Conservatory Cost Per M2

How much does a conservatory cost per m2?

A conservatory’s cost is reliant on the size of the structure, with the dimensions determining the length of the work, amount of materials needed to buy and what additional features can and can’t be added.

Because of this, the cost of a conservatory is typically calculated and estimated per meter squared.

There are other price factors to also be taken into account, however, including the price of the conservatory concrete foundations (around £120 per cubic meter), brickwork (around £80 per m2) and any damp proofing and base laying (£100 per m2).

Overall, the conservatory cost per m2, on average, is £1,500 to £2,000. Prices have also been changing because of events like the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, meaning conservatory cost per m2 can vary.

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All of this can affect the price, along with the cost of doors, windows, guttering and roofing. Shopping around for different products can also go a long way to help find more affordable options and quotes.

It’s why, at Conservatory Prices UK, we want to help you compare conservatory cost per m2 from companies quickly. We can help you get multiple conservatory cost estimates from local installers near you to help you compare prices. Start your quote today to find out how much your dream conservatory could cost per m2!

Conservatory Vs Extension

Are you interested in getting a brand-new conservatory for your home? A conservatory is a great, affordable and easily built alternative to a full-on extension.

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An extension can often take months of planning permission, months of building and can cost you well over £50,000. Conservatories on the other hand are incredibly affordable, as almost entirely exempt from planning permission and are an ever-popular, stylish addition to a home.

They can even add value to your property, should you decide to sell on at some point in the future.

Conservatory cost calculator

In order for you to be able to find the very best price for your conservatory per m2 for your property, we here at Conservatory Online Prices have put together a helpful and easy to use conservatory quotation calculator.

By using our conservatory cost calculator, you can work out the cost of your conservatory per m2 within minutes.

How much does it cost to add a conservatory?

Take a look at our guide price tables below. You will find conservatory prices for the most popular conservatory styles. For a more accurate conservatory cost, please use our conservatory prices calculator to discover the conservatory cost per m2.

Victorian Conservatory Cost

With a multifaceted shape and a 3-to-5 windowed bay, a Victorian conservatory is the ideal choice for traditional and period homes.

Edwardian Conservatory Cost

Maximising the available floor space with its rectangular shape, an Edwardian conservatory is perfect for anyone looking to make a whole new living space in their property. Often used as a kitchen extension, Edwardian conservatories can be easily made into a dining room, living room, playroom, home office or even a sunroom.

Gable Conservatory Cost

An ornate, classic design that brings a sense of Georgian class to your home. With high-ceilings and maximised glass per panel, this conservatory brings in massive amounts of natural light into your property and provides a grand entrance way to and from your garden.

Lean To Conservatory Cost

Designed with smaller gardens in mind, Lean-To’s are the most affordable conservatory option and can easily fit into far more compact and awkward spaces.

Designed to appear as if it is leaning against the outer wall of your home, a lean-to is the perfect choice for anyone living in a property with restricted space or a limited height, such as a terrace or a bungalow.

P-Shaped & T-Shaped Conservatory Cost

Ideal for those with longer gardens. These two designs are made through the incorporation of a Victorian and Edwardian conservatory, or two Edwardian conservatories, fitted together to make the eponymous P and T shapes. They extend out into your garden and can be used as one long living space or two separate rooms.

Are aluminium conservatories cheaper than uPVC?

When designing your ideal conservatory, one of the factor to take into account in terms of both appearance and price is what materials your are choosing.

This can massively affect the conservatory cost per m2. There are three freely available materials for conservatories to be made out of, which the majority of companies offering at least two of the three for your installation.

uPVC – The classic and most popular and recognisable choice for conservatories. uPVC is a hardened plastic resin that is used in all kinds of double glazing products.

This includes windows, doors and conservatories. It is affordable, incredibly hard wearing and has a lifespan of around 30 years, with very little additional upkeep needed.

Aluminium – Growing in popularity in recent years, aluminium frames are a modern alternative to both timber and uPVC frames. Made of responsibly sourced, naturally occurring metals, aluminium frames are environmentally friendly, durable and can last even longer than uPVC.

They are also very stylish, with slimline frames and a design that sits flush against the frame, rather than jutting out like uPVC often does.

Timber – Timber is the traditional option for window frames, but while they are highly sought after for their aesthetic and classic appearance they are also more expensive to maintain.

While aluminium and uPVC are able to survive for decades without any visible wear and tear, timber frames need to be sanded, varnished and repainted every few years to keep their appearance looking fresh.

How much does a small conservatory cost?

While small conservatories may sound like a lesser option to larger conservatories, they are in fact a great option for homeowners with either limited space, a limited budget or just want to add a small amount of extra space.

This additional space created by a small conservatory can go a long way, not only adding value to the house but also providing you with that bit of extra elbow room.

These conservatories can in fact be easily made into sunrooms, play rooms and even an office for anyone working from home who doesn’t want to be kept cooped up inside all day.

The size range for small conservatories is typically considered between 2500x3000mm, which costs around £2,000 and 3500mm x 3500mm, at a price of around £2,500.

Are lean-to conservatories cheaper?

Lean-to conservatories are designed to best fit properties with limited space, such as a terraced house, as well as any homes with a lower-set roof like a bungalow.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be fitted onto a larger home. With flat angled, sloping roofs, uPVC, timber and aluminium lean-to conservatories allow for longer and narrower shapes than a restrictive Edwardian conservatory.

In fact, because of their adaptable nature, many homeowners choose a lean-to conservatory over an Edwardian, because of their similarities in design.

On average, a uPVC lean-to around 3x2m can cost around £8,000, while a similarly sized Edwardian conservatory can easily cost £12,000 to £13,500.

Is a conservatory cheaper than an extension?

In short, yes. A conservatory is made mainly out of prefabricated double-glazed frames, while an extension is usually predominantly brick built.

Because of this extra labour and longer installation time, an extension is often much more expensive and can easily cost over £50,000; while a conservatory will only cost £30,000 at most.

However, just because it is less expensive it doesn’t mean it is any less in terms of quality. In fact, conservatories can bring in far more natural light than an extension. They provide a great ornate design that contrasts to your home’s aesthetic, while an extension will more or less blend in.

Both installations, however, will increase both your properties size, but also its overall value should you decide to sell on at some point in the future.

How much is an extension per m2?

Your conservatory cost per m2 typically averages out to around £1,500 to £2,000 per square meter, with a 16 square meter conservatory being priced at around £30,000.

However, this price can vary on the factors listed above, including styles, materials and additional factors.

Free online conservatory costs

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