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    Conservatory Condensation Causes

    What are the causes of conservatory condensation? Often, it can seem like it builds out of nowhere. However, if your build is suffering from a build-up of mist and fog on the windows, doors or roof, then finding the root cause helps you fix it much quicker.

    Not only that, but you can take measures to prevent condensation from causing problems again. That way, you’ll be able to make your build last for years longer, and improve your comfort. With a few tips, or perhaps some new parts, you can reclaim your extended space and kick condensation out of it.

    Condensation occurs in your conservatory for many reasons. When it does, though, it’s fairly easy to spot. A mist or fog can emerge on parts of the glass build, blocking out natural light and warmth from entering your living space. It mostly develops on the inside of your glass panels, doors and even roof systems – if you can see mist building up on the outer pane, this is a sign that your conservatory is performing well.

    However, in a worst-case scenario, the fog can build up inside the window itself, especially if the sealant breaks. If that happens, the glass almost certainly needs replacing, and harmful mould can develop quickly.

    You don’t have to let condensation take control of your conservatory though. By finding the causes of these issues, you can make sure it doesn’t build up in any part of your space. As a result, you can benefit from a warmer, more reliable conservatory, which you can use comfortably more often throughout the year.

    With Conservatory Online Prices, you can choose replacement parts for your build to stop condensation and create more comfort. You may even save money on your energy bills over time!

    conservatory condensation causes

    Conservatory Condensation Through Insulation

    Warmth is crucial for stopping conservatory condensation. That’s because it requires certain conditions to thrive. If your space is cold, then you’re giving the mist and fog the chance to grow. However, the reason for your build becoming chilly is often because of poor, outdated parts.

    If you have an older conservatory, then it may have single-glazed glass across the design. With only one panel of glazing in the way of your home and the outside world, cold air can pass through the glass quickly. Not only that, but warm air can escape it with ease, meaning your build gets colder and colder.

    In these panels, there may also be gaps or cracks that emerge over time. As a result, wind and rain can also travel into your home, making your conservatory damper as well and because of this, installing new glazing can make a crucial difference. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can invest in replacement panels that use double-glazed glass.

    Double glazing gives you double the protection and even more insulation. The two panes work together to create a thermal barrier, trapping heat inside the panels to keep the cold away from your home.

    Also, with new glazing, you can get new frames for the surroundings. For example, you can invest in new uPVC to protect the glass even further. Modern uPVC is highly durable and weatherproof too, meaning it won’t rot, crack or twist in even the worst conditions.

    Because of this, the whole window section will be air and water-tight for decades, creating reliable warmth. That way, you’ll stay warmer in your conservatory, and you could even save money on your energy bills. But, vitally, you won’t create the conditions for conservatory condensation to thrive.

    Conservatory Condensation Through Air Circulation

    Conservatory condensation occurs a lot more in the winter. That’s not only because it’s cold though – air circulation plays a role. When the weather turns against you, you often close every panel of the build to keep it warm. However, while you’ll block out the cold from outside, your space can become damp and humid inside.

    As air fails to circulate, condensation can build up, drawing off the moisture that begins to emerge. However, while the logical solution is to open the windows, that’ll make your conservatory unusable. So, what’s the best way to prevent it?

    One way is to install trickle vents. Trickle vents are small designs that help you keep your windows open, even when you close them. You can fit them inside the glass panels, and they’ll create small gaps so that air keeps circulating without you getting cold. Also, to stop humidity developing in your home, you could invest in an extractor fan or a dehumidifier.

    These systems help you take away stale air, giving your space better circulation and reducing moisture. That way, condensation is much less likely to develop on your window panels and roof panels.

    Another way to improve circulation is to get a replacement conservatory roof. Old designs, which use single-glazed glass, often don’t have openers and can allow for a lot of heat transfer. Because of this, condensation can build up on the top of your design as well, creating a cleaning nightmare.

    However, you can get roofs that have opening panels, and use solid materials or even tiles. That way, you’ll get much more insulation and protection from the elements, as well as improved ventilation. Your roof comes into the most contact with the sun, too, meaning the right one can help you save even more on household bills!

    the causes of conservatory condensation

    Conservatory Condensation Through Decor

    However, sometimes the causes of conservatory condensation are more fixable. The decor of your space could be harming your build more than it helps it. One example is plants – while we all want to create a garden before our garden, too many plants can draw a lot of moisture into your home.

    The dampness can collect over time, leading to condensation building up, especially if your plants are on any ledge in front of the glass. While plants can lift the look of your space, it’s better to be tactical about how and where you place them.

    Even furniture can affect your space’s performance. Heavy sofas that use leather can draw heat and humidity, and are a nightmare during warm weather. If you want to add furniture into your space, then you should use lighter fabrics and as little blankets and cushions as possible.

    Blinds, on the other hand, can help stop conservatory condensation. With blinds, you can control how much heat and light enter your space in the summer – in the winter, though, you can block out the cold. Because of this, you’ll add a little more protection against the mist and fog.

    The Cost of Conservatory Condensation

    Conservatory condensation is preventable. But, if it develops into mould and mildew, the cost of fixing it can soar. If the sealant around your window breaks over time, for example, condensation can build inside the window and place a huge strain on the glass. Because of this, you’ll almost certainly need to replace it.

    However, repairing the glass panels that you already have can cost thousands. Not only that, but these fixes are only temporary, and don’t address the root problems. As a result, you could end up caught in a vicious cycle of repairs, costing thousands for no reward.

    However, the cost of getting replacement parts for your conservatory can end up being far more valuable. You can get new double glazing across your build for a similar price to repairing your current glass. That means you won’t have to pay more, but you can save a lot more on energy bills over time.

    Additionally, a replacement roof costs much less than a new one to install. You could invest in a glass replacement for as little as £4,740 in a Victorian design. As a result, you could get much more comfort all year round, and save even more on bills, reducing the cost over time.

    conservatory condensation prices

    Control Conservatory Condensation With Conservatory Online Prices

    Also, you can save money on preventing conservatory condensation when you work with Conservatory Online Prices. Through us, you can find low quotes from a range of local installers. We have a network of trusted traders across the UK, so you can be sure of finding one on your doorstep.

    That way, you won’t have to pay high travel costs or any premiums, and you won’t be risking working with rogues. Instead, you can get friendly, personalised and thorough service for less. Many of the companies in our network also have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, ensuring you get the quality you need to beat conservatory condensation.

    If you’d like to find out how much you could save, fill in our online contact form today. Then, we can refer you to our network of local suppliers and installers. With us, you can speak to several of them, too.

    As a result, you can get the big picture and find the right price for your new glass panels or roof. Not only that, but you can negotiate with them, ensuring you get an even better deal!

    For any further information, you can also call our friendly team! Ring 0800 124 4307 today to discuss your ideas with the team in detail.

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