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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Choosing a Timber Orangery

    A timber orangery will help you expand your home in terrific, traditional style. However, today many overlook timber as an option for your home. Most builds today use uPVC or aluminium frames instead. These materials are more durable, but they have a modern look that could be off-putting.

    If you live in a traditional home, and you want to preserve its style, timber is quite frankly the only choice. Not only that, but wooden frames stand out more than ever on today’s streets.

    Because of this, you can make an addition to your home that redefines how it looks and feels. If you live in a more modern property, you don’t have to miss out on stunning wooden frames either. With a timber orangery, you’ll be able to give your living space a touch of period quality.

    Also, there are plenty of customisable options available for your wooden frames. You can choose from cedar, oak, mahogany and more for a unique wood style, complemented with bold colours of your choice.

    Also, the performance of timber isn’t as lacking as many might suggest. You’ll be able to get insulation for your home that’s up there with the best materials, and sturdy timber can help you keep your home secure, too.

    And, when it comes to maintenance, you can find ways to make repainting and revarnishing timber straightforward. There are even some tips and tricks you can use to avoid doing it as often. So, because of all this, choosing a timber orangery could be a decision that changes your home forever.

    alternative to conservatory

    The Benefits of a Timber Orangery

    Getting a timber orangery can help you expand your home with a stunning new space. The whole build will have a sturdy timber structure, which means it’ll stand firmly for years to come. Also, modern wooden frames are becoming slimmer and slimmer, helping you let plenty of natural light into your living space.

    Your orangery will also feature advanced double glazing as standard. As a result, you can allow more natural warmth into your home too, while protecting your home from cold temperatures.

    Also, timber has a dense structure, meaning it can offer sturdy insulation. Cold air from outside will have a hard time entering your home, as the wood and double glazing work together to reduce gaps for it to come into your home through.

    When the temperatures do drop, you won’t have to experience it in your orangery. Instead, you’ll create a warm and comfortable space which you can use every day. Modern orangeries can use solid materials like brickwork in their design too, which offer superb insulation, privacy, and weather protection.

    In a timber orangery, you’ll be able to guarantee your security. From the moment you fit the space, the wooden frames can help protect you from any threats. With timber, you’ll create a deterrent for intruders and burglars that keeps them away.

    Also, if they try to target other parts of your orangery to break into, then they’ll experience the same problems. The glazing will attach to the frame with a multi-point locking system, and you can install durable doors and roofing to keep you and your family safe.

    Timber Orangery Design

    Perhaps the most significant benefit of a timber orangery, though, is the design. A timber space has a look that other homeowners dream of having. With one of these rooms in your home, you’ll be able to welcome your guests into a living space with spectacular traditional style.

    You can also get exposed timber panels within the room for a rustic look. Alternatively, choose timber for the outside of your orangery, and get the look of a classic log cabin.

    Timber makes your home appear more ‘lived-in’ than modern materials. uPVC and aluminium are sleek, but their clear frames make them seem almost inhuman. Timber, on the other hand, comes with natural cracks and dents, so you know your wood won’t be the same as anybody else’s.

    While you may have to maintain the frames more for them to retain their performance, it’s worth the time to achieve a classic appeal. Although a modern orangery looks like the future, a timber orangery tells a story of the past.

    Finally, if you live in a rural property, a listed building, or in a conservation area, timber is the ideal option. Planning authorities in this area often veto uPVC and aluminium designs. That’s because, in their view, modern designs damage the classic look of these buildings and neighbourhoods.

    Due to this, installing a timber orangery can help you avoid planning applications and further stress. Not only that, but one of these spaces can complement a traditional home or cottage perfectly.

    orangery doors

    How Does a Timber Orangery Compare Against Other Designs?

    A timber orangery is an excellent option for your home. However, you could choose a uPVC or aluminium design. Both of these are more durable than a wooden build and more long-lasting. But they don’t provide the unique look of timber and can stick out like a sore thumb in cottages and rural homes.

    uPVC is cheaper than wood to use, but it might not provide as much insulation. Alternatively, though, the material can perform for 30 years or more, so you can end up saving more energy in your home over time.

    Aluminium costs more than uPVC but provides a sleek look that brings any home into the future. Aluminium has more strength than timber, thanks to the fact it’s a precious metal. Because of this, you can get just as much security and protection from an aluminium orangery.

    You can also protect your home more from the weather, and you won’t have to repaint the frames either. Also, aluminium nor uPVC need regular maintenance, making them ideal for the homeowner who doesn’t want to work on their build.

    Maintaining a Timber Orangery

    However, if you’d like a new project in your home, a timber orangery can give you one. One drawback many people state about wood is the fact you need to repaint it regularly. In bad weather, rain and wind can damage the wood and cause any colours to fade, leaving the build appearing washed-out.

    However, this can be an opportunity for you to do some DIY work. Maintaining your timber orangery can help you change the look of your home, make the build last longer, and makes you feel more of a part of your new space.

    Maintaining the design isn’t as arduous as many suggest, either. The first thing to remember is that little and often is much better than a lot every year. If you keep seeing to the timber frames, they won’t suffer from excessive wear or weather damage.

    Instead, you’ll keep managing the beams, so they continue to perform for your home. Make sure to clean the wood without abrasive chemicals, as this can cause damage to the design. Also, if the room features a lot of double glazing, clean this as well to prevent mould and mildew.

    You won’t have to carry out extensive maintenance on the room. Instead of a weekly task, as it can often sound like, you won’t have to perform a full repaint more than every year or two. Every five years, wood needs a refresh anyway, so you’ll only be getting ahead of the inevitable.

    And, with a repaint, you’ll be able to choose a different coating and colour to make your new orangery stand out yet again. By doing this, you can turn your orangery into a natural, living part of your home, and it can benefit your home for a lifetime.

    Timber Orangery Prices

    A small timber orangery can cost anywhere between £15000-20000. Although that’s a high initial price, you’ll be getting a space that looks and feels like a natural part of your home. With timber frames, you’ll also get a traditional appeal that is impossible for other materials to match.

    And, as part of your quote with many suppliers, you can choose unique colours for the wood to create a bespoke extension. Furthermore, modern orangeries stay comfortable all year round, so you won’t be investing in a space that becomes an afterthought.

    Also, there’s a way you can save money on a timber orangery. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can find lower quotes for your design with trusted local suppliers. We put you in touch with an extensive network of companies in your area, meaning you don’t have to find them yourself.

    That way, we take the risk and stress out of your investment. You can work with a trusted team on your doorstep that won’t charge excessive travel costs or premiums. You’ll pay for a stunning orangery, and that’s that.

    Use our online quote builder today to get started. This tool has all the options you could ever want, so you can compare features until you find the unique timber orangery that’s right for your home.

    Then, we’ll provide an instant baseline quote for the design, and refer you to our network. Many of our suppliers have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. That way, you can trust in the quality of their builds.

    If you’d like to find out more, call our friendly team on 0800 124 4307 or fill in our online contact form today!

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