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Bungalow Extensions

After more space in your bungalow? A bungalow extension could be ideal for you. If you are happy with your location, moving just isn’t an option. Not to mention the stress, costs and added fees involved with moving property.Bungalow extensions offer the perfect solution. Not only that, a rear bungalow extension can give you the chance to think of all sorts of ideas for your home.Your rear bungalow extension ideas could open up your home to better views and boost that inside-outside connection.

A bungalow is ideal for a rear extension, no matter your ideas. They provide all your rooms on one level and generally come with a good-sized plot and garden.If you want bungalow extensions, though, they can be expensive. All of your rear, side or front bungalow extension ideas could add to the price as well, with larger builds and more unique features raising the overall cost of your bungalow extension.

According to Checkatrade, the average cost of a bungalow extension is £1,875 per square metre. However, so many decisions can cause that price to rise and fall. If you go for front or rear bungalow extension ideas, choose a large build or a small one, or install with a larger company, all of these choices affect your bungalow extension cost.With Conservatory Online Prices, though, you can compare quotes for bungalow extensions from local installers using our bungalow extension cost calculator to save money. Your bungalow extension will be affordable and installed brilliantly by a trusted local team. Get in touch with us today to find out more and explore bungalow rear extension ideas!

Bungalows Are Rare

When it comes to new builds, developers tend to favour multi-storey homes. This is because they are keen to maximise the number of houses built on one site.

However, this doesn’t mean that the demand or popularity of bungalows has diminished. A bungalow rear extension has the potential to provide a completely bespoke home extension, meaning there are limitless ideas and possibilities to explore. Additionally, a bungalow extension is very attractive to families and retirees.

In a challenging market, its properties in short supply which hold their value. This is where a bungalow extension comes into its own.

Why Get a Bungalow Extension?

A single storey bungalow extension can be the perfect way to create extra living space in your bungalow. Given the age of many bungalows, your home could be under-performing.

A rear bungalow extension is a good opportunity to improve its performance as well as the look of the property, putting your ideas at the forefront of your home.

A rear bungalow extension can be adapted to suit anyone’s needs and can present you with some really great design opportunities and ideas.

Creating a bungalow extension can create a very valuable property. Planners are often very accommodating when it comes to those looking to get a bungalow extension.

Bungalow Extension Ideas

Whether you’re considering side return extension or rear bungalow extension ideas, bungalow extensions will provide you with the perfect space for an open plan living area.

However, you will have to consider what your new rear or side return bungalow extension will be used for. A bungalow extension that will be visible from the road for example, will need more consideration in terms of suitable glazing options and lighting schemes.

You want your bungalow extension to enhance your living space but also be practical. For example, a new bedroom next to a noisy kitchen is clearly not ideal.

You will want any social spaces in your bungalow extension leading off in one direction, creating separate areas or ‘wings’ in place of two storeys. You will also want to consider natural light and low rooflines as part of your rear bungalow extension ideas.

Bungalow Roofs

For bungalow extensions, a flat roof design is often the ideal solution. It will connect to your existing bungalow beneath the eaves. Introducing a flat roof is one of the simplest solutions but it needs to be handled carefully so it doesn’t look out of place with your existing structure.

The bungalow extension will be self-supporting so no extra support will be required from the existing building. The bungalow extension can be attached to the existing house but this option is often trickier to achieve.

It’s also possible to have a new flat roof join at the same level as the existing eaves in your bungalow extension. However this can be tricky to achieve structurally and can make the joining look a bit awkward in your bungalow extension.

The flat roof would be added as a stand-alone element, with the new roof slid under the existing eaves. This would be the most successful way in which to install a new flat roof if that’s one of your bungalow rear extension ideas.

A monopitch roof can be used to fall toward the existing eaves of your bungalow extension, and they can also help increase the area of glazing. A monopitch, ideally, will sit independently of your existing roof.

A bungalow extension with a monopitch roof or designs that fall towards the existing eaves can also work well. Another equally popular option is a dual pitched roof for rear or side return bungalow extension ideas.

Don’t be afraid to change your current arrangement. Identify the parts of your bungalow with the best views and use this as a starting point to think of bungalow rear extension ideas.

If you hate shutting yourself away and using separate rooms for different activities, then an open plan space is perfect for your bungalow extension. It’s a great way to eat, read, cook and entertain in interconnected but separate parts of a single, large space.

Rear Bungalow Extension Ideas

A rear bungalow extension is more often that not seen as a permitted development.

Double glazed sliding or bi-folding doors will work really well as one of your rear bungalow extension ideas. They will help improve light as well as making the garden an extension of your dining or living area.

These modern doors are perfect for a bungalow extension that can update your existing home.

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Enhance Light

You will want to look at reducing unnecessary areas such as corridors in your bungalow extension. Many post-war bungalows have long, dark corridors which were designed to separate sleeping quarters.

This means that there is often a lack of natural light within the home, particularly in central spaces. Rooflights are one of the best bungalow rear extension ideas, bringing natural light into the home.

Bi-fold doors or sliding doors are another feature that will enhance natural light in your bungalow extension. Connecting home to garden, they make a for a stylish entrance to the outside.

A bungalow rear extension that is South-facing with full-height glazed windows or doors is one of the best ideas, as it will bring light to your property as well as added warmth.

If you are fed up of your existing dining area, then this could also be extended and combined with a sitting room as one of your rear bungalow extension ideas to create one big open-plan living space.

Bungalow Extension Planning Permission

Changes made to the roof and exterior of a bungalow will range in complexity. Internal alterations to the layout don’t normally require planning permission unless the building is listed.

How far can you extend a bungalow without planning permission?

If your bungalow has permitted development rights then you will be able to add a single storey bungalow extension 4m out across the entire rear.

You will also be able to extend 50% of the front width to each side of the property with bungalow extensions. This will allow you to double the floorspace in your bungalow extension without needing to through a formal planning permission process.

When looking at your bungalow rear extension ideas, you may find that the rules are different. For example, the rear of your home may extend to a boundary, affecting how large the build can be. You should check with an installer or your local council on the planning rules before finalising your rear bungalow extension ideas.

Design Plans and Ideas for Bungalow Extensions

You will need to plan your new bungalow extension carefully. You want to achieve space with bungalow extensions that balances practicality with great aesthetics.

shutterstock 287255171 1

If you are extending into your garden space then be sure to make the most of the lovely views in your bungalow extension. Lose a wall by installing bi-folding doors and create a bungalow extension that opens up completely to the garden.

A bungalow rear extension will give you the space to explore several ideas for your home. A rear bungalow extension could be a kitchen-diner or even a home office. If your bungalow has a long garden then design wise, you will have a lot to play with in your extension.

It can even be used to continue your kitchen space outside. Floor tiles that allow a continuous flow from kitchen to patio will give the illusion of one large room in your bungalow extension.

Extending out to the side is also a good option for your bungalow extension, allowing you to save on valuable garden space. You might however, lose side access to your garden and planning permission can be trickier depending on how close you are to your neighbour’s boundary.

You can also combine your rear and side bungalow extension ideas to create a beautiful wrap-around kitchen. In spaces that lack conventional windows, rooflights and a set of bi-folding doors will enhance light and bring atmosphere to new bungalow extensions.

bi-fold doors for conservatories

Remember to position the dining table where the maximum light falls in your bungalow extension. Full-height sliding glazed doors can also help divide kitchen and living areas without screening anything from view in your bungalow extension. With all of your rear bungalow extension ideas, focusing on light is crucial.

How Much Does a Bungalow Extension Cost?

A large ground floor bungalow extension will cost between £20,000 to £50,000 depending on specifications.

shutterstock 1328377136

It will also depend on how busy your local builders are and how expensive the area you live in is. If you live in London for example, expect to pay that bit more for your bungalow extension. The bungalow rear extension ideas you have may also affect the overall price.

If you are in North London, you could be quoted up to £65,000 for an annexe, ensuite and wrap around bungalow extension.

This would include re-wiring and re-plumbing, as well as the moving of internal walls around the existing structure.

Do Bungalows Hold Their Value?

In a challenging market, it’s often properties in short supply which hold their value. This is where your rear bungalow extension ideas could come into their own.

shutterstock 894346

Bungalows are practical to live in and ones that are in a good location are extremely valuable. Their much-derided functionality is a huge part of their appeal.

Bungalows are perfect for young families, especially when compared to townhouses currently being built.

The lack of garden space and three-storey stairs aren’t great for families with young children. Having everything on one floor is also good for those with reduced mobility, making a bungalow extension accessible to all.

Bungalow Extension Prices

Whether you have rear bungalow extension ideas, a plan for the side of your home or something else entirely, Conservatory Online Prices can make those bungalow rear extension ideas a reality for less.

You can get a free online quote for a bespoke rear bungalow extension or side return extension that suits your ideas in minutes using our bungalow extension cost calculator. Alternatively, why not fill in our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss bungalow extensions with us?

We look forward to hearing from you about your bungalow rear extension ideas!

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