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Styles of Conservatories

With a multitude of different conservatory styles to choose from, knowing where to start can be difficult.

What are the key differences between a Victorian and Edwardian conservatory, for example, and how much should you budget for when making your selection?

conservatory styles

There is no definitive ‘right answer’ to this question – but there will most definitely be a solution to suit your requirements.

Which Conservatory Design?

What sort of conservatory best suits your home? Have a look online at the different types of conservatories UK-wide and you will quickly realise how many options are available to you.

Not all of them will work well for your home – so it’s important to choose a conservatory design that complements the stylistic choices you’ve already made.

To help you, here’s a quick guide to choosing the best conservatory. Whatever your aims, you’ll be able to find some ideas to help you get started.

Lean-To Conservatory

View Lean-To Guide Prices Here.

Do you have limited space available? If so, you have may have struggled to find some valid conservatory design ideas when conducting your research online.

The Lean-to conservatory is therefore a perfect choice – as it can be built in one of two formats: rectangular or square.

conservatories uk

Why is this beneficial? Whichever design you choose, you won’t be wasting any space – as there won’t be a single square inch wasted.

A quick survey of conservatories UK-wide will also show how well-suited the Lean-to conservatory is to smaller and/or one-storey dwellings.

This is because of its pitched roof that drops at a less acute angle than other designs of conservatory – which controls rainwater so that it falls off the roof and doesn’t collect.

Adaptable Conservatory

Lean-to conservatories can be adapted to suit all types of property too. Terraced houses, Bungalows and homes with restricted space can all benefit from this conservatory design.

conservatories uk

Although there are many types of conservatories UK-wide, the Lean-to style continues to be one of the most popular.

Whether you want a contemporary conservatory – or prefer a more classical style – you’ll be able to complete the work on a limited budget too (they can be built for as little as £6000, depending on the stylistic choices you’ve made).

Victorian Conservatories

View Victorian Guide Prices Here.

In a similar vein to the Lean-to style, Victorian conservatories conform to a space-saving rectangular or square format.

It differs from the aforementioned design in terms of its number of sides. For example, you can select from either a 3- or 5-faceted design that can also be contoured to create a more pleasing and rounded-effect.

conservatory prices

Conservatories UK-wide are built in the Victorian style. In part this is because of its timeless design; but it’s also due to the fact that it can configured into a P-shape.

This is ideal for homeowners who are looking at conservatories as an alternative to moving – as it creates two separate areas: a thinner, narrower segment that’s conjoined with a square/rectangular one.

The opportunities are almost endless. You could create a thin-shaped dining area attached to a play area for the children – or a lounge for people to retire to for drinks after they’d eaten.

Whether you want a classic or contemporary conservatory design, the Victorian style can be modified to suit your stylistic and practical requirements.

Gable Conservatories

View Gable Guide Prices Here.

One of the most striking features of the Gable conservatory is its high vaulted roof. This creates a fantastic sense of interior space and looks equally as impressive from the outside.

It suits both traditional and modern properties, meaning that it can be adapted to suit the design ambitions of most homeowners – regardless of the type of property they own.

conservatories uk

Contemporary conservatory designs are fully achievable if you opt for a predominantly glass-based design that’s coupled together with bi-folding doors that let in lots of light.

Although we will discuss design options in more detail later, you can see already that the Gable conservatory is inherently flexible and therefore present a multitude of design options.

With so many possibilities to choose from when reviewing conservatories UK-wide, you may well find the Gable design offers everything you need.

Ideas For UK Conservatories

Once you have settled on a conservatory style, you’ll next begin the equally-challenging task of deciding how to manage the interior space.

These choices will be integral to the success of your project and require extensive research.

Glass-to Floor Design

To achieve a contemporary conservatory design, you’ll need to use less brick and more glass.

Conservatories UK-wide are built in this modern style, which – depending on the style decisions you make.

As an example, rather than using a dwarf wall for your Lean-to or Victorian conservatory, you could ask your installer to use a purely glass frontage that incorporated bi-folding doors.

conservatory styles

This design would work well if you wanted to flood your conservatory with lots of light.

This is a great idea if you have a smaller property, as it will stop the limited space you have available from feeling claustrophobic.

Equally, if you have looked at home extensions and have decided to build something that’s open plan, natural light will help to connect these related spaces together.

Orangery Conservatory

If you’ve not heard the term before, you may rightfully ask: ‘what is an orangery?’ Built in the classical mode, it will be of mainly brick construct and topped by a lantern roof that is stylistically eye-catching and lets in lots of light.

It will often be built using brick pillars and, more generally, will mimic the architectural look of your property.

A classic orangery therefore has a more closed-in feel that makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want privation.

conservatories uk

Although orangeries – in the same way as conservatories UK-wide – are built in the more traditional mould, they can also be designed to conform to a more contemporary look.

A rising trend is to build orangeries in a fashion that inverts the traditional brick-to-glass ratio of 75%/25% – resulting in a clean, minimalistic design that won’t just let in plenty of natural light, but bring the outside into your home.

If you want to ensure the best possible views, choose aluminium for your frames. Contemporary orangeries better suit this type of building material, which can be rolled to specification – resulting in more agile fenestrations that won’t block your view in the way that uPVC doors or windows might otherwise do.

Open-Plan Conservatory

Although you could separate your conservatory from your main property by using French patio doors, you could also look to bring these two spaces together.

conservatories uk

This could be achieved by using UPVC patio doors instead. Because they slide back and forth horizontally on a rail, you could create a division between these two areas quickly and easily, but without blocking out natural light that might otherwise make your conservatory seem smaller.

Conservatories UK-wide conform to this more open-plan format; and you could even remove some or all of the kitchen wall if you wanted to reinforce a sense of connection between your property and extension.

Please note that your plans will need to conform to building regulations if you decide to do away with a barrier altogether – although planning permission is normally granted these days, due to conservatories being seen as permissible developments.

House extensions can be expensive; but by opening up the space that links it to your kitchen, you could achieve your objective for up to £10,000 less.

If you would like to compare the cost of kitchen extensions with a conservatory quote, use our free online calculator for an instant quote.

Conservatory Refurbishment

Instructing an installer to build a new conservatory could cost anything from £6000 to £20000.

If you already have a conservatory, you should review the quality of its design and fittings to identify if starting from scratch would be the best option – or whether it would be more cost-effective to replace specific parts.

conservatories uk

Replacement Conservatory Roof

If you have a polycarbonate roof that was installed more than ten years ago, it will probably need replacing.

The conservatory roof is often the first part of the structure to deteriorate, especially if it is constructed out of polycarbonate, which is not especially effective at heat retention and soundproofing.

Conservatories UK-wide are now built with, at the very least, glass or solid roofs.

Both types of product are thermally efficient and will provide your conservatory with a good acoustic profile – but a solid replacement conservatory roof will perform the job better and save you more money.

Stylistically, a solid replacement conservatory roof will let in less light. But a glass frontage – that perhaps features bi-folding or patio doors – will offset this deficit and work in partnership with your flat window design to create a bright and roomy space.

The only problem homeowners have when reviewing replacement roof options for conservatories UK-wide is this: solid roofs are heavier and put more stress on the foundations.

This means that your installer will need to excavate the foundations of your conservatory – and potentially conduct some other tests – to ensure the final design complies with building regulations.

Design Ideas for Conservatory Interiors

Conservatories aren’t just seasonal spaces anymore; they are designed to be used throughout the year and all day long.

That’s why it’s so important to research conservatories-UK wide to identify fresh design ideas that’ll brighten up your interior and complement your existing stylistic choices.

Conservatories UK

Underfloor Conservatory Heating

Open-plan conservatories and orangeries won’t work well with conventional wall-mounted heaters.

Underfloor conservatory heating – whether it is water- or electrical-based – generates warmth more efficiently.

Although it isn’t strictly a design feature (at least, from a visual perspective) underfloor conservatory heating will influence the type of furnishings you choose.

You’ll be spending a lot more time there – so what are the most comfortable options available for UK conservatories?

Furniture for Conservatories UK-Wide

Drawing a line between comfort and practicality is important. Wood furnishings fade across time. Conversely, painted timber and metal are light-resistant and won’t fade across time.

Conservatory patio furniture should also fall into your orbit of research – as it is designed for the outside and is therefore more weather resistant.

conservatories uk

Rattan furniture can work well too. It is more durable than wicker and could give your conservatory a bohemian edge, if that’s the stylistic aim you are looking to achieve.

It is also less expensive than a lot of other options available at the moment – ranging from £250 through to £900 depending on your preferences.

Scallop based chairs and console tables are trending at the moment for conservatories UK-wide – so you may want to look at some related online images.

Planning Permission for Conservatories

Once you’ve chosen your preferred conservatory design – and settled on a perfect look for its interior – it’s time to start thinking about planning permission and building regulations.

Although conservatories and orangeries are generally deemed to be permissible developments, it’s always best to check your design plans with a qualified professional or your Local Planning Authority.

As a general guide, conservatories UK-wide need to be:

  • No bigger than 50% of the total land surrounding your original property. When making your calculations, it’s vital that you factor in the size of any outbuildings – such as sheds or greenhouses.
  • No higher than the tallest part of your home’s original roof.
  • Separated from your main dwelling by external windows, doors or some other relevant partition.
  • Heated by an independent system that can be temperature controlled and turned on or off.

You will also need to consult your neighbours, so that you can allow them to raise any relevant objections. Visit the government’s online planning tool and you will see that there is a dedicated section that provides guidance on how you should do this.

Planning and building regulation guidelines will differ if you have a maisonette, flat or grade 2 listed property – and depending on whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales.

Prices For Conservatories in the UK

conservatories ukWith access to prices for conservatories UK-wide, we are perfectly positioned to help you find the right product at a price that you can afford.

To get some guideline conservatory prices, all you have to do is visit our free conservatory cost calculator and tell us what style of product you want.

You can request as many conservatories UK prices as you like, so please feel free to submit as many requests as you like via our free conservatory quote application.

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Once you’ve submitted your details – which won’t take long – you’ll receive an email acknowledgment. We’ll also call you to discuss your requirements and ask whether you’d like to talk to three accredited conservatory installers in your local area.

There’s no obligation or cost – just instant prices that you can use for guidance purposes, so why not get started now…

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