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Changing Conservatory to Extension

Have you recently moved into a property with a conservatory? Are you considering upgrading a conservatory with an extension? If you are thinking of changing your conservatory to an extension, then there are a few steps you must consider first.

What is an Extension?

An extension is an additional element adding to your home to create more living space. Homeowners usually opt for a single storey house extension; however, they can be made into a double storey if required. A house extension is a more cost effective way to add value to your home and to extend your existing property to create a larger home. Homeowners may choose to extend their property due to a growing family or want to add value to their property for future selling.

What Defines an Extensions?

When comparing with a conservatory, an extension is a subtle “extended” element in your home. Whereas, a conservatory is usually noticeably an extra addition.

Changing Conservatory to Extension

Can a Conservatory Be Changed into an Extension?

A conservatory can be changed into an extension. The way you do this is highly dependant on how much you wish to pay and what you wish to change.

What are the Options for Changing Conservatory to Extension?

There are a variety of options available for upgrading your conservatory, depending on what you require upgrading. You may only wish to replace your glazing or roof as opposed to replacing the entire conservatory structure. However, if you do replace the whole conservatory, it may be advisable to consider a full house extension.

How Much of your Conservatory Do you Wish to Change?

If you wish to re-glaze your conservatory, you may opt for replacing the glass panels with a brick conservatory to enhance the thermal efficiency in your home. Replacing the conservatory roof is another way of improving issues with a conservatory, in a costlier manner. Replacing your conservatory with an extension is another way to resolve the problems you are having with your old conservatory.

How to Know When it’s Time to Upgrade your Conservatory?

When it is time to upgrade an old conservatory, there are several attributes that you will notice. It is important to maintain your conservatory over time, which will prevent the need to replace it before the expected lifespan. However, an extension can provide you with a larger living space that does not need as much maintenance over time.


Recognising the outside temperature more is one of the most obvious ways to know your conservatory is not performing the way it should. Latest technologies keep conservatories cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat away. Whereas older, outdated conservatories weren’t built this way, and over time you may find your conservatory is extra hot in summer and even colder in the winter.

Thermal Efficiency

Having significantly higher energy costs than in previous years is another way you will notice your conservatory needs replacement.

On-Trend Colours

When the time comes that you wish to sell your property, you may want to keep your home up with the latest trends. This may involve changing colours of your conservatory to suit your home better to make your conservatory more appealing. A way of doing this is to replace your conservatory with either an extension or a brick conservatory with a tiled roof.

replacement conservatory roof

Benefits of an Extension

There are a vast number of reasons as to why homeowners may opt for changing their conservatories to an extension:

Add Value to your Home

An extension can add far more value to your home than a conservatory. Whether you are opting to add a new kitchen extension or dining area in a single storey extension. Adding any square footage to your home in the form of an extension is almost guaranteed to boost the value of your home.

Warmer Home

Due to the more insulating layers that an extension offers, you will benefit from a warmer home.

Noise Reduction

Further to stronger, thicker insulating layers involved in an extension, you will also find that you will benefit from more noise reduction.

Larger Living Space

A conservatory is made to feel like an additional room in your home but is usually separated by internal doors to help keep the heat inside your home. Whereas, an extension can be however you wish for it to be within your property. Whether you wish for it to be an extended kitchen extension or as more of an orangery extension.

Two Storeys

Unlike a conservatory, a house extension can be made into more than one storey. This can help you benefit from not only an extension to the downstairs of your home but upstairs too. This could create an additional bedroom or another bathroom. For growing families, an extension could be a more cost effective, practical solution to getting a larger home than moving.

More Options for Space

An extension can provide you with more options with where you locate your extension or what size your extension needs to be.

Ultraframe Extensions

Things to Consider When Changing Conservatory to Extension

Planning permission

You may require planning permission to change conservatory to extension. Most extensions are not covered by the permitted development, and some condition must be met if you wish to build an extension. It is recommended that a planning application is submitted to ensure you abide by the correct regulations.

Changing Conservatory to Extension Cost

The cost to have a new single storey extension installed would be around £1,200 and £1,500 per square metre on average.

To replace an existing conservatory to an extension, the cost will be highly dependant on whether you are knocking the entire conservatory down or simply replacing the elements.

Conservatory online prices can help you to find a more accurate quote for your conservatory and extension needs. Use our online quote calculator to help start changing your conservatory to your dream extension.

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