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    Can A Conservatory Be Used As A Bedroom?

    You can use an orangery as a new bedroom for your home. Orangeries have a balance of light and warmth, thanks to their blend of glazing, brickwork pillars, and insulated pelmets. Because of this, these spaces can open up your home to nature during the day. However, they could also close you off to the world when you want to sleep at night.

    Bedroom space is often at a premium when you buy a home. You might have two kids sharing or want a guest room, so people don’t have to sleep on the couch when they come by. An orangery can become a purpose-built bedroom, meaning you don’t have to put a bed in a room with another purpose, and it’ll cost a lot less to build than a new house extension.

    Your orangery could be brilliant as a bedroom. You can design the whole space to suit your needs at night, with features like blackout blinds, a solid conservatory roof, and soft, plush flooring. And, during the day, you can be smart with your space and invest in furniture and bedding you can fold away, meaning you get a warm room to enjoy the day inside as well.

    With an orangery, you can free up space inside your home, connect more seamlessly to your garden, and even save money on your energy bills. If you already have a conservatory, you can convert that to an orangery for less cost than a new build as well. Because of this, it’s never been a better time to give your home the new bedroom it needs and deserves.

    If you want to get an orangery that can be used as a bedroom for less, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices to save on a bespoke design today!

    can a conservatory be used as a bedroom

    Can An Conservatory Be A Bedroom?

    With a new orangery, you could create a brand-new bedroom for your home. While it isn’t the most common use for an orangery, it’s more than a possibility. A benefit of orangery design is that these spaces are versatile, much more so than a conservatory. Orangeries have a more durable design, thanks to the increased use of brickwork and other solid materials.

    Your build should also come with insulated pelmets, which help to keep cold air well away from your orangery in the winter. Not only that, advanced glazing and durable brickwork work together to reflect heat away from the room in summer. As a result, you could settle down for a good night’s sleep at the right temperature all year round.

    Your orangery will be able to perform as a working bedroom for your home with ease. Because of modern doors and glazing, your new space will be secure. Your build should feature multi-point locking systems across the design as standard, and you can get doors with low-threshold options to make your home easier to access for your family and harder for intruders.

    Finally, you don’t just have to use your orangery as a bedroom. Because these spaces can be so bright and airy, you can use them as social spaces or even a working area during the day. All you have to do is invest in bedding furniture that you can neatly fold away or use for multiple purposes. Your floorspace will be clear quickly, meaning you can enjoy your orangery fully at every hour of the day.

    orangery room

    Designing an Conservatory as A Bedroom

    So, how would you turn your orangery into a room able to be used as a bedroom? For a start, you’d need to be able to cut off the light source in the room without covering up the glazing. As a result, blackout blinds are a brilliant addition. You can pull them up during the day to let light pour into your orangery, but you can also put them up if you’d like to maintain your privacy or have a lie-in.

    However, it’s always nice to wake up to a stunning view. As a result, a great investment could be a lantern orangery. Designs like these have roof lanterns as standard, vaulted glass skylights with slimline aluminium supports that provide stunning views of the sky. You’ll always wake up to something memorable with a roof lantern above you.

    Your orangery will also need to be used day and night to be a working bedroom. Due to this, getting the right lighting is crucial. Fortunately, you have several options: in-built LED lighting in a solid conservatory roof, impressive fixtures like chandeliers that hang from the ceiling, and even side lamps that can go on new tables or bedside drawers.

    You might not want a hard floor under you in case you fall out of bed, or you want to maintain the room’s insulation. Carpet flooring could be a good option, then, while timber laminate flooring can keep your feet warm if you’d like a harder surface. With options like underfloor heating and a dwarf wall, you can also make sure heat doesn’t escape your new orangery from underneath you.

    orangery room cost

    How Much Does a Bedroom Conservatory Cost?

    An orangery costs around £22,000 on average, but it might cost a little more to become a bedroom. You’ll need to make sure the design has superb insulation, meaning investing in high-quality glazing, doors and most certainly a solid or tiled conservatory roof. Not only that, but you’ll want it to be spacious too, increasing the cost.

    Compared to building a house extension to fit your new bedroom in, though, you’ll still save money. A bedroom extension can cost as much as £2,500 per square metre for a high-end design, meaning the price could soar as the design emerges. By investing in a bedroom orangery, you can get that additional space while saving money and time, and you could benefit from better lighting as well.

    You could save money on turning an orangery into a new bedroom as well. One way is to manage the project yourself, although it can be difficult making sure the build meets planning rules and doesn’t cause any issues on your property. Due to this, finding a trusted installer to manage the project is still worth the money, despite the additional cost.

    However, finding an installer who’ll fit a high-quality orangery without the high price isn’t so easy. National brands often charge high premiums and hefty travel costs to do the work, and some local providers don’t have quality designs or could be looking to scam you. You can also compare orangery prices, but finding those quotes on your own could take days or even weeks.

    Can An Conservatory Become a Bedroom For Less?

    With Conservatory Online Prices, getting an orangery and turning it into a useful room for your home is simple and straightforward.

    All you have to do is use our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team. From there, we can put you in touch with the best local suppliers near you. We cover the whole UK, meaning you’ll find several nearby, and each one can offer competitive prices for high-quality orangeries. You can compare their offers to save up to 40%, and many of them are Checkatrade and Which? members.

    For further information and advice, you can also get in touch with our friendly team by calling 0800 124 4307. We can’t wait to help you invest in an orangery that could become a brilliant new bedroom for your home!

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