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    Complete Guide To Building an Orangery

    Building an orangery could transform your home. These spaces give you a bright, airy brand new room that is warmer and more comfortable than a conservatory. Unlike those builds, which use glass in over 75% of their design, you’ll get a blend of double glazing with more robust materials, like brickwork or even timber.

    However, that makes the design of an orangery more sophisticated. Because of this, it can take a bit longer to build. As the design is complex, it’ll need a few weeks for even a fully trained installation team to complete.

    You may, though, be thinking about building an orangery yourself. But this might not be the best idea. Because of the unique design of an orangery, it is a lot trickier to install than a conservatory, many of which are DIY options. Therefore, you could find that you enter a world of problems if you build yourself.

    For example, you might build on uneven ground, you could damage drainage underneath your home, or you could break parts of the build. When you install an orangery yourself, you could forfeit the manufacturer’s guarantee, meaning your liable for any issues that arise during installation.

    Unless you’re a qualified installer, then, building an orangery is difficult. However, finding the right company to build yours shouldn’t be. That’s why, at Conservatory Online Prices, we bring trusted local suppliers to you. You can use our network of companies across the UK to find a team on your doorstep who’ll build your new orangery around your schedule.

    Also, they’ll provide a quality space that you can customise to suit your needs precisely, and do all the prior work before building an orangery. As a result, you’ll be able to get a new orangery with far less stress.

    complete guide to building an orangery

    How Is Building an Orangery Different To Other Options?

    Building an orangery is a more complicated process from the start. However, that isn’t to say that it’s more tricky than it needs to be. It’s because orangeries have a unique design that will make your home stand out. An orangery blends double glazing in with brickwork, in a design that harks back to the Victorian era.

    Originally, these builds were symbols of status and sophistication. From the Meditteranean, you could use them to grow fruits, giving them their fruit-inspired name. However, they’re ideal for growing your home, too, as long as you’re prepared for the installation.

    Building an orangery is unlike building a conservatory in many ways. That’s mainly because of the brickwork portion of the build. With a conservatory, you can install the foundations and footings before fitting the frames and glass panels.

    However, a brick wall needs a qualified bricklayer to do brick-by-brick. As a result, this lengthens the amount of time the build takes. Not only that, but you need to fit windows inside the brickwork, which can be complicated for somebody who isn’t experienced.

    From there, the process becomes more complex. The walls will need plastering after the frames and roof go on. Not only that, but electricians and plumbers will connect the solid walls up to your home’s heating and drainage if you need to – a crucial advantage of building an orangery for your home.

    That way, you’ll be able to use your orangery for more possibilities. You could build a home office, a relaxing reading space, or even a new lounge if you wish. With a qualified installer taking care of your build, you’ll have less to worry about and more time to spend on designing your dream room.

    How Long Does Building an Orangery Take?

    When you get a new space for your home, you’re often giving up space. That’s because, when building an orangery, you can end up turning your home into a building site for a bit. However, getting installers in to create your new orangery is more than worth it.

    They’ll be able to test every component, control every part of the process, and make sure you get the ideal build for your home. The average time to build an orangery also isn’t as long as you might think. Usually, it takes between 3-5 weeks. While that’s a little longer than it takes to construct a conservatory, it takes far less time than an extension to build.

    If you’ve been wondering which new space to build, an extension is the best for performance. However, it takes a lot longer than an orangery, and it’s much more expensive. Additionally, an orangery uses more glass as standard, meaning you can bring nature closer to your home for less. Due to this, building an orangery is a less costly process, as well as a less stressful one.

    Additionally, they’re easy to customise, more so than a conservatory. A conservatory can often feel separate to your home, but an orangery feels like a part of it. You can colour match the brickwork to your existing property and choose solid roofing that blends in seamlessly with your home.

    With a qualified installer, you can build a completely bespoke space, and in less time. With most DIY kits, you’ll only get a template build, meaning you might not be getting the space you’re after.

    But, when you design your build with a fully trained installation team, the possibilities will all be at your fingertips. If you’d like to connect your home to your garden, you can add sliding and bi-fold doors that only a qualified installer can fit!

    planning permission for building an orangery

    Planning Permission for Building an Orangery

    Fortunately, one thing that is no different when building an orangery is planning permission. When it comes to getting your design off the ground, you’ll have the same rules as you would for a conservatory. That way, you can build a warmer, more robust design for your home while following the same regulations.

    However, there are a few elements of planning permission rules that could catch you out. For example, you can only extend your home based on the dimensions of the ‘original house’ – your property as it stood on July 1st, 1948. Therefore, its crucial to check if a previous owner has extended your home, as this can affect your permission.

    Also, building an orangery on the correct land is important. Sometimes, you can build on uneven land, which could affect the structural integrity of your new space. But, to make sure you don’t build on improper land, you can get a technical survey. With a qualified installer, you’ll get a survey as standard.

    Before the build, a surveyor will take detailed measurements and drawings of your garden, checking the land and anything underneath it. That way, you can avoid bursting drainage pipes when you build, and you’ll damage the ecosystem in your garden as little as possible.

    With a qualified installer, though, getting under planning permission is much more straightforward. You can design your build with the experts first, making sure it meets the rules. Then, they can take you through the whole process, getting technical surveys and more complete as part of your quote.

    Additionally, you’re more likely to get friendly, tailored service for building an orangery with a local installer. As they’re right on your doorstep, you can get shorter wait times, and local knowledge to help you build where you are.

    Save Money By Building an Orangery

    What makes many homeowners want to try building an orangery themselves is the cost. A DIY kit is cheaper than a traditional design, and you won’t have to pay a third party to fit it for you. However, while you’ll be able to cut the cost initially, you could find that getting an installer to build your orangery brings more value to your home.

    These builds are fully customisable, suiting your home perfectly, and they’ll have performance you can only get from a quality fit. Also, there’ll be less risk and less hassle, helping you build your new space without worry. But finding the right installer, especially a local one, is often a nightmare.

    But, when you work with Conservatory Online Prices, you won’t have to find them. Instead, we’ll bring local suppliers to you, so you save time and money. We have a network of trusted traders across the UK who have years of experience. Building an orangery for your home will be their bread and butter.

    Not only that, but you’ll be able to save money working with us. We let you speak to several suppliers in your area, meaning you can find the one with the best deal and negotiate with them to lower it further. For added peace of mind, many of them are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, so you’ll still get a quality service.

    building an orangery prices

    Building an Orangery Prices

    To lower the prices of building an orangery for your home, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today!

    You can fill out our online contact form in minutes, and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can. From there, they’ll take you through the quick, easy process to create your dream new space for less.

    If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 0800 124 4307 today to speak to the team!

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