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Are you having trouble finding conservatories for bungalows? Don’t despair just yet.

There are in fact many conservatory designs for bungalows. You will find many conservatory companies offering styles suited to smaller properties.

A small property doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from an extension.If you are looking to increase your property size, then adding a conservatory to your bungalow could just be the ideal solution.

Due to height restrictions, installing a conservatory to a Bungalow isn’t easy. Make sure you choose a company which specialises in this type of installation.

This is a job only competent professionals can do. The measure and design of the conservatory must be done correctly. DIY conservatories are not recommended.

Conservatory Designs For Bungalows

A popular conservatory design for Bungalows is the Lean-to conservatory style. Most companies will offer you this.

The reason for this? The lean-to conservatory is can easily be adapted for smaller properties and it’s the simplest design on offer.

The lean-to conservatory features a low pitched roof making it suited for a wide range of property styles, including properties with small eaves such as bungalows. It can easily  be tailored for awkward spaces, without compromising your aesthetics.

This contemporary style is an understated, fuss-free structure. Its symmetrical shape makes it ideal for modern properties. If, however, you are looking for something different then there are other conservatory options available.

Find out more about lean-to conservatories for bungalows here.

Lean-To Conservatory

Other Conservatories For Bungalows

The lean-to conservatory is great if you love a contemporary design but if you are looking for something in keeping with the traditional aspect of your home then there are other conservatory styles for bungalows available.

The most simple and cost effective solution is to construct a conservatory design linking to your bungalow using a box gutter.

The self supporting box gutter is there to help take the weight of the conservatory roof.

The conservatory roof is hipped to the level of the bungalow. Depending on the roof design, a box gutter is then attached to the eave or wall of the property.

Other Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories For Bungalows

An Edwardian hipped back with a box gutter is a popular option. This style offers more height when compared to the Lean-to design.

Edwardian conservatories are often identified though their use of space and proportions. They provide maximum living space and can be adapted for many small properties.


Victorian Conservatories For Bungalows

This classic design is segmental in appearance. Its octagonal shape allows it to fit into small gardens, without taking up too much space.

Just like the Edwardian and Lean-to conservatories, the Victorian conservatory can be adapted for bungalows and height-restricted properties. A hipped-back roof with a box gutter is offered as a solution.


Dwarf Wall Bungalow Conservatories

When looking for conservatories for bungalows, you may also want to consider dwarf wall conservatories. A dwarf wall conservatory is different from a fully glazed structure which has wall to ceiling glass.

This style includes brick work to the base, providing a cill in the interior. The offer of a cill makes it a popular option amongst home owners and not just those with small properties. It enables home owners to accessorize their conservatory with plants and ornaments.

The Benefits of Conservatories on Bungalows

Bungalows are fairly simple in structure so are open to customisation and extensions.

If you are on a tight budget (which most of us are) then a conservatory is a cost effective way of adding instant living space.

Conservatories really are a fantastic selling point and will add much value to your home.

A conservatory will open your property to more light- without blocking neighbouring rooms. A conservatory has many uses and can be used as a play room, reading room, dining room or even living room.  Alternatively, you can turn your conservatory into a garden room.

The Benefits of Conservatories for Bungalows

Bungalow Conservatory Cost

The cost of your bungalow conservatory is dependent on many factors, those of which include size, style and material – not to mention the company you choose. This is why it is important you get the best deal for your conservatory. In order to do this, you must have an idea on conservatory costs.

You can calculate the cost of your conservatory using our very own conservatory cost calculator. Our conservatory cost calculator will provide you with an instant bungalow conservatory cost.

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