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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Building A Conservatory Without Foundations

    Can you build a conservatory without foundations? If you’re thinking of building on a budget, then the answer, in theory, is yes. But, in practice, foundations are vital. Every build needs a stable base, and building with foundations can help you give your new space structural integrity.

    While you can create a new room for your home without footings, not building them can lead to several issues over time. Your new conservatory will be more fragile and prone to problems with wind, rain, and even environmental concerns.

    Foundations are a crucial part of any build. However, they don’t have to be so complicated. There are more types of footings than you might think, rather than ones you have to dig up your garden to fit. If you’re a DIY expert and you want to cut the cost of your conservatory, then you can lodge footings yourself, or you could get a metal base.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for an installer to do the job for you, you could also build without foundations. However, you could be creating your space on uneven ground, which could cause structural problems with your design.

    Fortunately, there’s no reason to risk your new design. If you’re worried about the cost of foundations or getting expert installers to dig them into your garden, then there are ways to save money. You can find local installers in your area with Conservatory Online Prices, and save money on your conservatory too with a range of customisable options available.

    That way, you can set the foundation for a build that suits your budget, and you’ll make good on your investment. Our trusted network of local companies can offer leading quality for less!

    building a conservatory without foundations

    The Risks Of Building A Conservatory Without Foundations

    If you decide not to use conservatory foundations, you could be opening yourself up to some issues. Firstly, the foundations can level out the design, and weigh it down in your garden. In a modern build, the footings lodge into the terrain beneath it, meaning you won’t be exposing them to the elements.

    Because of this, your conservatory won’t move whatsoever, even in the worst conditions. For further durability, you could also install a dwarf wall. These designs use brickwork to raise the build further, protecting the floor and making it warmer under your feet.

    Another risk of not having foundations is building in the wrong place. In your garden, you might have uneven ground, or there could be drainage and sewage pipes you haven’t noticed. That’s why it’s important not only to install foundations but to carry out a technical survey too.

    As part of a quote, most installers will provide an expert to take a look at your garden, and make sure the land is suitable for it. If there are any issues, you can work with them to work around it, and build responsibly. That way, you won’t build on uneven ground without foundations, which can cause parts of the build to sag and could even cause a collapse.

    Water ingress is also a problem. If you build a conservatory without foundations, then the floor is much closer to the ground. Because of this, when it rains, water can seep underneath on sodden terrain. When that happens, the standing water is hard to clear, and it can collect, seeping through the floor.

    With a dwarf wall and foundations though, you’ll get weatherproof materials which have no issue dealing with rainwater. When the conditions turn on you, the water won’t have any effect, preserving your conservatory’s structure.

    How Deep Are Conservatory Foundations?

    The depth of conservatory foundations depends on where you’re building them. If you’re creating your new space on stable ground, then a good practice is to dig a trench of about 600mm. That means footings won’t destroy your garden in most cases, and you can work with an installer to dig as carefully as possible.

    However, if the ground beneath you is slightly less solid, you may need to get deeper footings. For uneven ground, 1000mm is a good benchmark, and you could lodge bases that are up to 1500mm deep for particularly fragile plots of land.

    The more deeply you lodge conservatory foundations, though, the stronger the build will get. The support beams have exceptional strength, keeping your space in place in any conditions. Because of this, building foundations is often about striking a balance between depth and durability.

    Alternatively, though, you can build conservatory foundations without digging into your garden at all. With options like metal bases or modular systems, you can design a conservatory that’ll be strong, without the risk of digging.

    types of conservatory foundations

    Types Of Conservatory Foundations

    The first option for conservatory foundations is traditional footings. These designs combine support beams in a 600mm trench, or deeper for uneven ground, and options such as a dwarf wall. Together, the foundations raise the build away from the ground, meaning it’s both more durable and less prone to wet and windy conditions.

    Also, a dwarf wall could make your new conservatory slightly warmer. You’ll get better insulation for the floor of your design, meaning you lose less heat under your feet. You could even save money on your energy bills, as well as reduce the risk of structural issues developing with your new space over time.

    You can also build a conservatory with metal foundations. Metal bases are as durable as footings, but they don’t require any digging into your garden. The design doesn’t use any bricks, meaning you won’t have to spend money on any bricklayers, and your home won’t turn into a building site.

    However, metal bases aren’t as suitable for uneven ground. Because of this, if you have a piece of land you need to build on that isn’t ideal, you may not be able to use metal foundations. Traditional footings, on the other hand, offer strength wherever you place them with some extra depth.

    Another way to save money on your new space is to build it yourself. With a modular base system, that becomes even more possible. If you have any DIY experience or knowledge, then a modular system is straightforward.

    These designs use concrete pads to provide strength underneath, and then the base comes in sections that you can fit yourself. Because of this, you can cut out the middle man on your new conservatory, saving money on the build. However, without a technical survey, you may break planning permission rules with the design, so it’s always best to check where you can build.

    Installing Conservatory Foundations

    The first step to building a conservatory with foundations is to get the preliminary work out of the way. That’s where working with an installer to design and construct your new space is so useful. With them, you can make sure that you meet planning permission rules, and you can get a full technical survey of your garden.

    Once you have that, you’ll know where pipes are underneath the land, and which parts are uneven or fragile. Because of this, you can build with confidence and avoid red tape. Additionally, you’ll know the precise depth your foundations need to be, minimising damage to your garden.

    Then, the building process can begin. Unfortunately, though, some installers might end up turning your garden into a tip. That’s why finding the right installer for your conservatory, and its foundations, are so vital. Many might choose to work with national brands with big reputations, but that can have its problems as well.

    While they’ll provide a good service, they can charge hefty premiums to cover their overheads, and they’ll take more time to get to your home because of the travel. As a result, finding a reputable local installer can help you save more money than building your conservatory without foundations.

    And, if you want to find a local installer you can trust, there’s only one place you can guarantee it. At Conservatory Online Prices, we can give you the foundations you need to make a fantastic investment. With us, you can access our trusted network of suppliers and installers across the UK.

    That means you can find several companies, and they’ll all be on your doorstep. You can speak to them all to get a broader picture of the market, and save money on your new conservatory with ease!

    conservatory foundations prices

    Online Prices For Conservatory Foundations

    If you want your investment in a conservatory to have brilliant foundations, then get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today!

    Our network of suppliers and installers gives you leading quality for local prices. Not only that, but we make sure you only work with the best, continually reviewing our network to get you the best service.

    For added peace of mind, many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, meaning they’ll provide courteous service – which doesn’t turn your home into a tip.

    Contact us today using our online form, and one of our expert team will get back to you as soon as they can. Also, if you’d like to discuss your thoughts in detail and ask us anything, give us a call on 0800 124 4307!

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