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    Choosing Conservatory Doors

    Conservatory doors can be the centrepiece of a new space, or they can refresh an old one. Your doors play a crucial role in making your home feel open and connected. However, in many homes, the design doesn’t feel like either of those things.

    You may have a clunky back door which doesn’t open up well to your back garden, meaning you don’t use it often. Also, if you have a conservatory already, it might be suffering from poor performance due to weak doors that let energy escape.

    However, brand-new doors can fix these problems. You can invest in new conservatory doors to both connect your extended space to your home, or to bring the outside into your home. Getting the right doors can help when you’re getting a new conservatory, too.

    Not only will you improve the style, lighting and comfort, but you’ll be able to make your home feel more welcoming. There are three distinct doors that you can choose from – French, patio and bi-fold doors.

    Each one of these designs is both useful for a connecting door, inside and outside. They’ll also help you make your conservatory perform more effectively. If you’re investing in a new build, then the right doors will allow you to ventilate it in summer and insulate it in winter.

    The same goes if you add new entries to an older conservatory – you could reclaim the space if you find you aren’t using it. New doors can make a conservatory more comfortable, and also help you save money on bills.

    choosing conservatory doors

    The Benefits of Conservatory Doors

    Conservatory doors can help you make your extended space more secure. If an intruder doesn’t target your front door, then they can always try and enter your home through the back. That’s why modern conservatory door designs are highly secure.

    In your new doors, you’ll be able to get multi-point locking systems, toughened glazing, and a choice of durable uPVC and aluminium frames. In sliding and bi-fold doors, you’ll also have a low threshold option which lowers the door to make the design anti-crowbar.

    Your conservatory can help you open your home up to nature, too. New doors have full sections of glazing, providing gorgeous views of the outside world when closed. However, when they’re open, you’ll get a wide-open, accessible space to enter your garden through.

    Because of this, you can turn the outdoors into a new social space in your home, enriching it with natural light and warmth. And, when the weather turns on you, you won’t be exposed to it, thanks to a fully weatherproof frame.

    Finally, new conservatory doors can last your home a lifetime. These designs will all use durable frames, with an option of uPVC and aluminium. uPVC is lightweight, flexible and highly versatile, able to deal with all weather conditions and insulate your home for up to 30 years – without regular maintenance.

    However, for long-lasting performance, aluminium is a cut above. A precious metal, the frame can last for 50 years with no regular cleaning required.

    French Conservatory Doors

    French conservatory doors are one of the UK’s most famous installations. Their design, as the name suggests, comes from European sensibilities. These doors are double doors which, when you open them, burst outward in different directions.

    Because of this, you get a wide-open space to enter your conservatory through and ventilate it with fresh air and natural light. Not only that, but French doors have a broad section of double glazing. As a result, you get superb views even when you have the doors shut.

    French doors are ideal for connecting your home to the outside world. When you open the doors, you create a straightforward opening to your garden. However, they’ll also protect you from the worst that nature can throw at you.

    For example, should there be a storm, water won’t be able to get through any cracks in the design and cause rust and wear. You’ll get a uPVC or aluminium frame which is fully weather-resistant. All you’ll need to do is wipe the frame down to keep it looking its best, too.

    Also, French doors are less expensive than sliding and bi-fold door designs. For a uPVC model, you could pay as little as £950. Aluminium versions can often cost between 15-20% higher, but in return, you’ll get additional security and improved insulation.

    That way, you’ll be able to save even more on your energy bills and make your conservatory more comfortable. French doors not only bring the outside in, but they can turn the performance of your space inside out.

    conservatory doors costs

    Conservatory Patio Doors

    Another option for your conservatory is patio doors. Patio doors sometimes referred to as sliding doors, are stunning designs that completely open up your home. Rather than French doors, which swing open, patio doors slide.

    That’s because they fit onto a space-conscious in-line slider. With these doors, you’ll be able to push and pull the door across to make it disappear. Then, you’ll have ample space for accessing either your conservatory or your garden through.

    Patio doors are particularly secure, too. The in-line slider hides several internal components which put you and your family’s safety first. The full section of double glazing attaches to the frame of the door with multi-point locking mechanisms.

    As a result, no burglar will be able to separate the glazing from your door. Additionally, the design features smart safety features that help you use the door every day. For example, weighted springs reduce the risk of getting your finger trapped when you close the doors, ideal for young families.

    Not only that, but patio doors are the ideal connecting door for your home. You’ll have a choice of a dual-panelled or single-panelled option, each with stunning double glazing. Because of this, you’ll be able to look into your conservatory with ease.

    The natural light and warmth it generates will also spread right across your home. Because of this, your patio doors can make your living space more open, more welcoming and warmer throughout the year. You won’t have to rely on your central heating to stay comfortable anymore.

    Conservatory Bi-Fold Doors

    If you’d like standout conservatory doors, then bi-fold designs are ideal for you. The bi-fold door uses innovative design to give your home a new focal point. Models like these work similarly to patio doors, in that they use an in-line slider.

    However, unlike patio doors, bi-fold doors have a multi-panelled design. When you want to open the doors, you can fold the panels in on each other, meaning the whole door collapses into the corner of a conservatory. The result is an entirely free space to access your home or garden through.

    Bi-fold doors give you more control of your home’s space. As conservatory doors, they can open the build to more light and fresh air, helping your whole home feel connected to nature.

    If you’d like some privacy every once in a while, though, bi-fold doors also work as a partition. You can choose bi-fold doors with no glass at all to create a wall you can install at will. Also, if you have any family members who suffer from mobility issues, a low-threshold option is available that makes the doors wheelchair friendly.

    Finally, bi-fold doors are a long-lasting option. With aluminium frames, they could perform for half a century. Not only that, but you won’t have to repaint or revarnish the doors to maintain their look. Any conservatory doors you decide to invest in are fully customisable so that you can create a bespoke design for your home.

    Bi-fold doors are the most expensive door of the options listed here, with prices starting at £1950 – around double the cost of French and patio doors. But, for their stunning design, the charge is worth it.

    conservatory doors prices

    Choosing Conservatory Doors Prices

    It can be hard to know if you’ve got the right deal for conservatory doors. However, choosing the right conservatory doors for you is straightforward when you work with Conservatory Online Prices.

    We offer doors for new builds or replacement doors for old ones, but they aren’t ours. Instead, we put you in touch with the trusted local installers in your area that can give you leading designs for less. Our network is full of high-quality companies, many of which have accreditations from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

    To find lower prices for conservatory doors in your area, use our online quote builder today. This tool is fully interactive, and you can use it to find doors and customise them to suit you.

    You can choose the style, shape and size, and also outfit your new entries with unique accessories, vibrant colours or authentic woodgrain finishes. No matter the door you come up with, we can provide you with a baseline price and refer you to our trusted network in seconds.

    If you’d like to find out more about conservatory doors or get advice from our team of experts, give us a call on 0800 124 4307 or fill in our online contact form.

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