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    Bi-Folding Doors For Conservatories

    Bi-Folding Doors For Conservatories

    Are you looking for a way to naturally incorporate your outside garden area into your general day-to-day living space?

    Bi-folding doors are an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners throughout the country, being contemporary in design while also being able to suit both traditional and modern properties.

    Highly customisable, they are able to be made out of both uPVC and aluminium and are able to be a vast range of colours, so you can be sure they will match both your personal taste and your property’s overall appearance.

    We here at Conservatory Online Prices are dedicated to helping homeowners like you throughout the UK find the very best bi-folding door designs available for the best price.

    By using our free online quotation calculator, we can connect you with a number of reputable local installation companies operating in your area.

    Entirely free of charge and with zero obligation, allowing you to use the calculator as many times as you need to find the best deal, finding your dream bi-folding doors has never been easier!

    Bi-folding Doors For Conservatories

    While Bi-folding doors can be fitted onto many different kinds of walls, including interior and exterior brick walls of your main property, bi-folding doors are very popular additions to extensions and conservatories.

    bi-fold doors

    Made up of multiple glass panels that can stretch as long as an entire wall, bi-folding doors fold back in a concertina shape to open up your conservatory to your garden, folding up against the far wall for discrete and unobtrusive storage.

    Once opened, the throughway to your garden is easily accessible for everyone, even buggies and wheelchairs, with its low threshold.

    Because of this, if you have a conservatory that extends out into your garden, fitting a bi-folding door is a great alternative to a back door.

    bi-fold doors

    With slimline frames maximising the amount of glass per panel, these bi-folding doors allow for large amounts of natural light to enter your property, and, even when closed, provide an outstanding panoramic view of your garden and outside areas.

    Why Install Bi-Fold Doors In a Conservatory?

    If you have a conservatory for your property and are looking for an alternative to your old uPVC back door, bi-folding doors are a way of providing your home with a far grander entrance, and natural light and ventilation.

    bi-folding doors for conservatoriies

    One of the main features of a conservatory is as a sunroom, the glass panels allowing for as much natural light to enter your property as possible.

    Patio doors can be rather restrictive, with only one sliding section of glass, bi-folding doors allow for you to open up an entire wall out into the garden.

    French patio doors on a uPVC gable conservatory.

    This can be especially beneficial for families who want to feel more connected to the garden, or for people with mobility issues who may struggle to get over the threshold of typical back doors.

    Even when you are inside your property, you will be able to benefit from the large amounts of natural light and fresh air coming in through the open doors.

    If you are concerned about the security of these doors, then don’t worry.

    When closed, bi-folding doors are incredibly sturdy and hard wearing against both harsh weather and anyone trying to gain entry to your home.

    Most installation companies offer a multi-point locking system as standard, as well as additional options including internal beading and steel reinforcements to help protect you against any potential break-ins.

    Do Bi-Fold Doors Make a Room Cold?

    With such large areas of glass, you may be concerned that your new bi-folding doors may not be very thermally secure, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    When opened, bi-folding doors may be able to provide your house with cooling ventilation during the summer, but they are also incredibly thermally efficient.

    bi-folding doors for conservatories

    When closed, their strong and durable double glazing and frames prevents warm air from escaping and stops any cold air from coming in.

    Conservatories are meant to be enjoyed all year round, but poor insulation can make them hard to spend time in during the winter.

    However, with bi-folding doors’ superior insulation your home will be able to remain warmer for longer, saving you money on your heating bills and even helping you to decrease your carbon footprint.

    Also, with their large areas of glass, any sunlight will be able to get through into your property, its warmth being trapped within your conservatory so you can enjoy the views even on cold winter mornings.

    If you have noticed that your conservatory is becoming colder, it could be a sign in a flaw in either the doors or roof.

    For more information on roof replacements, contact us today or visit our information page.

    What Is The Minimum Size For Bi-Fold Doors?

    While the typical brochure image of a bi-folding door is one that stretches for the entire wall of a room, bi-folding doors can also be made to fit much smaller spaces.

    In fact, it is quite easy to get a bi-folding door that fits the same dimensions as a patio or French door.

    As measured in our quotation cost calculator, the minimum size for a bi-folding door is 1500mm x 1000mm (1.5m x 1m), while the maximum dimensions are 9400mm x 2500mm (9.4m x 2.5m).

    bi-fold doors for conservatories

    However, some installers do allow for a minimum width of around 1400mm. This adaptability in its design allows for bi-folding doors to be fitted onto any kind of property or conservatory, even if it is relatively small in size.

    The number of separate individual panels you can have for your bi-folding doors depends on its size, with the smallest dimensions only allowing for two folding panes, while the largest size allows for up to eight.

    In terms of customisability, even the smallest dimensions allows for a few different options in orientation for the windows and door sections.

    This allows you to choose from folding to the left or right or having the window and door sections separated, allowing you to easily enter and exit your garden without having to open up the entire series of panels for a quick trip outside.

    uPVC Bi-Folding Doors

    Bi-folding doors are able to come in two different materials, uPVC and aluminium. uPVC, standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a hardened resin that is an incredibly popular material for windows and doors.

    It is likely that either you or your neighbour may have some kind of uPVC product installed.

    bi-folding doors for conservatories

    With a lifespan of up to 30 years, they do not suffer from the same natural wear and tear of timber frames and are incredibly easy to maintain, only needing an occasional wash in order to keep them looking great.

    uPVC bi-folding doors are a great way of matching your uPVC windows, especially if you are having it installed onto a uPVC conservatory.

    However, you won’t have to worry about any chunky white frames obscuring your view. uPVC bi-folding doors are made incredibly slimline so as to maximise the amount of glass per panel and keep a great unbroken view of the outside.

    They are also incredibly personalisable not only able to be coloured in a range of natural tones and bright colours but also offer a woodgrain finish that replicates a traditional wooden window frame without any of the additional sanding, varnishing or repainting.

    Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

    Like uPVC frames, Aluminium bi-folding doors are also incredibly durable and long-lasting, but with a far longer lifespan.

    aluminium bi-folding doors for conservatories

    Lasting around 40 years with little to no upkeep aside from the occasional wash down, aluminium frames are a great, modern alternative to uPVC.

    Thermally efficient and highly secure, these metal frames are able to withstand years of hard use, exposure to the elements and any attempted break-ins without failing.

    doors for conservatories

    Aluminium bi-folding doors are able to suit both contemporary and period homes, especially those that wish to draw attention to pre-existing features.

    Able to be coloured any RAL colour on the wheel, aluminium frames don’t need a woodgrain finish to suit a traditional properties, with a smooth and sleek finish that is able to fit nicely alongside traditional masonry and woodwork.

    Like uPVC, aluminium bi-folding doors come with a multi-point locking system fitted as standard and can come with additional internal beading and steel reinforcements to help protect against anyone trying to force their way inside.

    While uPVC needs to be manufactured using chemicals, aluminium is made from a naturally occurring metal that is easy and safe to manufacture, making it far more environmentally friendly.

    How Much  Conservatory Bi-Folding Doors?

    If you are interested in getting a bi-folding door for your property or your conservatory, you may be wondering just how much it will cost.

    Bi-folding doors look highly fashionable and very modern, so it is easy to assume that they would cost you an arm and a leg; however, they are actually very affordable.

    While, like all home improvement installations, the cost does often depend on size, there are other factors to take into account; for instance, how many separate panes there are and what material they are made from.

    A uPVC bi-folding door has a starting cost of around £1,950 and can cost up to £3,900, depending on the number of panes.

    Meanwhile, an aluminium bi-fold door costs a little bit more than its uPVC counterpart, with a starting price of around £2,300 and going up to £6,500.

    To find out how much your dream bi-folding door design may cost you, check out our free online quotation calculator to get a free and zero obligation quote and price estimate.

    Orangery With Bi-Fold Doors

    Conservatories are not the only place you can put a bi-folding door.

    Orangeries are becoming an increasingly popular option for home improvement installations, being an affordable compromise and combination of the best parts of both a conservatory and an extension.

    orangery doors

    Originating on 17th-century estates as a way to house citrus plants during the winter, orangeries are considered by planning regulations to be the equivalent of a conservatory, allowing for them to be easily built without the requirement of planning permission.

    As orangeries are predominantly built from brick, rather than a conservatories uPVC, having a bi-folding door installed onto an orangery is just as easy as having it installed onto your main property.

    For more information about orangeries, please visit our information page to see whether you could have an orangery installed onto your property in place of a conservatory.

    Internal Bi-Fold Doors

    While bi-folding doors are often advertised as great external door, they are also able to be fitted internally.

    Like their exterior counterparts, they can be as large or as small as you would like, with either solid uPVC, aluminium or even wood, or having the same slimline window panels.

    conservatory bi-fold doors

    If you have a large, connected room that you would like to have the option of separating, such as a kitchen-diner, living room or even just a large socialising space, bi-folding doors are an excellent choice.

    They can be opened and closed for easy partitioning of rooms. They also provide a wider throughway for anyone with mobility issues or who use a wheelchair to get around, who may struggle to get through ordinary doorways.

    Interior bi-folding doors are not just a novelty, they are an incredibly useful tool that is also very stylish.

    In fact, should you choose to sell on at some point in the future, these interior doors could very well help to attract buyers and can even help to increase the value of the house, similar to their exterior counterparts.

    Do Bi-Folding Doors Add Value?

    Bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular and in demand as time goes on. Conservatory bi-fold doors can go a long way to adding value to your home and making it generally more desirable if you are choosing to sell on.

    With a vast opening, large amounts of natural light and excess ventilation to air out your home and even provide a cool breeze during hot days, bi-folding doors look amazing and are also incredibly useful.

    bi-folding doors for conservatories

    With a variety of customisation options available to you, including the orientation of the panels and door sections, the materials and the colour of the frames, it is very easy to design a bi-folding door that perfectly suits your overall property design aesthetic and your own personal taste.

    Even if you are not planning on selling your house for a while yet, uPVC bi-folding doors are able to last at least 30 years, and aluminium lasting 45, meaning that buying them can be a great long-term investment into your property.

    Other Types of Conservatory Doors

    Unsure about a bi-folding door? Conservatory Online Prices offers a range of other high-quality uPVC and aluminium doors perfect to be installed onto your conservatory.

    A versatile design able to be used as both back and front doors, uPVC doors are durable and longlasting, without the need of any additional upkeep that timber doors often need.

    Able to come in a range of natural wood-style colours and a wood-grain effect to replicate the look and feel of a traditional timber door, these uPVC doors are immensely customisable to suit any kind of property.

    A popular option as a back door and a conservatory door, patio doors are an easy opening, modern door that provides a space-saving opening for homes without the space for a traditional opening swing arc.

    With slimline frames, patio doors provide a great view and large amounts of natural light into your home, as well as ventilation when opened.

    The traditional option, these independently opening dual door sections open out in a wide swing arc to open out your home to the outside world.

    A great choice for conservatories, French doors are incredibly ornate and can be customised to have either full height glass panels or waist-high moulded panels for added security and privacy.

    They can also have Georgian bars added to the windows for a more ornate appearance.

    If you are looking for a more secure exterior door rather than a glass entrance way, composite doors are a great way of ensuring the security of your home against harsh weather and intruders.

    While all of our doors are highly secure and thermally efficient, composite doors are made of a combination of different materials, including uPVC, natural fibres, timber and glass, wrapped around a solid core.

    This allows it to be incredibly sturdy and hard wearing, able to last at least thirty years without any signs of wear and tear even after decades of daily use.

    If you are looking for an exterior door that allows for both ventilation and security, stable doors are an ornate yet incredibly useful design that allows for ventilation and natural light without opening up your home to unwanted visitors.

    Perfect for families with small children or pets, a stable door comes in two sections, each independently openable to create an opening on the top half while keeping the lower part of your door securely locked.

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