A Comprehensive Guide To Conservatory Costs in UK 2024

Conservatory Costs

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Adding a conservatory to your home can provide extra living space and enhance your enjoyment of your property. However, before embarking on a new conservatory project, it is important to understand the associated costs. This guide provides an overview of the key factors affecting conservatory costs in the UK for 2024.

What is a Conservatory?

A conservatory is a structure made primarily of glass that is attached to an existing house. Conservatories allow natural light to enter while serving as an extension for extra living areas. Modern conservatories employ energy-efficient glazing options to retain heat in colder months while preventing overheating in summer.

Factors Affecting Conservatory Costs

The final price of your new conservatory depends on a variety of considerations, including:

  • Type and size
  • Materials
  • Added features
  • Building regulations
  • Professional vs DIY installation

We will explore each of these cost factors throughout the guide.

Conservatory Types and Costs

The type and size of your conservatory will largely determine the initial quote. Here is an overview of popular styles and typical conservatory costs ranges:


  • Simplest and most affordable option
  • Attached to house wall with pitched roof
  • Cost: £5,000 – £9,000


  • Classic style with rectangular footprint
  • Pitched roof with flat fronts
  • Cost: £9,000 – £14,000


  • Elaborate curved shape
  • Ornate ridge details and pitched roof
  • Cost: £11,000 – £16,000


  • Triangular roof in gable style
  • Provides lots of height
  • Cost: £12,000 – £18,000


  • Combines lean-to with Victorian
  • Creates a larger footprint
  • Cost: £15,000 – £22,000


  • Luxury style with brick pillars
  • Open and light feel
  • Cost: £20,000+

As shown, simpler lean-to styles start around £5,000 while elaborate Orangeries can surpass £20,000. Match conservatory type and footprint to your budget.

Material Choices and Prices

The materials used for the conservatory framework and glazing also affect overall installation charges. Typical options include:


  • Low maintenance plastic framing
  • Budget friendly option
  • Conservatory Cost: £150 – £400 per m2


  • Slimline but strong frames
  • Resists condensation
  • Conservatory Cost: £250 – £450 per m2


  • Natural material like oak
  • Decorative for a premium build
  • Conservatory Cost: £350 – £650+ per m2

Glass Types

  • Standard float glass
  • Toughened for safety
  • Double glazed for insulation
  • Conservatory Cost: £100 – £300 per m2

Consider visual appeal, thermal performance, and budget when selecting frames and glazing. This affects the final cost per m2.

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Additional Features and Costs

Extra features like heating, lighting, and flooring increase the total spend:


  • Essential for large conservatories
  • Concrete base prevents sinking
  • Cost: £2,000+


  • Underfloor systems ideal
  • Radiators or wall heaters available
  • Cost: £800+


  • Power outlets and lighting
  • Ventilation fans
  • Cost: £500+


  • Hardwood, tiles, or carpet
  • Match existing spaces
  • Cost: £20 – £50 per m2


  • Tables, chairs, window blinds
  • Completes the room
  • Cost: Variable

Carefully consider which extras are needed to match intended use. This tailor spends on functional needs.

Planning Permission and Regulations

Adhering to building codes and obtaining planning consent further influences outlay:

Building Regulations

  • Sets standards for safe construction
  • Approval certified by inspectors
  • Cost: £200+ application fee

Planning Permission

  • Required if exceeding size limits
  • Confirms allowed designs/positions
  • Cost: £234 application fee

Most conservatories are exempt from planning permission under Permitted Development Rights. However building regulation approval is still needed in most cases.

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Professional Installation vs DIY

You can also save on labour expenses by taking the DIY route:

Hiring a Builder

  • Completed faster with less hassle
  • Certified guarantee for workmanship
  • Cost: Around £150 – £250 per m2

DIY Installation

  • If you have necessary skills
  • Budget way to personalise design
  • Cost: Material expenses only

Completing any structural work yourself requires qualifications. Otherwise, it is best to hire a reputable professional builder.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Running Costs

Once your conservatory is built, you will incur occasional upkeep fees:


  • Prevent dirt buildup
  • Reduce surface damage
  • Cost: From £20 per professional clean

Repairs and Replacement

  • Address any cracked glass
  • Replace weathered frames
  • Cost: Variable based on damage

Remember to budget for these recurrent jobs. This keeps your conservatory lasting longer.

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There are many elements affecting the final pricing for installing a new conservatory extension. From the fundamental type and size, through to fittings and fixtures, ongoing fees should also be allowed for. Typically you can expect to invest anywhere between £5,000 to £25,000+ for your project depending on the possibilities explored in this guide.


How much is a basic UPVC lean-to conservatory?

A basic 3 x 3m UPVC lean-to conservatory can be installed from around £5,500 including labour and VAT costs.

What is the most expensive conservatory type?

High-end bespoke Orangeries with brick pillars, premium materials like oak-framing, and luxury extras can exceed £25,000.

Can I install a conservatory myself?

While possible for those experienced in construction, extensive DIY conservatory fitting is not advisable. Seek qualified professionals.

Is planning permission required for conservatories?

Typically not, as long as conservatories satisfy size rules under Permitted Development Rights exemptions for extensions.

How much does conservatory flooring cost?

Depending on material, conservatory floor coverings range from £20 – £50+ per m2 installed. Underfloor heating can also boost conservatory costs.

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