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If you are planning on installing a conservatory then you may also be considering conservatory blinds.

Conservatory blinds are a great way of insulating and cooling your extension. You want to get the most out of your conservatory, after all, these stylish additions don’t come cheap.

Choosing The Right Conservatory Blinds

This is why it is important that you choose the right conservatory blinds. Whether you are looking to enhance privacy or aesthetics, conservatory blinds have many purposes.

Why do home owners choose to incorporate blinds into their conservatories? Because it allows them to have use of their conservatory all year round.

Types of Conservatory Blinds

Blinds look fantastic in conservatories and depending on how you use them, they will offer many benefits. There are many different types of blinds out there so knowing which ones are best for your conservatory is a great starting point.

Roller Blinds For Conservatories

Conservatory BlindsRoller blinds are available in many different types of colours and fabrics.

If you want your conservatory to stand out from the standard aesthetics then go for a contrasting colour or pattern.

Having a roller bind for each section of your windows can create a lovely effect when raising and lowering your blinds.

This also allows you to control the amount of sun and ventilation that enters the room.

These type of blinds can be easily retracted for cleaning. Your window frame won’t suffer as these blinds are relatively light.

The only disadvantage of roller blinds is the varying heights you may have to employ during the summer months. However come winter, these blinds provide excellent insulation and privacy.

Another thing to remember about these blinds is that they do have a tendency to fade. If they are in full view of the sun or under conservatory lights then they may become tired looking.

Roman Blinds For Conservatories

Conservatory BlindsRoman blinds are the best choice when it comes to insulation – especially during the summer.

This is because you have an extensive choice of fabrics available, allowing you to truly tailor your blinds for your conservatory.

Typically lined with a blackout fabric, roman blinds provide fantastic light control. However, this can also make them quite heavy and although blinds can be fitted beautifully in UPVC conservatories, heavy blinds may cause some damage over time.

Vertical Blinds For Conservatories

Conservatory BlindsVertical blinds are a popular choice for conservatories. These binds offer exceptional light control and are available in blackout options.

They have many draw controls which allow make them very versatile in terms of privacy and insulation.

They blinds aren’t too heavy and offer easy cleaning access. These blinds tend to fade over time but compared to roman and  roller blinds the fading isn’t as noticeable.

Venetian Blinds for Conservatories

Conservatory BlindsVenetian blinds offer effective light control, privacy and insulation. They are generally quite affordable too.

Wooden venetian blinds are not suited for conservatories. Conservatory blinds are subjected to intense heat and temperature changes and wooden venetian blinds simply can’t withstand this versatile climate.

Aluminium venetian blinds however are built to withstand the heat These blinds will not discolour and won’t place any stress onto your UPVC window frames. These can look very stylish, especially if you wish to achieve that ‘chic’ look.

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