Bungalow Flat Roof Extension

If you want to expand your bungalow, a flat roof extension is an affordable way of doing it. Your bungalow extension will update your home with its sleek, modern styling, as well as its advanced materials and designs.

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If you live in an older bungalow, then chances are your home may be small and lack space and light. But with a flat roof extension, you can turn your home into one that works for you.

A flat roof extension uses a roof with no pitch. As such, these structures are ideal for installing in bungalows for a variety of reasons.

For a start, the flatter roof means your new space won’t extend higher than your home, meaning it’ll meet building regulations.

Also, a flatter roof is easier to install, meaning it could be a more affordable investment.

These designs are almost stand-alone structures, only connected to your home through the existing eaves. That way, your extension will support itself, and it won’t weigh your bungalow down.

However, you can make sure you feel the benefits of your brand-new room by installing connecting doors, windows and a superb roofing option. As a result, you’ll make your home brighter, warmer and more welcoming.

Aluminium Lean to Conservatory

Also, the benefits that a flat roof extension can give you are incredible. You’ll be able to add space in your existing home, freeing up other rooms. Not only that, but you’ll be able to use stunning materials in your new build that take advantage of the latest in home improvement tech.

Because of your investment, you’ll create a more efficient home, meaning you can save money on your household bills too.

Bungalow Flat Roof Extension Benefits

If you live in an old bungalow, you may feel like you and your family have outgrown it. These homes don’t have a lot of space, and can also grow cold and uncomfortable in the winter months.

That’s because many of these homes don’t have wall insulation, and they also use outdated materials in their windows and doors. These poor designs mean your home’s heat escapes and cold air can replace it with ease.

By getting a flat roof extension, you can create a space which has none of these problems. Not only that, but the performance of these builds have knock-on benefits for the rest of your home, improving your existing space in many aspects.

Flat roof extensions have terrific insulation, as you can build them with robust brickwork, or advanced glazing that traps heat between the panes.

As a result, you’ll protect your home from cold weather. Modern extensions are entirely weatherproof, so wind and rain won’t affect your living space or the overall structure.

Also, you’ll get outstanding security features as well. When you add windows, doors and other features to your extension, you can be sure they’ll come with durable materials, internal hardware and locking systems that keep your family safe.

Finally, your extension can bring your bungalow into the future. With energy bills on the rise and the climate crisis growing, it’s vital to make your home sustainable for the years ahead.

That’s why getting a flat roof extension is so important. They’ll not only help you improve your energy usage, but they’ll also reduce your waste. You could even install solar glazing in the extension, so you begin to generate your own energy.

Flat Roof Extension Design

When it comes to your bungalow, flat roof extension design can suit whatever style you have. If you have a 1970s bungalow with clean lines that suit more modern features, you can design an advanced extension with plenty of glazing.

However, if you live in an older design, then you can also customise your extension to suit the traditional features. Crucially, all the choices are in your hands.

You can either choose to match your existing design or contrast it entirely with a bold new structure. If you want to match your bungalow, then you can select brickwork that matches your property precisely.

Additionally, you can get traditional windows, like sliding sash, and French doors that have a timeless style.

However, if you want to transform your old bungalow totally, you can. Choose from advanced doors that open for a seamless pathway to your garden like bi-folding doors, and ceiling-to-floor glazing with sleek lines and gorgeous views.

You’ll have the room to create a large design as well, as many bungalows have extensive gardens which give you more usable space.

In any case, you’ll be able to create the flat roof extension of your dreams. That’s because you can customise almost every aspect of your new build.

From the dimensions and the shape to the colours and finishes of the windows and doors, you’ll control the entire design. Additionally, you can modify your flat roof in several ways to make it the new centrepiece of your home.

Flat Roof Extension Materials

A flat roof is incredibly useful for a bungalow extension. With a lower ridge, you’ll have a more straightforward installation that saves you money and time. As well as that, the roof won’t extend higher than your bungalow, meaning you can meet planning permission rules.

But your roof plays an even more crucial role in how your space performs. There are several materials to choose from so that it suits your home.

Glass Flat Roof

Glass roofs are the most affordable of these options. In these roofs, you’ll get multiple panels of either double or triple glazing. The glass will trap heat inside your space and also ensure the room doesn’t get too hot, ensuring you stay comfortable all year round.

However, the glazing can leave you feeling exposed, and can also lead to more intense glare that makes it more challenging to see in your extension.

Solid Flat Roof

An alternative option is to install a roof with robust materials, like slate and concrete. These give you much more shading, meaning you’ll have control of the lighting in your extension.

Also, you’ll get brilliant sound insulation and privacy, ensuring you can enjoy your new extension in peace, and with peace of mind. You can also add a roof lantern, which adds a slightly vaulted panel of glazing that offers beautiful overhead views.

Tiled Flat Roof

Tiled roofing is also brilliant for a flat roof extension. You’ll get lightweight tiles that’ll stick together firmly, ensuring security and that no draughts or dampness can get through.

These designs won’t place a strain on your extension, so it’ll continue to maintain its structural integrity. For added lighting control, you can also choose a partially tiled roof, creating glazing sections where you want them.

Flat Roof Extension Planning Permission

Often, building an extension can require planning permission. But if you have a bungalow and you invest in a flat roof extension, you’re more likely to get around the regulations.

Bungalows often have extensive gardens, meaning you can build more substantial space without needing to go through as much red tape. Also, a flat roof ensures you’ll meet height restrictions.

Some of the main rules for a bungalow flat roof extension include:

  • The extension cannot be higher than 4 metres
  • The extension cannot be higher than the highest point of your bungalow
  • You can build an extension up to 8 metres long at the rear of your bungalow (6 metres if you live in a semi-detached
  • Your extension cannot take up more than half the land around your home
  • Your extension cannot be larger than half of your current home

If you want to avoid planning permission, then following these simple rules can make it more likely. Also, you can work with an expert installer to carry out a technical survey of your property before you begin to ensure you get the installation right.

By fitting a flat roof extension around your bungalow though, you’ll have slightly more leeway to build the room of your dreams.

Flat Roof Extension Prices

A flat roof extension can cost as little as £14,500 to install in your bungalow. But the prices can rise depending on the dimensions, the doors, the windows and the roof.

Installing a flat roof, however, can help you save some money on the initial build. Flat roofs cost less than pitched roofs, but offer similar performance and can use the same materials.

Because of that, the average price of a house extension is between £24,225-37,485. While that may seem like a costly initial investment, it can save you money down the line, thanks to its efficiency, lighting and performance.

Not only will you be able to save on heating and electricity, but you can also get the home of your dreams right where you are, without having to move away to find it.

You can also save money by using Conservatory Prices UK’s innovative services. We offer a free, online flat roof extension cost calculator, which you can use to choose every part of your new build.

You’ll get an instant online quote for free, and then we’ll put you in touch with a network of trusted suppliers, many of whom are Which? Trusted Traders and Checkatrade members.

You can compare several of their prices to get the best deal for an extension that suits your style and your budget. They’ll install your flat roof extension as part of your quote, and carry out technical surveys so you can meet building regulations too.

That way, you can make a confident investment in your bungalow with a beautiful, affordable flat roof extension.

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