Cheap Conservatory Ideas

Aluminium Lean to Conservatory

You can invest in cheap conservatories that don’t cut corners on performance. While you may think getting a brilliant new space may cost a lot of money, modern conservatories are becoming more affordable. When you’re looking to install a new space, there’s plenty of methods which you can use to bring the price down and get a better deal. You could look to use cheaper materials, a less sophisticated design, or even choose to install it yourself. However, you may sacrifice the performance of your space.

Because of this, you can add a stunning new space to your home, fully fitted, for as little as £6000.

There are loads of ways you can get the cost down, so you make a more affordable investment. You can be smart with the design, using an open floorplan to make the dining room feel spacious, even with a smaller build.

Bungalow Conservatory

Also, you could find that you have a more straightforward installation if you choose a smaller build. Not only that, but planning permission most likely won’t be an issue if you follow the rules.

You also won’t have to make many compromises to keep costs low. There are a wide variety of conservatory styles you can choose from, with their initial prices still being affordable.

Even for bold, traditional builds, you can keep the costs down to around £10,000. Additionally, you can reduce the cost even further if you have an older conservatory that you want to convert into a modern design.

With multiple ways to customise your build too, you can save money on all aspects of your build. As well as making it smaller, you could choose slightly more affordable choices that still give your home an upgrade in performance.

Conservatory Kitchen Extension

No matter your ideas, however, you’ll be able to ensure you invest in cheap conservatories, so you expand your home without breaking the bank.

How Do You Find Cheap Conservatories?

Cheap conservatories can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look. For the most part, you have to end up searching for a supplier on your own, which takes up a lot of time. Not only that, but you can’t guarantee the quality of their service, and they could charge you an excessive price.

As a result, finding an installer on your own can be risky. Additionally, your installers could charge a high premium for them fitting your new space. And, if you decide to go with a reputable national installer, you may have to spend more money on their travel costs to bring them to your area.

Lean To Aluminium Conservatory

They’ll carry out technical surveys and perform the base work, but they could also charge extra for these necessary planning steps as well, making the overall price unclear.

But you can get more clarity on the costs when you work with Conservatory Online Prices.

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Instead of finding a supplier yourself, we can put you in touch with a network of trusted local installers.

They’ll also install your space and carry out technical surveys as part of your quote, and there’ll be fewer travel costs to pay too.

conservatory refurbishment

Also, they’ll be more likely to negotiate the price of your conservatory to win your custom.

As a result, you can get cheap conservatories and reduce the cost in other areas as well.

Because of this, if you already have a budget in mind, you can invest more in the decorations, or customisable features.

cheap conservatories

In many conservatories, you can even add colours and finishes to the glazing, frames, roofing and flooring, so you create a unique space that reflects your home’s style.

What are the Cheapest Conservatories?

The first decision you might make when adding a new conservatory to your home is the style of the build. There are multiple options available: some are traditional designs that have a timeless quality, whereas some options are sleek and modern. The pricing can change depending on the style you go for, as well as the size of the build. However, many of these designs are affordable, cost-effective conservatories.

The cheapest conservatories you can invest in, generally, are lean-to designs. Lean-to conservatories are more modern builds than the more classical Victorian and Edwardian styles.

Aluminium Lean to Conservatory

The main difference is that lean-tos have a flat roof, unlike the pitched roofs of many other conservatories. While they’re often smaller, this means they fit more snugly in smaller homes, and they’re ideal for bungalows too. The lean-to is the most affordable conservatory as well, available as a fully fitted installation from as low as £6000, and as low as £4500 for refurbishment.

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But you don’t have to choose a lean-to to save money. Instead, you can choose the Victorian or Edwardian styles. These spaces are incredibly popular for their traditional look, design and their price as well, with the typical price for a Victoria conservatory starting at around £10,000.

However, for the added investment, you’ll get decorative features in the roofing, and a dramatic bay front in the Victorian option. Also, you don’t have to spend less on cheap conservatories to save money.

If you can afford to, you can spend more to improve the space’s performance and energy saving. Because of this, you’ll be able to cut costs more by choosing glazing with high energy ratings, a durable frame like aluminium and robust roofing. That way, you can make your conservatory cheaper to run.

Bungalow Conservatory

Alternatively, you could choose the Edwardian style. Edwardian designs are similar to Victorian ones but have fewer decorations and a square shape. That means you’ll get more space on the floor and greater flexibility in how you can use the room. Edwardian conservatories typically cost around the same as the Victoria style, with prices starting at the £9,500-£10,000 mark.

Tiled Conservatory

What is the Cheapest Conservatory Roof?

A significant part of getting cheap conservatories is choosing affordable roofing. Your roof is a considerable part of the design and makes a crucial difference in how it channels energy.

conservatory roof

The cheapest conservatory roof is a polycarbonate option. This material, however, isn’t a brilliant material for your roof, and the lack of insulation can lead to you losing and gaining heat very quickly.

A glass roof is another alternative. Glass can cost as little as £2500 to fit in your roof and opens your entire conservatory up to loads of natural light. Also, your glazing will feature better insulation than polycarbonate.

insulating conservatory roof prices

That way, you won’t have to worry about your space being a freezer in winter and a furnace in summer. You can even choose obscured glass to reduce glare too.

However, you can also select from solid or tiled options. While these can cost around double the price of a glazed roof, you’ll be investing in much better security and privacy. Also, if you want a blend of light and shade, you can partially use these materials, leaving parts of the roof glazed.

Although you’ll pay more initially, these durable roofs insulate your space terrifically, ensuring it stays comfortable throughout the year.

How to Lower Your Conservatory Costs

You can cut the cost even further when you invest in cheap conservatories. That’s because you can customise almost every aspect of the design.

From dimensions to materials and even colours (which can affect the price!), you’ll be able to make little savings everywhere. There are plenty of small changes you can make to the design that can make a big difference.

One smart way of saving money on your conservatory is to check which of your windows need openings. Of course, it’s crucial to be able to ventilate your space, particularly in the summer.

However, if you have glazing all around the build, you’ll only need to open specific parts to get the fresh air you need. Being selective with openers means you’ll save money on a space that still feels natural.

Another way to cut costs is to do some of the base work on your build yourself. For example, if you know where you want to place your conservatory already, you can clear the ground and make it ready on your own.

That way, you won’t have to pay as much to installers to carry out the work for you. But, with Conservatory Online Prices, the fitters in our network will do this for free as part of your quote.

7 tips to Get a Cheap Conservatory

You can cut the cost of your conservatory in a variety of ways. When you’re looking to install a new space, there’s plenty of methods which you can use to bring the price down and get a better deal. You could look to use cheaper materials, a less sophisticated design, or even choose to install it yourself. However, you may sacrifice the performance of your space.

1. Get a Supply Only Quotes and Opt for a DIY Conservatory

One of the best ways to save money on installing a conservatory is to do it yourself. If you’re a builder, or you want to challenge yourself, then it makes sense to want to fit the new space on your own. However, while it’s much cheaper to do this, the process is extremely complicated and can cause more headaches and stress than it’s worth.

2. Choose the Right Dimensions

One way you can drive costs down is by being careful with the size of your new space. When you extend your home, you could go for a grand design with a large floorplan to make your home much bigger. However, if you’re careful with how you choose to expand your space, you can still get the same feeling of endlessness without the added cost.

3. Choose Energy-Efficient Double Glazing

To cut the cost of your conservatory, you won’t only be able to make savings initially. A crucial way of saving money is to make sure your new space uses energy-saving materials. By making sure that you do invest in advanced double glazing and durable frames, you can make sure your structure has insulation that can reduce your energy usage.

4. Choose uPVC Over Timber

Getting the right structures can also help you cut the cost of your conservatory. Not only can you save money on the initial price, but they can also help you to save money over time. While there are a few choices for the material from which you can build them, uPVC offers a great balance between durability and price.

5. Cut the Cost of your Conservatory by Replacing the Roof

Alternatively, in some cases, you don’t need to get a brand-new conservatory at all. If you already have one in your home, but it isn’t performing to your liking, you can save money by merely replacing parts of it. The most impactful way of transforming your current space into a warm and comfortable one is by replacing its roof.

6. Add Brickwork to Your Current Conservatory

As well as replacing parts of your current build, you can add elements that give your conservatory better performance for less than a new one. Our network of suppliers can offer you brickwork features that you can either fit in or around your space. As a result, you can add robust security and protect the conservatory from the weather.

7. Cut the Cost of Your Conservatory with Conservatory Online Prices

What if you could cut the cost of your conservatory without having to compromise? Rather than fit a design that’s anything less than perfect, you can work with Conservatory Online Prices to install your dream build for less. Because we put you in touch with several trusted suppliers, you can get the big picture and compare quotes to get a better deal.

Small Conservatory Prices

To add a small, cheap conservatory to your home, you could pay as little as £6000. However, if you want a larger build, a more traditional style, or to add any extra features, the price can rise.

But the price can fall as well; if you already have a conservatory in your home but it isn’t performing how you’d like it to, you can refurbish it with a host of replacement options for less cost than a new build.

Making your conservatory smaller can also reduce the price. You won’t have to feel cramped in your new space either, as you can add glazing to let light flood your home.

Also, you can choose a conservatory design with a square floorplan, which gives you as much space as possible and flexibility to use your new conservatory for a variety of purposes.

But for cheap conservatories that are still proven to perform, using Conservatory Online Prices to make your investment is the ideal choice. You can save money on going direct to a supplier, as well as time.

You’ll be able to work with a trusted local installer, who’ll charge less for their services. And, finally, most of our suppliers have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, so you’ll get a high-quality build no matter what.

Conservatory Cost Calculator

Add cheap conservatories that don’t break the bank with Conservatory Online Prices today!

Use our interactive conservatory calculator to get instant, free, and no-obligation quotes online. Choose each aspect of your new build and compare their prices, so you stay within your budget.

That way, you can mix and match materials and features to create a bespoke conservatory that’s as unique as you are.

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