prices can start at about £6,500.

    The cost can rise, however, if you plan to install a dwarf wall (which can cost around £1,000 or more), or you want to fit a bigger space.

    However, you can save more on your household bills by doing this.

    For a more traditional space, you can expect to pay a little more as well. Edwardian builds can start from £8,500, whereas Victorian designs with full double glazing begin at £10,500. While these are more expensive, they have more decorative touches and provide your home with more natural light and warmth.

    As a result, you’ll get a space that combines style and performance wonderfully.

    For a more dramatic design, such as a gable-end conservatory, prices can start from £12,500.

    While the prices can grow depending on your design choices, you’ll be able to save more on your investment as it goes up.

    That’s because you’ll be investing in making your home more efficient, more comfortable and more welcoming, cutting down on your energy usage in the process.

    To find out how new conservatory designs can enhance your home, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today.

    Work with us to get lower quotes on your build, compare prices from a range of trusted suppliers, and get a market-leading conservatory for your home.

    We look forward to helping you expand your space.

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