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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Best Alternative to a Conservatory

    What is the best alternative to a conservatory? It’s a crucial question if you feel like one isn’t for you. You may have an old conservatory in your home that you don’t use. It may be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and uncomfortable to use throughout the year too.

    Not only that, but older models can weaken over time, with glass chipping and frames cracking, to make your space a nuisance more than a delight. Because of all this, you may be looking for another room to replace this outdated design.

    However, there are plenty of replacement options available. And, while that gives you more control and choice over the look of this new space, it can be a challenge getting the right one for your home.

    With an alternative design to a conservatory, you could end up paying more money, have to wait longer for the build’s completion, or even need to go through planning permission in some cases. As a result, it can be hugely beneficial to know what you’re investing in – and not just in the design you choose.

    You could invest in a bright orangery, which combines the conservatory design with more robust materials. Also, you could go further and decide to invest in a full house extension. And, for a complete alternative, you could prefer a garden room to a brand-new conservatory.

    All of these builds can benefit you, and you may find you save money on them as well. If you have an old conservatory, you can convert it into an orangery or an extension for less than a new build, and reducing the installation time as well!

    alternative to conservatory


    Orangeries are a classic design. However, they’re becoming increasingly popular for modern homes. Builds like these first emerged during the Victorian period, and were a status symbol for stately homes. Additionally, they’re popular throughout Europe and the Meditteranean, because their design lets vast amounts of natural light into your space.

    With one of these designs, you’ll use less glazing than a conservatory. However, you’ll have more durable materials, such as brickwork, around the build, offering more insulation.

    Warmth is a crucial factor when looking for an alternative to a conservatory. An orangery retains more of your home’s heat and keeps cold air out more effectively. You’ll get advanced double glazing that lets through light, but not at the cost of excessive cold or solar gain.

    As a result, an orangery is more comfortable to use throughout the year. You can also customise the build in full. Because of this, you’ll be able to decide precisely where light should enter your new room, with the option of floor-to-ceiling glazing available.

    An orangery can also provide more shelter from the weather outside. You can choose solid and tiled roofing to offer a ceiling that keeps rain well away. Not only that, but you can invest in drainage, roofline and guttering to preserve the structure.

    With brickwork, you can also get cavity trays which sit inside the walls and collect standing water, ensuring it doesn’t seep through the walls. Because of this, you’ll have no issues in poor weather, and you can choose fully-glazed connecting doors to open your orangery up in the summer as well.

    conservatory alternative


    Another alternative to a conservatory is a house extension. A much bigger project, the extension can help you expand your home seamlessly. You’ll be able to design it around your current space, matching any materials to your existing property.

    Not only that, but you can create your new extension to suit almost any need. You could have a new kitchen, with a solid brickwork wall for appliances. A new dining area is possible, with a roof lantern over the table for gorgeous overhead views.

    Also, if you’d like a bedroom or multiple uses for your new space, you can even opt for a multi-storey build – the possibilities are endless! Your extension will be able to match the performance of your home as well. Because of this, you won’t feel any difference in your new space, which is unlike what you can feel when entering an old conservatory.

    You can choose any materials you’d like for the build, too. For example, you could invest in a tiled roof, solid brick walls, or even timber if you’d like an authentic look. Your extension will extend your home naturally.

    An extension is the most costly alternative to a conservatory. However, the difference between that and an old model can feel like chalk and cheese. Also, you can convert your old conservatory into an extension, replacing parts and building around the space you already have.

    As a result, you can save time on installing the build, and plenty of money too. Also, your extension can give you total peace of mind. You’ll add high-security windows and doors, and a robust structure that won’t weaken over time.

    alternative to conservatory costs

    Garden Rooms

    A unique alternative to a conservatory is garden rooms. One of the reasons people install conservatories in the first place is to enjoy the outside more. However, you don’t have to build a space that connects your home to it. Instead, why not install a separate room that sits in your garden?

    A garden room is a free-standing structure which you can add to your outdoor space and customise completely. You’ll have the choice of coloured cladding, connecting doors, and you can even add LED lights and speakers, much like in an extension.

    Garden rooms have plenty of benefits for your home, too. If you need a separate space to get away from it all, a garden room provides a helpful shelter. Additionally, if you have any older members of your family, they can enjoy the outdoors in a garden room without having to sit under a hot sun.

    Your garden room will have an advanced design as well, featuring a choice of decorative roofing, durable building materials, and a selection of connecting doors, glazing sections and unique flooring.

    Also, there are other rooms you can add to your garden as an alternative to a conservatory. Summerhouses are spacious rooms which you can use as outdoor social spaces, or as a shed. A shed summerhouse combines both of those rooms in one build, giving you more flexibility in how you use your garden.

    If you’d like to install a new conservatory to feel closer to the outdoors, then perhaps a garden room is more for you. And, with a garden room often costing as little as £1,500, far less than a conservatory, it makes financial sense too.

    How Do Alternative Builds Compare to a Conservatory?

    While an alternative build may seem appealing, does it give more value compared to a conservatory? For a start, modern conservatories are less expensive than orangeries and extensions. While a house extension can start at around £14,535, the price can rise significantly if you’d like a larger space or one that you can use as a kitchen or dining area.

    Orangeries are also more costly, as they use more brickwork and solid structures in their design. Because of this, you may not get as much value from these spaces.

    A modern conservatory has superb thermal performance too, thanks to advanced double glazing. You won’t feel the same level of heat transfer in these builds as a result. Also, you may even find that you save energy with a conservatory.

    You can connect this space to your home seamlessly with fully glazed connecting doors. Designs like these help the light your conservatory lets through to spread right across your home. You’ll make your entire living space more naturally warm and reduce your reliance on your central heating.

    While a garden room costs less at first, it can have some drawbacks, too. Because it’s not connected to your home, adding heating and electricity to it can cost thousands. Also, if it rains outside, it’ll be less appealing of a place to go if you have to wade through a waterlogged garden.

    Your modern conservatory, on the other hand, will be fully weatherproof. It’ll keep wind and water well away from your living space, so you stay warm and comfortable every day of the year. While an alternative could be right for you, a modern conservatory is a superb investment too.

    alternative to conservatory prices

    Prices for an Alternative to a Conservatory

    For any alternative to a conservatory, choose Conservatory Online Prices! We don’t only offer the best conservatories on the market in your area – we can help you invest in orangeries, house extensions and even garden rooms.

    Expanding your home enables you to improve your lifestyle, save money on household bills, and feel prouder of your living space. With us, you can do all that for a lower cost, too. We can put you in touch with a network of trusted local suppliers to invest in these spaces so that you can get the best possible deal.

    Start by using our online quote builder to find an alternative to a conservatory, and find the right options for you. Once you have a bespoke build, then we can provide you with a bassline quote and refer you to our network.

    Many of our local installers are Checkatrade members and accredited by boards like FENSA, meaning you can trust in their services.

    For any further information, give us a call on 0800 124 4307 or fill in our online contact form!

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