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    Comparing Conservatories, Summerhouses and Garden Rooms

    Conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms are all brilliant ways to use your outdoor space more often. But which one is right for you? All of these spaces have different costs, specifications and benefits, so some may suit you more than others.

    Conservatories are a popular choice and provide a room that creates a transition between your home and your garden. You’ll get plenty of double glazing, a selection of roofing, and the option of fully glazed connecting doors with low thresholds to open seamlessly into your garden.

    Summerhouses, on the other hand, don’t attach to your home at all. Spaces like these are a blend of a relaxing outdoor room with a useful shed. Because of this, you can use them for multiple purposes. You can use the garden room section for relaxation outdoors while shading yourself from intense sunlight.

    Meanwhile, your shed section can act as a place for storage, working or anything else you need. As a result, summerhouses are an ideal outdoor space for both work and relaxation.

    A garden room, however, offers more space than a summerhouse. You’ll get a broader area to relax in, and you can customise the exterior with unique colours and finishes too. Because of this, you can find a private space outdoors that gives you time away from the pressures of home life.

    No matter which of these spaces you’re thinking of investing in for your home, you’ll be able to reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy a more natural lifestyle. And, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can find the one that’s right for you, for less.

    conservatories summerhouses and garden rooms benefits

    Benefits of Conservatories

    Conservatories are an ideal investment for any home. However, older designs may have you thinking that they aren’t such a good idea. In years past, these builds could have severe issues with heat transfer. Often, they used single-glazed glass and plastic roofing, materials which didn’t offer a lot of insulation or heat protection.

    As a result, you’d be too hot in summer and too cold in winter to enjoy the room. However, modern conservatories use advanced materials and innovative design to make these issues things of the past.

    You’ll be able to invest in a durable build which has superb insulation. Instead of a plastic roof, you can invest in a tiled option or a solid roof that uses slate and concrete. Designs like these provide much more protection from heat transfer, without affecting the natural light a conservatory can give you.

    Instead, you’ll be warmer and more comfortable in your new space. Additionally, you can customise your roof with partially glazed sections, so you always stay in control of your home’s lighting.

    And, should you want to go outside, a conservatory is the perfect bridge between home and garden. You can make it even more suited to outdoor living with connecting doors as well.

    Sliding patio doors use full panels of double glazing, offering slim sightlines of the outside world, while bi-fold doors disappear into the corner of the room when you open them. Also, little things like choosing laminate flooring can help. Any dirt you track in from your garden sits on a laminated coating, without harming the wood underneath.

    Benefits of Summerhouses

    Summerhouses are an ingenious design that can help you use the outdoors more. In one half of the build, you get a small space that’s like a garden room. You can style it as you choose, with furniture and other decors to create a relaxing place that reflects your personality.

    With the option of connecting doors, you can control when the room opens up to the garden and when it doesn’t. However, on the other side of the build, you get a useful shed, which you can use to store garden tools, lawnmowers and more.

    However, there are also several style options for the build. For a more traditional look, you can select builds that have decorative roofs with an apex and Georgian windows.

    You could go for a modern design, with the option of pent roofing, or even a corner summerhouse which has an octagonal shape to increase space. Additionally, log cabin summerhouses are available, which use shiplap cladding and sturdy timber to create a stunning room to experience.

    Not only that, but you can remove the shed portion entirely, creating an expansive social space. Because of this, you’ll have the opportunity to welcome guests outdoors, giving them a refreshing experience. And, every other day, you can head out to your summerhouse and use it as you choose.

    You could use it as a private space to work or relax, as a place to fulfil your passions, or as a relaxing space for reading and unwinding. A summerhouse’s open design creates a world of possibilities for your home.

    conservatories summerhouses and garden rooms costs

    Benefits of Garden Rooms

    When comparing conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms, one of the crucial things to consider is space. A garden room provides as much space as you need it to, both inside and out. Not only can you design the build to be expansive, but the whole room opens up into your garden.

    Because of this, you can use a garden room as a part of a brand-new outdoor space. If you’re thinking of enhancing your garden with new plants, decking or a patio, then a stunning garden room could be a unique focal point.

    You can style a garden room in any way you want to. Choose from coloured cladding, decorative roofing, and even add in-built lighting to the design. Not only that, but you can use your garden room as a little part of your garden that isn’t at the mercy of the weather.

    Modern garden room designs are fully weather-resistant, so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to experience it at its worst. Blinds are also available, so you can turn the room into a private space when you need some time to focus.

    Also, you can invest in a garden room without worrying about security. With the option of secure doors and the robust design of the structure, an intruder will struggle to break into your new space. As a result, you can fill it with your belongings and your passions without worrying about somebody taking them away from you.

    And, in the warmer months, your garden room can be an ideal space for older members of your family to get away from the hot sun, while still enjoying the outdoors.

    Are Conservatories, Summerhouses or Garden Rooms Right For Me?

    Conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms all help you expand your home’s space and bring nature closer to you. However, the build that’s right for you depends on how you want to use that space. If you’d like to expand your living space directly and have more room indoors for you and your family, then conservatories are ideal.

    If you want to work on your garden and want a blend of practicality and relaxation, then a summerhouse is a brilliant investment. Finally, garden rooms are excellent for people who wish to enjoy outdoor living and a peaceful space.

    You can customise any of these builds to suit you, though. You’ll be able to choose the size and shape of all of them so that you can get the right amount of room for your needs. You can select a shed summerhouse to combine two builds without losing any space outdoors, too.

    An advantage of garden rooms and summerhouses is that, as smaller builds, they are less likely to require planning permission to install. However, conservatories offer the most space, transitioning your home into your garden seamlessly.

    conservatories summerhouses and garden rooms prices

    Conservatories, Summerhouses and Garden Rooms Costs

    Conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms are all superb investments for your home. A conservatory is the most costly, with prices for even a small lean-to build starting at £8,000. However, you’re able to improve how you use your indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Also, modern conservatories are energy efficient, meaning you could save on energy bills year-on-year. However, if you’re looking for an area that enhances your garden, then both summerhouses and garden rooms cost a lot less.

    Summerhouses can cost as little as £750 for an 8ft x 8ft design. However, if you’d like a shed summerhouse, combining two kinds of space, then you can expect to pay a premium similar to the overall price.

    Garden rooms can cost in the region of £1500. However, for both of these builds, the cost can rise for other reasons. For example, if you’d like to provide an electrical connection to these rooms, then this alone can cost around £1000.

    With Double Glazing Quoter, though, you can find lower prices for conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms. We can refer you, through our network, to trusted local installers who’ll fit your new build with the care and courtesy your home deserves.

    Many of these suppliers are members of Checkatrade and Which?, showcasing their commitment to quality installation. Also, we extensively review our network to ensure we only work with the best, so you can have total peace of mind.

    Conservatories, Summerhouses and Garden Rooms Prices

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