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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Conservatories As Garden Sun Rooms

    Can conservatories work as garden sun rooms? At the moment, you might want to expand your home with a brand-new garden sun room. Garden sun rooms are warm, open spaces that can make your home feel more connected to the outside world. With a solid slate or tiled roof and full double glazing, these spaces have a classic quality to them as well.

    However, you could get a conservatory instead. Conservatories connect more closely to your home and are often larger than garden sun rooms. Not only that, a conservatory has increased double glazing in the design, meaning more light can enter the space. You’ll get a glass roof as standard, and you could opt for a solid or tiled roof if you’d like as well.

    Because of this, both spaces might sound similar. However, you could be better off avoiding garden sun rooms. While they’re lovely to use during the summer, their poor insulation and susceptibility to heat transfer make them a nightmare in the colder months. As a result, you’ll have a space you can only use for a few months every year, limiting what you can do inside it.

    A conservatory, on the other hand, is usable all year round. Modern designs have advanced double glazing, more durable profiles and a fully weatherproof design. Because of this, you’ll get good insulation, and it’ll last for years to come with no gaps or cracks emerging to let cold air inside. That way, you can save money on your energy bills and get a space you can use all year round for various purposes.

    So, if you’d like a conservatory that works better than garden sun rooms, talk to Conservatory Online Prices. You can find quotes from trusted local installers in seconds and compare them to save money!

    conservatories vs garden sun rooms

    Conservatories vs Garden Sun Rooms

    Knowing the differences between conservatories and garden sun rooms can help you make the right choice for your home. Garden sun rooms have a solid roof, unlike the glass roof in a conservatory. Because of this, the ‘sun room’ tag is often misleading. Rather than get more natural light, you’ll get less light as the solid roof blocks out the sun’s rays from above you.

    A garden sun room, though, does have more glazing around the build. Your walls will be almost fully glazed, meaning plenty of light can get in around the build. As a result, you’ll get excellent views of the outside world and slim sightlines to help you enjoy your garden. Those large glass panels, though, might not help during the colder months.

    A modern conservatory, though, is a more balanced space for your home. While there’s double glazing across the design, it’s combined with a brickwork base and profiles made from uPVC or even aluminium. Because of this, the frames help the glazing block cold air from outside your home getting in, and they can reduce the greenhouse effect.

    With a glass roof, the sunlight can also enter a conservatory more freely, meaning these spaces are brighter and airier. And, if you’d like more warmth or privacy, you can choose a solid or tiled roof much like in garden sun rooms. You can even customise the ceiling with partial glazing, a skylight or roof lantern, giving you total control of how much light enters the build.

    conservatories or garden sun rooms

    Are Garden Sun Rooms Right for Me?

    Garden sun rooms are open spaces. They connect well to your garden and allow you to get some shelter from the sun during the summer months as well. However, once summer ends, garden sun rooms start to struggle. That’s because their open, fully glazed walls can leave you exposed to the elements once the weather starts to turn. While double glazing does reduce heat transfer and improve insulation, it can’t fully remove it.

    Because of this, cold air can reflect into your home and bounce around the walls, creating a greenhouse effect. As a result, most garden sun rooms are almost unusable during the autumn and winter months, and it could be springtime before you can start using them again. If you’d like more space in your home permanently, then garden sun rooms aren’t the way to go.

    One benefit of garden sun rooms, though, is that they’re quick to build. While a conservatory installation can take a few weeks, you could build your garden sun room in a matter of days. A garden room is typically installed within 3-4 working days, meaning you could get a brand-new space for your home in much less time.

    However, a conservatory is a much more versatile space for your home. And, while the installation is more complex, it ensures that the build has lasting insulation. The brickwork base, double glazing and profiles all work together to keep cold air away from your home in the winter. As a result, you’ll always be warm and comfortable in the space, and you won’t have to rely on your central heating to use it either.

    conservatories as garden sun rooms prices

    Do Conservatories Work as Garden Sun Rooms?

    The main reason people invest in garden sun rooms is to enjoy the outdoors. To do that, you’ll want plenty of natural light whether the build is open or closed. However, a garden sun room doesn’t offer as much light as you think. With a conservatory, you can get a glass roof that allows the sun to pour into your home, all while reducing glare, the greenhouse effect and harmful UV rays.

    Your glass roof will use panels of advanced double glazing rather than thin glass or polycarbonate. Because of this, modern roofs are much more durable and perform far better for your home. You’ll be able to reduce the heat that escapes your home, and you can block the cold air outside from getting in. That saves you money on your energy bills, and you can decrease your carbon footprint as well!

    Because of this, a conservatory can let more light into your home than garden sun rooms. And, if you’d like less light, you can fully customise how it enters your space. You can invest in solid and tiled roofs and opt for partial glazing, skylights and roof lanterns. That way, you can get the ideal balance of light, warmth and privacy in your brand-new build.

    And, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can save money on it too. While a conservatory can seem costly, it could only be because you’re looking at prices from the wrong companies. We only work with trusted local installers in our network that offer lower travel costs and don’t charge the national brands’ premiums. Because of this, you could save up to 40% on a new conservatory when you search for quotes through us.

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    You can invest in a conservatory that does everything garden sun rooms can do today for less with Conservatory Online Prices.

    You can find multiple local companies in your area in minutes through our network. Then, you can compare their products and prices to invest in the right space for your home. And, once you’ve picked the installers for the job, you can have peace of mind in their service. Many of them are Checkatrade and Which? members, and are trusted companies in their communities.

    For any further information on how much you could save, call our friendly team today on 0800 124 4307 or fill in our online form!

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