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    Can an Orangery Become a Kitchen Extension?

    Can an orangery become a kitchen extension? Absolutely, and for less money too! With an orangery, you’ll be able to extend the space inside your home. Not only that, but you’ll have more possibilities for how you use it.

    An orangery is an ideal middle ground between a conservatory and extension. You get the brightness of the former, but with the strength and security of the latter. You’ll be investing in a room that stays warm throughout the year, weatherproof throughout the seasons, and secure throughout the day.

    One of the benefits of an orangery is that you can use it more freely. Unlike a conservatory, which has limited uses, you can turn your orangery into a series of spaces. For example, you can use more solid walls and roofing to create a private home office with excellent sound insulation.

    Alternatively, you could choose floor-to-ceiling glass for a bright, open social space that is at one with your garden. You’ll have the option to customise your orangery to suit your needs precisely. There are unique doors, roofs, floors and more to select, and a series of colours and finishes for a splash of personality.

    You may think an extension, though, is the only way to expand your home more meaningfully. For example, you can turn an extension into a new living room, annexe, or even a kitchen. However, an orangery can become a conservatory kitchen extension too! You can install appliances on solid walls, including ovens and hobs, with space still left for a dining table.

    And, with the option of roof lanterns, you can turn every mealtime in your home memorable. Not only that, but an orangery is more affordable than an extension to build. That way, you’ll cook up a sweet deal for your kitchen.

    orangery designs

    Why Create an Orangery Kitchen Extension?

    Turning an orangery into a kitchen extension creates new space in two ways. Not only will you have a bright, brand-new room in your home, but you can free up the other rooms in your living space too. Cooking can often feel cramped in UK homes, with small kitchens and tightly-packed appliances.

    Also, the dining area and kitchen are usually separate, meaning you have to use two rooms to eat when you could only use one. And, if you have a table in your living room, you sacrifice a lot of the space you have to relax. When it comes to family mealtimes, these aren’t the ingredients for success.

    With an orangery that becomes a kitchen extension, you’ll have one space for supper. That means you can clear the cumbersome table away from your living room and completely repurpose your current kitchen. As a result, your living space will be more open, helping you and your family use it more freely.

    Additionally, you won’t have to build a complete extension, which can take months to complete. These builds use plenty of double glazing in its design. With the option of fully-glazed connecting doors, you can let natural light flood your living room as well as your new kitchen.

    An orangery is even more ideal for a kitchen extension in some ways. Originally, these designs took their inspiration from the Meditteranean and were spaces for growing fruit. That means food is a part of their history, and it can be a part of your home’s future too.

    These builds have outdoor living firmly in mind too, and you can choose doors that open fully, making your home feel like a part of nature. That means, in the summers, you can get a slice of a la carte living in your orangery kitchen extension.

    Orangery Kitchen Extension Designs

    An orangery uses less double glazing than a conservatory. Instead, it relies on more robust materials to give the design strength and insulation. In your new space, you’ll get a choice of solid walls that keep you warm, block out sound, and are weatherproof. However, these walls could also be the ideal place for your new kitchen.

    If you use your orangery as a kitchen extension, you can connect it to your mains electricity through the walls. That way, you could build a solid wall for your main appliances, and use glass across the rest of the design. That way, you get a perfect blend of light and warmth, and you save floor space too.

    An orangery uses a square floorplan in most cases, meaning you get plenty of space. Because of this, you could create a full kitchen diner, keeping food in one place in your home. Around your table, you can design your orangery around it as a centrepiece.

    You’ll have the option of stunning sliding and bi-fold doors with full double glazing sections that let light pour into your living space, and customisable roofs too. You could get a full glass roof, a tiled roof with partial glazing, a solid roof with LED lighting and speakers with smart-connectivity, or a roof lantern for a skylight to look up at in wonder with your meal.

    orangery kitchen extension cost

    Orangery Kitchen Extension Costs

    An orangery costs around £2,000-2,500 per square metre on average. Because of this, you could expect to pay around £18,000 for a smaller design. For a spacious kitchen extension, you could pay a bit more, and the cost of new appliances like ovens might also add to the price. However, by using an orangery to create a new kitchen extension, you’ll still be saving money.

    That’s because an extension costs a lot more to build, and it won’t be as bright or open as an orangery can be for your home. You can even make your orangery blend into your home as naturally as an extension, with the option of solid roofing and brickwork colour matching for a seamless fit.

    As part of the price of your orangery, you’ll get much more than a new kitchen. Orangeries bring your home much closer to nature, and you can make your garden more accessible. Sliding and bi-fold doors come with low-threshold options, reducing the clearance of the doors.

    When you open them, the doors will disappear into the corner of the room and leave no obstacle for people to climb over. As a result, if you have family members with mobility issues, they can enter your garden with ease. An orangery kitchen extension can open outward to a patio or decking too, meaning dining on the terrace is no longer a dream.

    Orangery Kitchen Extension Planning Permission

    One worry you might have about using your orangery as a kitchen extension could be the amount of space you need. That could be because of planning permission rules. However, you won’t have to worry about different regulations for your new space.

    An orangery falls under the same set of rules as a conservatory, meaning you won’t need to go through any extra hassle. You can work with a local planning expert, or your installer, to design your orangery to meet the rules.

    Most orangery designs fall under ‘permitted development’ rules, but it’s always helpful to check. There are some quirks in planning law that it’s easy to miss. For example, you can only use half of the land around the ‘original house’ for a new orangery kitchen extension.

    The ‘original house’ is not your current home, but rather the home you live in as it stood on the 1st of July, 1948. Because of this, you should check with previous owners if they’ve extended the property before, as this could affect your application.

    Orangery Kitchen Extension Installers

    Turning an orangery into a kitchen extension is a great investment for your home. However, that’s only true with the right installers. Working with the wrong ones is easier than you may think, and you could end up with an incomplete orangery in a worst-case scenario.

    Due to this, working with a company you can trust is simple. The best way to guarantee that is to work with a big national brand. But even these companies aren’t the best option. While they have a strong reputation, they have larger overheads to cover, and they’ll charge premiums on cost and travel that raise the cost by thousands.

    With Conservatory Online Prices, though, getting an orangery to become your new kitchen extension is more affordable. That’s because, rather than you risk searching for a local supplier yourself, you can use our network of them to find a trusted trader on your doorstep.

    You can speak to several companies in your local area to negotiate the best deal and do it at your own pace. You’ll be in control of the whole process. Also, many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, so you can get peace of mind working with us.

    orangery kitchen extension prices

    Orangery Kitchen Extension Prices

    Turn an orangery into a kitchen extension for less with Conservatory Online Prices today!

    All you have to do to start the process is to fill out our online contact form. Then, one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as they can and help you at every step of the way.

    If you’d like to find out more about turning an orangery into a kitchen extension with us, call Conservatory Online Prices today on 0800 124 4307.

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